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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Akash Agrawal



Akash Agrawal


Purpose Of Life

Purpose Of Life

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Life! What is life? Every single day we are living it. Yet, no one has a perfect answer to this simple question. Neither do I, I guess.

Even though every single day we put efforts in living… We wake up first thing in the morning. We all follow some of the rituals afterwards. We eat. We take bath. We go to schools to learn. We work hard to earn dimes for supporting ourselves and our families. We go out to enjoy with friends and family. We care. We love. We hate. We feel jealous of some people. We admire some people. We get tired. We keep track of the world around us. We colonize. We build relations. We marry. We reproduce. We have faith. We follow different deities. We grow old. We advise people. We have our remorse. We have our own sorrows. We have our own happy moments to remember for eternity. We seek forgiveness. We forgive. We lie. We tell truth. We stand up for someone. We have someone to stand up for us. We break someone’s heart. We get our heart broken. We commit mistakes. We win sometimes. We lose sometimes. We celebrate. And then we die.

We do millions and trillions and bazillions of a number of other things, which happen to be part of living. Each of these things or most of these things together makes a life. Yet we say that ‘We merely survive’. And somehow, we have convinced ourselves into believing something horrible.

Often we hear people saying, “Oh man! All this is crap. This is what everyone’s doing. Let’s not get trapped into it. Damn sure, there is some higher purpose for life. And we must seek our purpose in life before we die. Only then we shall be blissfully happy. Let’s not fall prey to all these ‘mundane-ities’ of life.”

We have been fooled into believing that there is some higher dimension in life and we all need to find it and go there to experience the blissful happiness. Someplace where all our pain will be taken away and we shall be relieved from everything; where we will be a ‘free soul’.

Sure you can believe in all this crap. And keep finding your so-called higher dimension to be blissful. Or, You can be happy right now; In this very moment. Or you can be sad. Or you can feel pain or pleasure, or guilt, or satisfaction, or a number of other feelings and emotions.

Why on earth, have we been programmed to believe that we have to be happy? Always! That we shouldn’t be sad or angry, or in pain? Is that really a crime to feel other emotions, other than happiness? And if it is so, then why on earth do these emotions and feelings even exist?

There might be some higher purpose… I don’t know. But, what I know for certain is that life is going on for me. Right here! Right now! In every single moment! In the moments of pain! In the moments of pleasure!

I am living when I am sad. I am living when I am happy. I am living when I am with my loved ones. I am living when I am alone. I am living when I feel hatred. I am living when I am in love. And I am living in every single moment.

Each and every one of these emotions, each and every one of these moments defines my life. They make me who am I. They make me feel alive. And for me- This is life.

Goodness only knows if there is any higher purpose in life for me. Goodness only can tell, if I will be seeking it ever in my life. But, for seeking that so-called higher purpose, I cannot make excuses and skip living.

As a saying goes in Hindi-

Aag ka dariya hai.. Aur doob ke jaana hai.

In order to seek life, one shall not skip living.

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