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Tanusha Sanghvi

Drama Inspirational


Tanusha Sanghvi

Drama Inspirational



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"I can't live whole life regretting my each and every breath everyday, I can't let someone control my life so easily, now I will fight like a warrior rather than sitting idle and blaming myself every single day, let's start this new chapter of life, not for me but for the one who's growing inside me."

Three years back, 

Adira, who like other teenagers wanted to live her life to the full, she wanted to experience every aspect of life with full zeal and enthusiasm, she was 16 years old, and was blessed with a loving and caring family, who were proud of her, she was good at academics and was topper in her class, she was also good at sports, she had a great life and she enjoyed every aspect of it. She also had a boyfriend named Milind, who belonged to same class as Adira and they were happy in their relationship of six months. She was happy in her little world.

But everything isn't rosy for too long, as bad times do cover up good ones in just blink of our eye and same was with Adira as she was about to face mountain of sufferings, ocean of pain, and sky of black clouds, she discovered that she's pregnant with Milind's child, and she started feeling strange, the moment she heard this news, she couldn't believe her ears, she stayed still with big eyes and a shocking face, she couldn't feel her legs on Earth, as if she was thrown in a strange place,she burst out into tears the other moment and no option of going back into time to fix everything, she recollected herself and gained senses and realized that it is for real and there is no turning back and she had face it, she recalled and couldn't remember about that night, but with some sources she found out that Milind tried to force himself on her and she couldn't get any clue of him being alone or had a gang of other people like him, and that's when she straight away went to Milind to answer every question that were running in her mind,she still loved him and had trust that he would be there for her, but it was just a start of her struggling life,she reached to Milind and told him about everything and she was sure that she would get a hug from him saying"Everything will be fine babe, don't worry", but she was caught again into the game of Milind, who had an evil smile on his face, with no regrets and made fun of her in front of everyone present there. She couldn't believe her eyes the moment she saw everything and in the next moment she found herself on her bed shedding tears with a frame of hers and Milind's picture on it, and she cried her heart out, as she was 100%sure that Milind wouldn't do this to her, and the other moment she recalled the moment he disowned her and broke up with her making fun of her and that evil smile that made him villain in that very moment. She gained strength, and decided to talk about the same to her family, she was sure that they won't do anything like Milind and accept her, but she had her bad and unlucky day at the same time and that's when her father gave her a tight slap and threw her out of the house, she tried to convince them, but they didn't agree, and she was thrown on footpath to beg for her as well as the innocent growing inside her, she had no idea about leading her life from here, she had no idea about earning, she had no idea about feeding, and clearly she had no idea about living life from this moment, but she decided to live, live for her child growing inside her, she almost gave up her life if it wasn't for her child,but she begged for the whole day on streets and got something to eat everyday, and slept on footpath everyday, she missed her comfy bed, her toys, her family, Milind and her life in the past, but she tried to forget about them and concentrated on her life,she soon had friends who gave her blanket to cover herself and life went on this way, until one day her black clouds turned into white as a woman asked her to work for her and she could live at her place in return, she came like a god in Adira's life and Adira enjoyed her little place and worked hard to earn more for her child, she also did odd jobs like cleaning utensils at nearby houses and worked day and night just to earn enough money and she would save them for her child, she then imagined the struggle her father faced when he had nothing but gave her everything she wanted and she missed them so much, but soon forgot about it and she continued her work. 

It was finally the time to welcome her small offspring into the world, and she got help from the lady who brought Adira to her place, and she gave birth to a beautiful girl, who looked like her mother,but soon white clouds turned into black again and this time it was thunderstorm as her daughter was born handicapped,that is she couldn't walk on her legs and have to take help of wheel chair for her whole life, with less chances of recovering, she was shocked again as bad things weren't leaving her, but she was happy as she made a decision to live only for her, and now she had her in her hands, she felt happy. 

Days passed by and the lady couldn't afford both Adira and her daughter's expenses and that's when she asked Adira to leave, she wasn't shocked this time, as it became like a routine for her, so she left the house with a cheerful smile, with her daughter ,she again had no answer to the questions, where to go? How to spend the life from now? Will she be a good mother? And she found herself with no answer but was left with a hope that her black clouds will someday turn into white again and she again started begging, she took care of her child as well, she went to places to find job too, she got small jobs in intervals and was happy with the minimal amount she had, she fed her daughter well and starved sometimes, and it was now her routine, but there wasn't a single day where she had her daughter's stomach empty, she filled it fully by working hard, soon she got a job as a cook, and she worked hard everyday, she often got tired but she never showed it to anyone and started her day with a cheerful smile every morning. 

But destiny was about to turn black and white into colorful as bad luck doesn't follow us everytime, there's something good in every bad, and that's when Adira's struggle took a voice and this time it was so loud that it was about to change her life completely, as the lady who gave her home and food before her daughter was born had good news in her hands in the form of contract papers, which included a contract stating her interview in which she was asked to tell her life story to the world, she handed over papers to Adira, and the moment she read those lines, she again was found watering her eyes making them wet, and this time they weren't for bad luck or mishappening but this time she cried for her good luck and her happiness that she hugged the lady, she enquired about the same, and was shocked that her writing can do wonders, and make her stand in a global show, which would be aired in different countries, and it was her diary which she mistakenly left at the lady's house, and the moment she read it she felt miserable of herself to kick them out of the house, also Adira wasn't awared of her being a lawyer who already filed a case against Milind, and he was already behind bars, she was so happy at that very moment, she wanted the world to know her sufferings and that's when she straight away accepted the proposal and considered the lady as the goddess who came in her life for good, and turned every bad into good with a magic wand. 

Her daughter was grown up now, she was 8 years old, and was ready for her mother's first show as she was about to see her mother happy for the first time in many years, and this success wasn't overnight,her mother had struggled all her life and raised her from a very small age and after so many years she had got what she deserves.

Finally she had the whole stage to herself, where she can keep her heart out, she can finally speak her feelings and sufferings she faced, she can finally show her pain to the public, which was opposite if her life some days ago, she took a deep breath, touched the floor and began with her story, she mentioned her being raped, she mentioned her feelings, she mentioned her pregnancy ,she mentioned about her parents, and she didn't hesitate even once in telling her story, she kept going and stated every fact she had gone through and also advised girls to be safe and get settled on their own ,her first show got hit and she now was recognized as a renowned global speaker, who being a single mother, proved everyone wrong that despite being into various troubles and struggles she raised her daughter well by giving the best she could, her diary got converted into a book, which brought wonders in the first day itself, all the copies were sold and people came for autographs and photographs and that's when she felt accomplished, and was happy with her life,her next goal was to give best treatment to her daughter so that she can walk on her legs like normal people, her daughter was so proud of her and was inspired.

Adira, means "strong", and she likes her name, never gave up even in the worst circumstances of life she had, and she was strong from starting and that will power made her reach here, she was happy to achieve the title but somewhere her eyes were searching for two important people in her life, her parents, and soon she found them clapping for her in the audience zone, she was happy seeing them, and finally she got what she deserved of hard work she put in everything. 

This was an inspiring story of Adira, who never gave up at any moment and any challenge in her life, she worked hard everyday and finally achieved the title of "GLOBAL SPEAKER".

some months later. .

Adira has many shows worldwide where she acts as a motivator, her daughter can walk on her legs and her parents have accepted her, Milind is behind bars and will be given penalty of death soon. 

********THE END****************

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