Nam Vux

Horror Tragedy


Nam Vux

Horror Tragedy

The Basement

The Basement

2 mins

There was a happy family lived in a town. Tom, and his little daughter Jane have moved to here for a long time ago. One day, Tom went down the basement to clean up, so he told his daughter to wait for him outside.

"Jane, daddy need to clean the basement, wait at the garden and I will play with you later "

The girl ran to the garden in joy, playing with her favorite doll while waiting for her dad. But after 15 minutes her father still hadn't come upstair. So Jane decided to go back and look for her father.

"Daddy!! Are you still in the basement?"

After a while, she heard her father's voice from the basement.

"Yes honey, come down here, I have found something for you"

The girl had no doubt on her father, so she went down the basement immediately. But the basement looked very strange not as usual, there were no light in there. Jane couldn't find her father so she yelled in nervous.

"Dad?? Where are you? I can't see anything. I'm scared"

"Come closer, I'm over here". Tom answered

Jane follow her father's voice and finally saw Tom. She looked at her father, who are kneeling in front of a chest. His hands were holding a white little dress with some blood stain on it.

Jane frozed there for a while, she saw tears drop down from her father eyes.

"Sweet heart!! Daddy really miss you!! I shouldn't let you went outside alone. I'm so sorry, please forgive me. Daddy really, really miss you"

Jane slowly walked to her dad, spreaded her small arms and hugged him.

"Daddy, Jane miss you too"

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