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The Two Pencils Of Santa

The Two Pencils Of Santa

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Chapter 1

Jingles were ringing around the corner, the rabbits were flying all around and the fairies were passing their time lighting up crackers. Does this all seem true? Pragmatic human beings, literate to decipher the black and white letters in the line would disagree. Albeit it was the time which really happened in Woodland! Among the moments which turned the life around, was the time when she smiled. Glorying rages of LIFE exuberant from her face was evident to make the world a better place, every moment. Pleasantly rejoicing the beauty of the moment was Santa. He was always watching. Moments later a flash of green purpled through the shadows of some magical powers and she stood ambushed into oblivion. What was left were the two pencils which gave birth to an entire era. If you want to know how deep the rabbit hole goes keep reading....

Among the midst of the mumbo jumbo of the busy, fast and furious outrage of Mumbai a small girl started crying in a doctor's clinic. Astonished, the doctor politely asked her for the reason to cry and she said she would not be able to play cricket if she wore spectacles. Her passion was compelling and the outburst of her courage brought laughter to the doctor. It was not her intelligence, smartness, calm attitude towards works, or beauty that attracted others to her. But it was her sheer courage to know and do what she knew that fascinated others and lighted the candle in the lighthouse. A loud outcry to foresee the future, keep in mind the past and prejudice of practice made her a successful personality. Every time the doorbell rang she greeted everyone with a charming smile. There is no personification towards her being electrifying. Hardly the electrons of the 220V electric charge could withstand her valences.

Raining showers with umbrellas all around! An afternoon with a juice she sat in a restaurant wondering how could I? Or should I? There were too many questions and more so unanswered questions among the noise of the folks around. The pretense was hardly a dictionary word for her. A new beginning was her fear but she believed in herself with her wishes on her doorstep. She wanted to figure out the meaning of the life, but she was full of life herself and giving, that she did not want to believe. The pages of this chapter are still unwritten in the diary.

A pair of socks and handful with the Guitar, she stood waiting for hours for Santa to arrive, and then fell asleep. Not a day or two had gone by when Lord Ganesha and Santa were in disagreement about her. They knew there was nothing that would pacify her wishes, and no materialistic pleasures could delight her. She already had the magic wand of superfluous energy, might and beauty (of her mind, body and soul), there was nothing that the GODS could provide her or take away. Santa envied her being an eternal soul of galactic beauty. Imbibed with lots of straightforwardness she could accept no gifts from anyone. The might of her sight was reaching beyond the choices she made, and at times she could not understand them. But Santa decided to play a trick. HE gave her two pencils on Christmas Eve.

Surrounded by a lot of noise, questions and harnessing the threads of creativity together, she persuaded her journey towards a daunting task of a Doctorate study. Her study did not bring about new molecules or procedures but instead gave birth to the theory behind their degradation. She believed all which comes to life has an end; all which has a beginning has an end. This end made her more sought towards life. She faced hindrances about ethics, persuasion, politics, and accountability from others, but she could not give up. The two pencils kept her moving towards the path which glowed in her eyes. Her attitude was the stepping stone of her life and she did not jeopardize any souls who seek her advice. Passed by the healer of all ills - time - she never looked up the mirror to ask who is beautiful of them all? Caste away from presumable natures was her mind and soul.

Remarkable was her portrayal of self-being. She never let a soul touch her body or mind and argued with herself towards perfection. Differentiation and showcase of pride and intellect are the least on her priority list. Crystallization of the most complex problems into semi atomic levels and insight towards future are her real traits. The form and substance does not matter for her, and she strongly believes in the might of the two pencils.

An era has begun! If you want to know the answers to some of the questions such as: what was the green flash? What did the two pencils do? What was the era? And most importantly Who was She? , please keep reading for forthcoming chapters!

Chapter 2

The green flash

~ Beauty of the heart and soul

The threads of courage are stronger when life is simpler. In a distant place with years of solitude resided a person who had daunted love. She came to his rescue. It was her two pencils that made her bring it to him.

