Yamini srinivasmurthy

Drama Horror Tragedy


Yamini srinivasmurthy

Drama Horror Tragedy

Someone's Under My Bed!!

Someone's Under My Bed!!

8 mins

It was such a tiring and sad day as me and my mother Naira returned back home after attending the funeral of one of my mother’s close friends, my mother was little dull for her loss- she said she would move to my sister’s place at USA so that she can get over the incident. She said Kristi be careful don’t forget to take care of yourself I’ll be coming back soon don’t worry… I asked her to chill as I would manage everything. One night as I went to bed as usual at 11.30, I was little tired that day. Though my body was tired I was not getting sleep. As I rolled from side to side, I heard a squeaking sound under my bed. I ignored it for few minutes the sound started increasing!!! When I looked down, I found nothing, I did not care much for that I thought it must be from outside and slept ignoring it.

Next day morning I asked my maid to clean my room and to look for nuke and corners and left for work as I suspected a rat !! that night I heard the same noise under the bed, I again searched down but I found nothing. I was angry on maid thinking that she had not cleaned my room properly, as I slept, I felt like someone was banging under my bed. I thought it was all my imaginations as I watch more of horror movies. It was around 2am I heard someone laughing, it was like someone was sitting next to me I was scared to look around I did not open my eyes I covered myself with a blanket. I was sweating profusely. I hardly fell asleep.

Next day I couldn’t get up on time, I was late for office. As I sat dull, I was thinking about yesterday night’s incident. are you alright? You look dull today, aren’t you well? You can share with me if u don’t mind- one of my colleagues Kirti asked me…!!! I explained everything to her that was happening from two days. She asked me relax and suggested me to install a CCTV and asked to call if she wanted any help. I felt it was a nice idea, I thanked her and offered her a coffee.

That night also I heard someone laughing and the bang under my bed. The very next day I got CCTV installed. I was given access to my laptop directly – I wanted to know what was happening in that house when I saw I found nothing everything looked fine. Kirti asked me not to rush instead to watch it tomorrow morning after hearing the noise as I heard noises every night.

I was scared to sleep alone, I slept in the hall hoping that nothing negative would happen. I was still sleepless. next day morning I rushed to office to see along with Kirti. As we watched the clips that happened last night gave me chills, I started crying and I was about to scream- Kirti calmed me down.

In that clip, I saw two kids along with a young boy playing and laughing on my bed. Suddenly that young boy came in front of camera and gave a weird smile. Kirti took me to her house as my house not safe. She asked me to vacate that house as soon as possible. I Called my mother explained her everything and asked her to reach Bangalore soon.

I was sleepless that whole night, I wanted to see what was happening – as I connected my laptop, I saw nothing for few minutes!! Time was around 12.00 I saw a child sneaking out of my bed, soon another child came out it seemed like they were laughing at something.as I continued watching further I saw young boy approached camera and stood with his neck and legs twisted… I was devastated by that scene I cried a lot with fear- the kids crawled over mirror and walls… my colleague interrupted me in middle asked me not to watch it anymore instead to find a solution...

I stayed in her house nearly for month as my mother was unable to reach soon, I finally got an apartment to move in, I went to the old haunted house to get back all the items I was scared to enter room as I imagined everything I had seen. I left the place soon – The lift was out of order, when I was getting down stairs, I felt like someone pushed me……………………….

Chapter closed………

The story was all about a psychic patient named Kristi, Kirti was not Kristi’s colleague instead she was her elder sister. After being cheated by a man Kirsti was depressed for many years adding upon that one such incident which happened pushed Kirsti into more Physic disorder.

Our family was cute little one -my mother, father myself and Kristi- my father a retired military man whom Kristi always forced to tell about the deaths he saw. Kristi imitated the stories imagining her ex though I stopped her she never respected my words. She always watched crime related movies and would tell that she will kill her ex the same way these movies eventually became her favorite one, whenever she watched such movies, she enjoyed a lot and would give a grin smile. Due to this she faced many accidents, one such accident affected her nerves in head due to which she was affected by trauma…

The other incident was that she saw a man harassing his step daughter and her own mother kept quite and encouraged his mischiefs, as the girl could not tolerate harassments, she committed suicide. The girl’s suicide increased her traumatic feel more.

One night we woke up suddenly as we heard my mother’s close friend Roshni aunty screaming out of pain as we rushed Roshni aunty was stabbed by knife, she was bleeding Kirsti sat in corner sweating and had knife in her hand from which blood was dripping down… Dad slapped Kirsti for committing crime I called for ambulance and shifted aunty to hospital… Roshni aunty had no one of her own she was more like a sister to my mother who was independent woman- lived in Chennai. She had come to visit my mother just two days ago, we prayed for her recovery as doctor said it was unable to save her. On the other it was Kristi she was arrested by police. We tired a lot get her out of jail but we failed…

After fifteen days Roshni aunty expired, after one-week Kirsti was released on bail. Kirsti was mentally week, she was silent did not speak to anyone I tried caressing her she pushed my hand away, she ran and locked herself in her room dad said not to disturb her. Though she was released on bail we were asked admit her to metal asylum without delaying, my mother was worried and was not willing to send her to asylum but we had no other choice left… the day before she was taken to asylum, Kirti went missing ,she was found by night but then neighbors rushed to our house broke our things, they hit all of us, cursed us before we could ask them what had happened- one of them held my father’s neck he said by pushing him against the wall that he was responsible for raising a child like Kirsti must die and broke down crying… me and my mother pleaded them to stay calm and tell what had happened…

One of the women said that their kids were murdered and the man’s young son too. It was like a puzzle for us- we asked them to explain clearly. A woman said she saw Kirsti laughing weirdly and dancing as she held a knife in her hand, I called my husband to check what was happening. As we went further we saw my kid and other two kids lying down, they were stabbed, they were suffering with pain , we shouted for help soon we shifted them to hospital … look now all are dead they fell down crying… we wont spare her, we have already informed to asylum they will arrive soon ,she will learn her lessons there ,better tie her up – they said and left.

We were broken by Kirsti’s behavior. ... my mother bet her and cursed her for her doings- Kirsti was still smiling… soon we heard ambulance siren approaching. I pleaded not to take her as we shall lock her up and look after her, and I would take care of my sister but they did not listen to us they took Kirsti along with them… my mother and father said it was better for her to stay in the asylum so that she will be released after getting cured form her mental illness….

Whenever we visited hospital, she said someone’s under my bed as she saw two kids and a young boy, we just hoped for her speedy recovery when we left asylum.

Chapter closed………………

I am Naira, I am continuing the incomplete dairy of my daughter Kriti it hurts to see my daughters suffering. As days passed at asylum Kirsti’s condition got worst she started imagining the things that did not exists and scribbled whatever she imagined it became difficult to control her. Kristi who always told that someone’s under bed she gave a deep root to it in her mind we saw her imagining herself going to office, treating Kriti as her colleague who helps her and finally, she ran out of her room in the hospital thinking that she was shifting from her haunted house, it was Kristi who pushed Kriti from stairs and my daughter Kriti is suffering from the spine injury….

We vacated the house that we used to stay earlier, Kristi to be discharged from hospital after eight months. I feel our negligence towards Kristi and her failed love has made her the girl which she was not as Kristi was very friendly and jovial girl who had lots of dreams. I close this final chapter hoping that I get back my daughters like before...

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