Rilsina Pegado

Drama Thriller


Rilsina Pegado

Drama Thriller

She Visits Us Every Night - The Search

She Visits Us Every Night - The Search

3 mins

"Going back without any backup plan, is it safe?" Vaishali had a valid point, we weren't some trained authority, we were two normal people in search of the truth.

"Lets go insta live in Pegaspur?" 

"Seriously girl, in a remote place like that you are going to trust your Internet?"

"Then how do we go, the granny is lying for sure, either there is a ghost or there is a crime, both are going to be dangerous for us."

"Let's change our look and go?"

"It's not a Bollywood movie, so no."

"Then how do we go, on a bicycle ringing bell and telling granny we are here?"

"Wait wait, Oh shit, the bell... its what was constant every day in every story, all heard the bell, the bell is an indication to inform the arrival.

And like Daisy said, that young lady comes out and exchanges bags with the kids, the kids stay at the house on the hills."

"No, they don't stay, they hide there. When I went there, I saw the kids and the man, I assumed they are playing but they were actually packing bags.

Bags that they got daily to the homestay and handed to the lady. Granny knows everything and she wants people to not know this and so she told Daisy she was dreaming.

And she told Sharon, they were the locals because Sharon and Daisy didn't visit the house on the hills."

"Oh right, they asked her on the second day of their stay and felt sleepy and tired the next night, I felt sleepy the next night, I ignored the bell on the first day", Vaishali was talking facts now.

"What did we do differently that you were sleepy and I wasn't?"


"Most people drink water after dinner, Daisy was drunk so she might not have drunk water after dinner for sure."

"Ok, so Vaishali...lets agree to all these facts, but then if she could just add sleeping pills to normal water, why did she fake the entire ghost story."

"Maybe because you knew the house on the hills and you didn't ask her about it until you visited it alone?"

"Perfect analysis, some illegal activities take place at night and to cover them up, all this trap is laid. Granny adds sleeping pills to water, it works 80-90% times and when it fails, people ask Granny and she gives them a different story as per the guests' experience and the next night, she adds sleeping pills to the person's food and water both."

"And she did not let mix anything in your food because she wanted you to experience the ghost, the entire movie that they had planned for you".

"You definitely make great points Vaishali. It definitely was a movie, a well-played movie. So we are all clear now."

House on hills known to granny and grandpa. There are two people, a man in the house and the young lady at night. Are they the same people and are they doing the criminal activity in the house?

So what do we need to do now?

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