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Sandra C George

Romance Tragedy Thriller


Sandra C George

Romance Tragedy Thriller



3 mins 192 3 mins 192

'Brain death', uttered Dr. Chris. The rest was unclear. Rose couldn't resist, she fainted to the tiled floor. Suddenly she was taken by the attenders and medicated.

Memories flashed before her eyes. On her first day at the college, a little nervous but happiness overwhelmed her. She then noticed a boy running in a hurry. He had blue eyes. She felt like he is going to hit her, she couldn't move, but closed her eyes firmly. Nothing happened except a scanty breeze gently patted her. Rose opened her eyes and looked for him, he was no where.

Rose went to her class, she mingled with everyone. She was so happy to have two good friends over her left and right. Days passed by, her longing for those blue eyes grew stronger and even stronger.

It was a holiday. Rose and Maria decided to spend that day at Sinda's home. It was a secret surprise for Sinda. Early morning Rose and Maria headed towards their best friend's home. They pulled open the door and shouted 'Surprise, our cutie pie'.Sinda ran and hugged them. Suddenly Rose stood like struck with thunder. That blue-eyed guy, at Sinda's home.

Sinda introduced, by the way, this is Joe, my boyfriend. Joe, meet my buddies. Rose melted like anything. The eyes she missed was her bestie's boyfriend. She was in silence, she didn't hear or speak anything. Rose couldn't help but stared at those blue eyes, assuring no one is noticing.

Rose left them soon, making a false excuse of meeting her aunt at the mall. Tears rolled down her cheeks. She reached home soon. Opened the shower and lay in the bathtub for hours.

She was so confused, about the things that happened to her. She tried hard to forget everything. She stared at the moon. Those blue eyes, at the stars too. She was crazy about him and felt like dying. Rose slept soon since she was tired of crying.

After classes, Rose, Maria, Sinda, and Joe met every day at the coffee shop. Then they went to Joe's home where he lives alone. Maybe his loneliness made him close to Sinda, thoughts ran around her mind.

The meeting was regular. That day at the coffee shop Sinda fainted down. It was so sudden that her head banged hardly to the sharp-edged chair. They took her to the hospital. Everyone stood still until Dr. Chris came to them

'Brain death', only this and nothing more. Rose opened her eyes at the hospital bed. She was more hurt when she saw those blue eyes bleeding with tears. Am I who wished for Sinda's death? never she is my best friend... but....she fell asleep again due to the medication.

Two days later, Sinda was officially declared dead. Rose couldn't believe anything. Maria was crying like a mad girl. Joe, Joe no one could describe his pain. After her funeral, they went back without talking to each other.

A week after, Maria was leaving for London for higher studies. Rose was left alone. Only then she thought about those blue eyes, Joe!. She ran to his home. The door was kept open. Things piled up everywhere. Blue eyes have turned red, laying on the bed.

Rose carried some water for him. He just sipped it. She sat near him but he didn't move. Rose decided to leave and come back later. When she turned, a sudden hug from the back, it was Joe. She turned back and looked into those blue eyes. He fainted to her shoulders. Blood flushed out of his mouth. She hugged him tightly and cried. She then sipped the water that she gave him knowing that it's her last sip.

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