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Manjari Shukla



Manjari Shukla


Rohit'S Trip

Rohit'S Trip

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Seven years old Rohit was going to mussoorie with his parents by jeep
and enjoying the panoramic beauty of nature.

He was enchanted by the mesmerizing scenery of the tall trees and high
mountains, valleys and streams.

Suddenly the jeep screeched to a halt, and Rohit came out from his dream world.

He asked-“Papa, what happened? “With a worried look, he replied-“I am
afraid, the front tire  got punctured.”

His mother too got tensed and said-“Now what we will do?”

His father replied-“just help me in giving tools, and I will change
the tire.”

They both engrossed in changing tire  and meanwhile Rohit slipped
away and started plucking wild but beautiful flowers which were
blooming in plants on the road side.

Soon his both pockets were full of them and he turned to show them to
his parents, but a cold shiver ran down his spine finding no one

He called his parents in highest pitch as he could, but did not get any reply.

He started weeping loudly, seeing no one around. Shadows of big trees
and plants were creating a dreadful atmosphere and it was getting dark

He was trembling with fear. His crying stopped, when he heard an
elephant’s trumpet.

He got petrified and waves of fear rippled down his spine. His blood
 froze when he saw a small elephant approaching towards him. He
thought that now the elephant will crush him to death but he moved
more closely to Rohit and looked at him carefully. Rohit was still

Rohit mustered all his courage and said-“My teacher told me that your
name is Appu. Are you really Appu?”

The child elephant looked here and there and finding no one, carefully
lifted Rohit by his trunk and started walking.

 Till now Rohit had no fear with him and while sitting on his back, he
was patting him gently.

Soon they were on the road side.

Rohit saw his mother weeping loudly and his father sitting with a
gloomy face. His joy knew no bounds seeing them. He called
loudly-“mummy, Papa.”

They both ran towards him and his father took him in his arms. His
mother was still speechless and looking in elephant in disbelief.

Rohit said happily-“Here, is my best friend Appu, who saved my life
and brought me here.”

“Thank you is a very little word for you Appu. We can never forget
your kindness.” His father replied with wet eyes

Rohit gently kissed Appu’s trunk and said-“I will come every month to
meet you” And then they left for mussoorie and Rohit waved his hand to
Appu and could see him standing there till the road turned.

Days and years rolled by but due to his father’s transferable job and
burden of studies, he could not go to that forest again and meet his
unforgettable friend Appu.

After hard studies and having soft corner for animals, he chose
profession of veterinary doctor and never charged for any animal that
was in circus or zoo, feeling its pain and agony in prison.

One day he got a call from the zoo for the regular checkup of animals.
When he reached the manager was delighted to see him as he really
admired Rohit a lot for his noble work. After chatting for some time,
Rohit went to check the animals with the manager. When he was about to
leave, the manager said-“ I don’ t know, how I will be able to pay for
your generosity as you have been visiting our zoo for many years and
have not charged even a penny.”

Rohit smiled and said-“I get peace of mind after curing them. Now I leave.”

When he stood up, he heard a trumpet.

He asked surprisingly to manager-“You have not showed me any elephant,
then from where this sound is coming?”

The manager stammered and replied hesitantly-“We have brought an
elephant two days back. But he is very fiery and wild. Mahauvat has
been unable to control him even after beating him severely.

So due to your safety, I didn’t mention about him.”

Rohit said angrily-“You need not worry about me. Come and show me, where he is?”

Manager went with him and pointed very far.

Rohit looked back but manager was uprooted to ground and remained still there.

When he reached near the elephant, he could easily see the blood
stains on his legs and trunk.

He started observing him carefully, but the elephant was still making
a loud noise.

Just then the elephant ran towards him and Rohit’s leg seemed to have
turned to jelly.

But to his surprise, elephant stopped near him and raised his trunk.

He saw that tears were trickling from elephant’s eyes.

Rohit recognized him.

It was his friend Appu.

He held his trunk and could not speak a word.

A big tight knot in his chest ached and he wept so loud that manager
came to him.

“What happened? Did he try to kill you?” Manager asked with fear.

But still Rohit was holding the elephant tightly and continuously weeping.

“Please tell me. I beg you.” Manager pleaded

And Rohit told about Appu. Manager’s eyes got wet too.

Suddenly Rohit opened his bag and applied ointment on his wounds and
Appu too was standing silently.

Manager said-“Shall we go now?”

Rohit looked at Appu. Tears were rolling down his trunk.

Rohit’s face got pale and he said to manager-“You can ask me for
anything, even for my life. But please give me my Appu.”

Manager wiped his tears and said-“It is yours only. I came between both of you.”

Tears of joy glistened in his eyes and took his Appu with him.


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