The Taj Mahal was a blissful sight for her, but less astonishing than her own picture. She was six and took a picture with the Taj Mahal. Santa was watching and carried the sticks to wishful wonders. After almost thirty years she was back at the same place in front of the Taj Mahal and petrified was the Taj to see her beauty. She had grown to be a fine lady admired and loved by all around her. Her blistering rage for publications made her reach places with her dear ones. She made the Taj wonder about the Chromatography which she presented at that conference.

Men are haunted by the vastness of eternity. Thus some of the humans attempt to carve their names in stones. She believes that for those who love; don’t necessarily get bamboozled by their names being forged forever. Her belief about truth and valor has shown her courage and guided her towards being in people’s hearts forever. The least of all her passionate manager also loves and cares for her. The manager is always inquisitive about her and wants to know all about the publications, her research, her personal life and what is going on in her mind.

One day she was sleeping well in her cozy balcony. Lord Ganesha and Santa decided to take her to a new place. This was a long time ago when the pastures of grass were as green as green. The train was empty and the driver was running the train very fast. She decided to hop onto the train. At first she saw there were candies, chocolates, toys and lots of games. She pounded upon them and started to play. It was soon the train stopped at stations when young kids from all over the world started flocking in. She made everyone play with her and dominated the show with her personifying beauty. Her eyes sparkled in the moonlight and every one loved her. Caste away to wonderland the train went to a place of amazing beauty and light. Suddenly the green flash struck again and she was ambushed. She stood, with no thoughts wandering her mind, before Lord Ganesha and Santa. She was mystified by their love towards her and they gave her the power to use the two pencils. She almost lost her thoughts when she was in front of them and her face was shining in the moonlight.

She was not the first one to travel overseas in her family. But she was treated to being the only one to be from the family to make everyone proud. United kingdom was hardly the place that could withstand her beauty. She stunned everyone she met and was offered a business proposition. Although she profoundly did not accept the offer somewhere she wanted to do so. That’s the first time she experienced snow and the chilly winds were amazing although she cherished the first rain of tropical India.

Her students differ in age, sex and ability; all of them trust her to the fullest. She teaches college students, lecturers, even men with grey hair and doctors who fear public speaking. She prompts her head of the department doctor; while he delivers the lecture to budding researchers. Her presence to lectures played by people makes them uncomfortable with her dazzling brightness of goodness and will.

Perplexed by her delightful sight was the day when she stood amazingly at the Pizza Hut. The time after that went very fast and hardly the moments remain which are un-cherished. Classical theory of fairy tails become all offbeat when her glorifying face is seen by people who know her, love her and always try to find a way to be around her.

Priceless is the way she believes in life and the energy of the green flash keeps her focused. Passion is hardly a word to explain her love towards advertisements. She watches, knows and keeps herself abreast about all the naughty and amazing advertisements on television. Unlike any lady love for soap serials and cosmetics, she is different. She does not believe in these loyals and the most important parts of her life are studies, her work and the guitar. With the pencils taking charge, she hardly has to look back – although a long queue of waiting persons wait for her to spend some time with them.

Transforming the lives of many, she brings with her the joy of life. With additional moral fiber, she would always go the extra mile to help others, be loving and caring for others and keep the family and others before her own pleasures. Her healing touch makes many feel better when she touches them and it makes the wounds or illnesses disappear. That’s why philosophers say there is always good somewhere which is worth fighting for. Alas her goodness was known to all. Her beauty of her mind and soul gives a new perspective to create an incredible future filled with positive vibes.

Moderately assessing her, own talents in the fields of chromatographic research is her exuberant impatience towards publications and research studies. She has put self-efforts without taking advantage of her official presence at a renowned pharmaceutical organization. She has spent countless nights in the twilight looking out for that ray of star stream which would ultimately move her closure to her dreams. Burning the midnight candle has hardly been a worthy saying for her. She has always been perfect to study early mornings when the morning sunlight shines on her and the birds sing to keep her away from petty thoughts.

Dungeons of darkness and slowness of perpetuity are far from any things that describe her surroundings. When she strides around in the lobby her brilliance is over exasperated with her own beauty and delightfulness. If you want to wonder who she is and where she is going to be, will leave you there as by now you would have fallen asleep. take good care of yourself.

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