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Deepti Khanna

Drama Romance


Deepti Khanna

Drama Romance

Silent Love

Silent Love

7 mins 445 7 mins 445

The word 'love 'has created this world, without love, our lives would have been gloomy, dismal and not of any worth. In India, people still prefer their kids to get married to a soul, who is completely unknown. 

Bride, of someone's life, should be like a book not read by any other life. Sometimes an unknown life emerges from heaven by doing hocus-pocus. 

  As a girl, steps her twenties, her parents start searching for her a suitable life partner. You may find this prehistoric, in the modern world of live-in relationship. But alas I am about to narrate a story which began at the starting of two thousand. Technology had just entered the life of middle-class families. Nokia and Reliance were new faces on our television screens. 

 Devika a dream girl, a fan of YASH CHOPRA'S movie, studying in the third year. For her life was filled with colours, and she painted her life on empty canvas. But as in every Punjabi family, there had been a constant pressure on her, to get married. Now and then relatives told her parents, “why are you all are  not searching a suitable partner for your daughter.”

Devika often stood in front of the mirror seeing her reflection that neither she so beautiful nor too ugly for a person to dislike her, and she admitted that she didn't have the guts to do love marriage. For her life was like a line, well-drawn by her parents. She was an obedient child to her parents. But a pressure which was being built by the society of getting married was making her moron.

After appearing for her third-year college exams, she thought of moving down to her grandmother's place for a while. So that she can get a piece of mind. But no one knew, in these holidays she would meet her prince.

 As the train rushed through the green fields of Punjab, Devika gazed the scenic beauty from the window of the train, along with her aunt and uncle, was traveling.      She loved them and respected them more than her parents. As the train stopped at the Amritsar station, Devika's Nani with all her cousins were standing to welcome her. Devika unknowingly bumped up on a guy. She apologized to him and left, but after this incident, she felt something she has lost within her.

 Day or two went by, she with her cousins went for a drive. Her car was cutting the air, as they drove on the highway. Leaving the pearl of the line behind, they rolled for miles. All of a sudden, their car ran out of fuel, and they got stuck in the mid of turnpike.

 In those times, there were no e-cabs, which would come to help in need. They screamed on the roads, waved on speeding cars to take them back home. But it was not of any worth, because no one was listening to their words. High heels on feet, they all slowly moved on streets, scorching sun on our crown, making them all sweat like an ice cream cone.

All of a sudden a car beeped to stand in front of them, a young man asked if he could help them. He was the same boy on whom she has bumped when she stepped into the city. Her cousin, narrated him the story as he took them to their abode.

   The boy didn't question them once, as he drove in the setting sun. Devika's cousin asked him his name and about his stay. He answered his name was Vikas and was a timber merchant. As he bought them to their home, he said goodbye and went forlorn. But the silence, which stood between them, didn't let Devika sleep that night. Early morning she went for her walk and there again she bumped on someone , that someone was no one else then Vikas . Who had teased her, ”Was she has a habit of bumping on roads." Devika answered him " Sorry " as she was about to run, her chain fell on the track, which she didn't know. Vikas saw the chain, as he was about to call her, he didn't know her name, so he kept the chain in his pocket and left.

 As Devika reached home, she saw she has lost her gold chain and cried out loud. But at that time, the door bell rang and Devika's cousin called out " hey, Devika see Vikas has come. “ 

Devika rushed to meet him, forgetting about the gold chain. Her aunt came with cold drinks for him and thanked him for safely bringing her daughter's back.

Vikas said he was in a hurry, he had to go to the office, he had come to give them their belonging, and he handed Devika his chain and left, without saying a word. Devika cousin and aunt kept quieted for a while, and then questioned her what was the whole matter.

 Devika narrated them the whole story and everyone were relived that at least they had got the chain. Her aunt and uncle said that the boy was from a good family that is why he must have given chain back.

  Devika wore the chain, but the essence of Vikas in the chain was mingling with her feelings. Again next morning she was on her walk, and their Vikas saw her and mocked her, ”walk carefully, otherwise you will bump on someone.” Both smiled at eachother and passed each other. 

 For a week both passed eachother during their walks by exchanging a smile.

But in reality their hearts used to scream to talk to each other. One day as Devika was going home after her walk, she slipped. At that time Vikas saw and picked her up. Passer-by saw them, and came to help them . Vikas again mocked her “You are in the habit of falling. “ As he gave her a lift to her home, Vikas and Devika kept quiet, but there was urgency between them to talk to each other. As Devika's home came , her aunt saw her in Vikas car.

She came to great him and asked him about his parents .Vikas casually answered Devika's aunt all the questions and left. 

 Soon a call came, from Devika's home town, and her aunt informed that her parents were coming in the first flight they get. Devika was a bit surprised, that what are on earth, was being her parents up there. In the late evening, Devika was standing in her terrace when she saw Vikas car was parked near her house. He saw her, and waved back. Devika smiled back and soon they were talking to eachother through sign language. 

  Early morning when Devika came out to go for her walk, Vikas was standing there for her. He said he was also going for his morning walk, so he thought, to take her along, otherwise she would again bump on someone else. Devika smiled back and sat down in the car. Still, a silence prevailed between them, both didn't spoke to each other during their walk.


  At the evening Devika's parents came from their town. She was happy to meet them. Happiness had their home that night. Devika asked her mother that what had bought them, there all of a sudden. At that time Devika mom answered her, that her aunt has chosen an exact match for her and tomorrow the groom and his parents are coming to meet them.

 Devika didn't utter a word. She had a mixed feeling about the news. She kept on gazing the moon that night and thought about Vikas. Early morning she got ready for her daily walk and as she came out of her house, she searched for Vikas, but he was not there. In the garden to she didn't saw him. 

 When she came back her mother asked her to get ready as the groom and his parents were coming. Devika wanted to speak with her mom and aunt, but both were busy in the kitchen. 

  She reluctantly got ready, at that time, the guest came, and her parents and the rest of the family members greeted them. As Devika came to meet all, she was surprised to see Vikas sitting with her father. Aunty whispered to her that she knew that she liked Vikas, so she has planned all.    Vikas saw Devika and smiled back to her to walk with her for miles.

A journey that started never to end.

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