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Muskan Kotwal

Drama Inspirational Children


Muskan Kotwal

Drama Inspirational Children



3 mins

Didi, "Is that a rocket flying in the blue sky?"

"Yes, Vanita"

"Wow!!! didi the sky is very.....high, isn't it?"

"Yes, Vanita, it is very high indeed but if we dream big and have a firm belief in ourselves we too can touch the sky."

"Ok, Vanita, now go to your bed. It's quarter past nine."

"No, didi. I want to hear a story from you, only then I will sleep."

"Okaay....okaay...., I will narrate you a story."

"Once upon a time there was an indigent family in a remote village of Alwar who had realised the power of education and dreamt of educating their children and migrated to an urban city. There they settled in a slum in the suburbs of the city where one of their distant relatives lived."

"Didi, their life would really have been very tough"

"Yes, dear."

"There they built their own shack and started their age-old business of mending shoes. They admitted both of their children; daughter and son to the nearby government school.

Their son didn't accomplish much in his 10th grade and later joined his father in his business."

"One day, the father saw his daughter engaged in a mathematics book of his son and noticed a passion in her eyes and an urge to study more hence he supported her.

 After few months the SSP of their district arrived in their school to address the outgoing students of class10. His lecture was so inspiring which motivated her. 

"Vanita, listen to these lines very carefully as they are awe inspiring.""

"Ok didi."

"Those lines were,

  "  I was from a very humble background and had struggled whole of my life to attain this post."  and with a long pause he said, 

"Thokharein pattharon se lagati hain pahadon se nahi."

Hearing these lines the whole crowd burst into a round of applause. This became the turning point of her life and she decided to struggle to achieve the ambition. She received several scholarships in her school and.....

"Didi, what do we mean by ambition?"

"An ambition is a goal or a dream which you set and try your best to achieve it."


"So what is your ambition, Vanita?"

"Di..I want to be a flower, beautiful, adorable and want to spread happiness as a flower spread its fragrance"

"Then overwhelmed by her performance in her 12th grade she got admission to the prestigious Maharani College, in Jaipur. But due to a lack of funds, she couldn't attend it. So, she took part-time tuitions and somehow arranged to complete her higher studies from a local university.

She also kept preparing for IAS exam.

She finally took the exam and eagerly awaited for the results which were to be declared the next month."

"Didi, did she clear the exam?"

"Shhh....let me complete."

"The day of the result arrived and the aura of the house was filled with the Mogra incense.The whole family was sitting in front of the neighbour's computer.

The result was declared.She had cracked the exam in the very first attempt and was in the top 100 position."

"Do you know Vanita, who she was?

She was Kirti Kumar head of the Education Department who felicitated you on your annual function."


"Yes, didi I am listening, the very true sky is the limit, I also want to scale the sky "

"Definitely we girls will"

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