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Freda Francisca Noronha


Reality Unfolding

Reality Unfolding

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Often we speak about various things in life. Most of the times it's only about why are we suffering. Why only me? Some might be complaining about the difficult times they are going through. But if we think minutely, everyone of us has some or the other problems going on in life. 

Life is not easy for anyone. I too have gone through a lot of ups and downs, but though at times I complained about it there were moments when I realized that it was for my good. Sometimes what we go through moulds us into a different person. It makes us strong, more understanding, more ready to face anything.

When things come in easily we don't realise it's importance but when we struggle for it we know how difficult it can be. Face challenges that come in life, I know it's not easy but finally when you overcome it you will know what you have learnt from it.

From childhood, I have gone through a lot of struggles. Though some of my family members loved me a lot there were some who didn't make me feel a part of them. There was no difference between a girl and a boy, but towards me their approach was different. This fact has lived in me all this while, and when I think about it I feel the pain.

Loneliness is something that people misinterpret. Loneliness need not always mean not having someone in your life but it means though everyone is around you why are you still feeling alone. Most of the time I was alone. I had four walls surrounding me, a roof over my head but missed having a friend whom I could say your mine. Or else I was too scared to share my feelings thinking how they might react.

I have silently observed everyone. Seen people changing over a span of time. Some even keep changing their true colours. I have even seen some fake people. I mean those who pretend to be something they are not. Some even have the habit of taking your side when talking to you but when everyone is around they act differently.

Imagine being in a so-called family but you are kept at a little distance. There are talks like this is yours, this is mine. You can't sit here, you can't go there. There are instances when some might even say to your parents, you have daughters why do you need a house. I understand being a girl you may not need a house but your parents need it. Your parents should not be punished just because you are a girl. 

A girl is considered a weaker section but every girl takes up whatever challenges that come in life. Still doing all this a girl cannot say that the house in which she is born is hers or the house in which she is married is hers. 

There are many instances when you will wonder where you stand. Is there a value for you or are you like a tissue- use and throw. No matter how much you love your family; no matter what but the end result is you don't belong here. This is a fact which definitely comes out with time. You belong somewhere else, someone else's family. This fact you have to live with and the faster you understand it, the better for you.

Some instances are such, when people portray that you are characterless just because they don't won't others to know that it's their fault. But by doing so you will see that one woman does not think that she herself is a woman and she is helping others to spoil the image of other women. It is said that jealousy makes oneself blind. It's true. Just because you don't want someone to rise up and to be termed better, you tend to put that person down.

Another simple example is, if a boy does some mistake then people will say forgive and forget. But when a girl does a mistake every instance she will be taunted at. There are cases where people hide a boys mistake and character thinking that when he gets married he will change. But boys are something from outside and inside totally different. 

People say they are highly qualified but that I suppose it only means to accumulate degrees and label yourself in the educated category. Or else people would analyze the situation before commenting or concluding. For instance, a girl is divorced the first thing that is commented is she is paying for her sins. Or she should not have come out of the relationship. And it's true, cause a divorced women is not respected. If we consider a kite flying in the blue sky, we feel so good. But imagine the string breaks in and the kite is separated then it is not paid attention to. Same with a woman, when she is bonded she has value or else she is like a kite without a string. No value, no respect. People just wait to make stories, just speak evil such that at times you feel miserable. You start hating yourself, feel like just giving up.

A woman working and taking up each responsibility should be respected. But society has created such a mindset that without speaking ill about others their food doesn't get digested. They have to somehow pick up some point or else create one to defame her. I would rather say, a woman itself is another woman's enemy. I don't know if it is jealousy or inferiority complex but there has to be difference in opinion. There are people who are ever ready to poison other people's minds. But does someone really gain something by separating people? Don't they feel guilty? Or are they made up of stones, without feelings? 

And in case someone really understands you then you should consider yourself blessed. These are some instances of life which I have penned down. I would only like to say, life is short why not live happily, comfortably with each other. Let's forget what hurt us, cause we too must have hurt someone and deserve forgiveness. Let's live and let other's live.... Don't know what future holds, but build in better memories that somewhere, someone would cherish...

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