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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Ravi Valluri



Ravi Valluri


Pawns Of Galaxy@

Pawns Of Galaxy@

6 mins

What banged? Why did it bang? And who banged? The ever-expanding universe seemed to be settling down after the cataclysmic big bang….

And then began the battle for supremacy among various sectors in the gargantuan universe to declare and crown the eventual winner. This battle for supremacy continues to this day. All animate and inanimate objects are mere pawns in this battle of ascendancy and hegemony.

Meanwhile, a script was being enacted between three major powers in one cranny corner between the Lords of Galaxy @, Galaxy $$$$ and Galaxy &&&& for dominion.

Lurking in a far corner was Galaxy Dark Matter which was extremely mysterious. All the inhabitants of the other Galaxies had come to realize; that it sucked any object which entered its gravitational force and thus stayed away from this powerful one.

Xtron was appointed the Chief of the Army Staff of planet Z which was the capital of Galaxy@. He was deeply devoted to the throne and the emperor who occupied the position.

Xtron was a progeny of Lord nuclear reactor (one of the Supreme Lords of Galaxy@ ) and a mysterious nuclear fuel. Xtron was a robust powerhouse.

This reproduction had taken place after several rounds of discussions and deliberations by the seven Lords, their consorts, and their seven perspicacious sages.

Once the big bang, had settled down, the Lords of Galaxy @  planned to expand their frontiers beyond the existing limits.In their radar were Galaxy $$$$ and Galaxy &&&&.

This was to empower themselves and develop a strategic and competitive advantage in the Universe. The Lords zeroed on an ace General, to undertake this onerous responsibility and it was none other than Xtron.

Xtron the offspring of wedlock and procreation was to execute this task. This was the genesis of the birth of Xtron from the womb of nuclear fuel.

The brawny and crafty Xtron was blessed with the supernatural and extraterrestrial abilities and was destined to live as long as he desired, till he could subjugate Galaxies$$$$ and &&&&.

Xtron barely ate anything. His diet included only 5 cups of pomegranate juice, which was grown in the rarefied mountains of planet Z the seat of power of Galaxy @.

The Lords and sages of the empyrean of the conglomeration of the Galaxy @ also consumed pomegranate juice laced with singular spices which made them immortal. They in turn  conferred the boon only to Xtron to partake pomegranate juice laced with uncommon spices.

No member of the royalty who ruled the Galaxy@ or any stock individual could ever dream of consuming this magic potion.

Xtron was trained in martial arts by the Lords and the seven sages imparted the tutee special education in the fields of statecraft, warfare, politics, anatomy, foreign policy, economics, and sciences to expand their frontiers.

Xtron built a robust army, developed a dreaded arsenal, and led several conquests single-handed. Galaxy @ successfully launched multiple offensives against Galaxies $$$$ and &&&& and subjugated them.


The emperor seated on the throne was a mute spectator and merely obeyed the instructions mandated by Xtron. General Xtron too was a foot soldier who footslogged on this treadmill of expansion under the guidance of the seven Lords and the seven sages.

Xtron maintained a cool temperament, poise, and balance. Blessed with rigorous training, dedication, his DNA, and singular devotion he never entertained any antipathetic and Sisyphean thoughts and continued to be the flag bearer of expansion of power.

But Mara and fiendish forces always raise their ugly heads and plotted in the empyrean of the Galaxy @. They secretly established contact with Plutonix the empress and poisoned her mind against Xtron and compelled her to consume the magic potion.

 They implanted the idea in her mind that upon consuming the magic potion she could produce an offspring who could match Xtron in strength, talent, and power, and both she, the emperor, and their offspring would become immortal.

Plutonix was an ambitious woman. One night she ensnared the chief cook who prepared the magic potion and consumed the pomegranate juice. Plutonix gave the magic potion to the Emperor. They were to produce 106 sons all superpowers and blessed with immortality.

 The establishment in the empyrean was challenged and the emperor, the empress, and their children changed the established order. Xtron was stripped of his position and he beat a hasty retreat.

He was to meet his parents, Lord nuclear reactor, and nuclear fuel. They developed a space ship, which transported the seven Lords, their consorts, and the seven sages and Xtron.

As Plutonix with the help of Mara established absolute control over the three galaxies, the spaceship zoomed towards the Galaxy Dark Matter. The gravitational force of Dark Matter sucked the space ship and they soon landed in the Dark Matter. Zig was the indisputable suzerain of the Dark World. He grudgingly accepted the members of the spaceship.

The Lord of Dark Matter heard out the misery inflicted on the once rulers of Galaxy@ who had also occupied two other galaxies much to the consternation of Dark Matter.

The former suzerains of Galaxy @ were desperate to avenge their defeat and  Zig was willing to assist them in their mission on a condition. He whispered it in the ears of Xtron’s father. The father confabulated with other Lords and the sages and agreed to the proposal. Xtron the blue-eyed boy was kept in the dark of the dealing.

The very next day, forces of Dark Matter launched a massive attack on Galaxies @ , $$$$ and &&&& and overran them and the fourth corner of the slice emerged successful as empress Plutonix , her husband and the 106 sons were enslaved. 

Once defeated Plutonix , was compelled to hand over the secret of magic potion and the rarefieds to Zig .

 Zig became the Lord of this corner of the Universe while everyone else were his subjects.

“Father what was the transaction?” asked a constrained Xtron from his father.

“ Son, I reveal the secret to you with a very heavy heart. From today we are no longer immortal. I agreed to share the sub rosa of our longevity with Lord Zig and we, in turn, would be  ordinary pawns and Zig would be blessed with immortality.”

“After the big bang, the Galaxy of Dark Matter received the boon of gravitational force whereby it could suck anything and had a fortified defense system, thus none attacked the galaxy. They were not bestowed with immortality, a trait we were blessed with and today we are mere pawns and mortals,” said the distraught father.

Thus Xtron and others though victorious were to become mere pawns of Galaxy@.

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