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The fragrant aroma of the sweet Rabdi wafted in the air. She just could not resist her temptation to enter the huge buffet dinner hall. But two firm hands pulled her back. It was her husband who was well aware of Hiraben’s one and only failing, a sweet tooth.

“We can come back here after the function,” he said drawing her towards the staircase to climb up to the venue of the marriage.

Just the previous week, her medical tests had been done on the doctor’s advice. She had suffered a burn when the boiling water in the vessel she was holding slipped and fell on her foot. Even after a few weeks of medication, the burn showed no sign of healing. The family doctor had asked her to check her sugar levels. The report showed a very high level of blood sugar. At once medicines had been prescribed and she had been warned to reduce her intake of sugar, and sweets. And she had also been asked to exercise.

“At least go for a walk in the morning and evening for 45 minutes,” said the Doctor.

Hiraben loved sweets and hated to walk. But to be fair to her she had tried reducing her intake of food. She went down to the garden religiously to walk but after a few minutes, lethargy would overtake her and she would sink down on the garden bench.

 She had no trouble shifting to sugarless coffee or tea, but ha-----. The sweets were another matter.

In fact, as soon as her husband and children knew that she was diabetic, they stopped bringing sweets home.

This was a wedding of the daughter of a close relative and the entire family had gathered. The wedding was being held in a resort. The function and the dining room were on different levels. The wedding was over. Everyone was now entering the dining hall. Hiraben looked at her husband. He nodded and they walked together towards where the buffet dinner was arranged.

The varied items on the counter did not seem to entice her.

 ‘Ha-----------, again that heavenly fragrance.’ Looking at her expression, her husband felt sorry for her. He said softly, “Hira, go ahead, have one. But see that you stop with that.”

Throwing him a grateful glance, she bypassed all the items on the table and went to the ‘desert’ counter.

She loved the golden orange hued jalebis floating in the delicious Rabdi concoction. Her plate in hand, she gave in to her temptation. 

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