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Meenakshii Tripathi

Drama Romance


Meenakshii Tripathi

Drama Romance

Smile Everlasting Smile

Smile Everlasting Smile

4 mins 17.7K 4 mins 17.7K

Knot of affection gets more complex when you pull wrong thread and sometimes thread of attachment gets entangle in someone's finger and sometimes in a single relationship.


It happened with Meera. The sea was like a ripping blanket of brochure-blue. Gannets were dive bombing the stretched surface of the sea far out from shore. The horizon was edged with silver tint. The cool breeze was ruffling through the stray strands of Meera's unkempt hair. Is there anything

quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore? She kept thinking. Meera, a girl with bouncy personality, was not really sure of what the future held for her.

They had not seen each other even in picture. He was her family's choice and she was waiting for him. A small smile spread on her perfectly shaped thin lips when she glanced Ankur,a man who walked with tiger like tread .His blue eyes were red underneath, whether from the constant

irritation of salt water or the countless sleepless nights he spent at the beach side bar. She didn't know. "If I tell you that I am not interested in marriage do you forgive me? “he asked." Listen I was in serious relationship before she left me or we broke up that doesn't mean that I will replace her. I still

love her. I can't give that place to anyone else. For my family I can't turn down this proposal. "he kept saying. He had come to tell her the truth. And he left.


She was tongue tied and chose to keep quiet. Meera heart broke into hundred pieces. Panic began to creep inside her.


Angelic face, full of light but her reflection in mirror was dark. She looked at herself in mirror kohl-ed eyes, roseate lips, pretty curls; all were eagerly waiting for the groom's compliment. She was in her dream bridal lehenga. Her forearm filled with golden bangles, palm filled with mehendi hiding his name which he had to find on that day, so called first night but she kept waiting and waiting .He didn't come. Tears had stopped but pain was palpable in her eyes. She was feeling terribly empty inside, but with all the hardship and the emotional gap she didn't want people to sympathise with

her. She had accepted her story of life


When we don't get favourable results we start accusing God but she didn't do that. On that day when mangalsutra had been tied round her neck, she decided to shape her own destiny. She could refuse to get married but she couldn't because Ankur had stolen her heart at first sight. She tried to do heart-to-heart conversations with Ankur and expressed how she felt blank in their relationship. Her purpose was not to blame but to see if their marriage could become fulfilling experience for them.

But her talk with Ankur didn't give result. She couldn't push him to love her.


She wore a pretty smile on her face and started caring for his parents. As the days passed something started changing. He was not having any eye contact with her but was not able to resist own self from staring at her. "How can you forget whom you love?” Ankur was perplexed. He was

clouded by desire, shame, and love like rainbow of emotion in sky of heart. She had made home in his soul. She had lit up all the dark corners inside him. But feeling of being wanted, feeling of being appreciated, feeling of being cared won and one day he decided.


He entered her room. Being a selenophile, she was staring light of moon, filtering through the gap of curtain, and smiling because few things were left that make her smile, might it be far away Thousands and thousands of miles. "pretty smile" he interrupted her. "Pretty! You don't have know how hard to struggle to keep, it on face. You don't “she sipped her tears and smiled. He came closer to her. He didn't utter any word, sat next to her and whispered three magical words 'I love you '.Something tugged at her heart strings. She smiled like as if she had won the world with tickle of her

pretty smile. Far away moon was also smiling.

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