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Password For Joy

Password For Joy

3 mins

A tight slap from the fins of a giant shark made Aditi unlock her eyes suddenly. After many attempts of toss and turns, her brain eventually permitted Aditi to lay rest on the lap of sleep. Unfortunately, it didn't last for a while. She rolled her eyes and scanned the surrounding locus. Aditi realized that she was hovering in the ocean of mental agony. 

"Welcome to the world of torture.", The giant shark giggled wickedly.

"Who. Who are you?", She cleared her throat. 

"My name is memory and my duty is to rekindle your bitter events and perturb you in the recurrent model.", The giant shark answered. 

"Leave me.", Aditi shrieked and She began to cry. 

"I can't.", The giant shark replied.

The next day she met a grotesque whale which began to oppress her with artillery named solitude. Soon on various occasions she encountered many evils namely venomous snakes, sadistic walrus, ferocious octopus and demon crocodiles. Their duties are to harass and make her stay void by using the weapons named tears, insomnia, depression and pain. 

Gradually their assailants have gotten increased. She couldn't find any way to swim out of that ocean. Soon she was dragged into its deeper parts. 

Aditi gave her best efforts and battled against the monster creatures by applying the weapon called Hope but, everything went in vain, and she was standing hopeless and fragile. 

"Kindly show mercy on me.", She pleaded. 

"Our duty is to bring the humans in the ocean of tears to torture. We will surrender to the people who lock us with a password. If you can, push us into the cage and lock with that secret code but, until this moment none succeeded.", The evils chuckled. 

Aditi lost all her bliss and tranquility. She was wandering like a vagabond beneath the ocean. 

The following day she accidentally came across an oyster. She opened the mouth of an oyster and witnessed many sparkling alphabets in the color of azure, after undergoing many attempts finally she organized the words.

It unveiled the Password.'

'Don'tTurn Back To The Past, Live In The Present. It Will Bring Victory In The Future.'

"Yes. From this moment I will never allow my dead past to write the climax for my life and not going to worry about my unborn future. I will consider this present day as my present and will live this moment happily.", Aditi said confidently. 

To her surprise the weapon called 'Hope' manifested in her hands again. She thrust those monsters in the cage and locked the hutch with that password. All of a sudden, the ocean vanished and some pattern of glittering rays flashed infront of her and acquaintanced itself as Future. 

"Future?! but, I said that I won't hold any anxieties about you. Then why you have appeared before me?", She arched her eyebrows. 

"Don't panic. I have a habit of shining in the persons life who performs their duty with responsibility and honesty, loves and treats everyone equally without expectations and the people who were trying to achieve their goals by investing their efforts and talents. Moreover I will always love the individuals who survives with positive energy and confidence. Hence, I am here to say that today you have bestowed with an another chance. Definitely your talents, efforts, affection, honesty and good deeds will never go unnoticed. Trust me, I promise that someday it will get recognized and appreciated by all. I will shower success on you and drench you with bliss and peace.", The future answered. 

"Thanks for your kind words.", Aditi expressed her gratitude and rejoice. 

The words from the future have brought joy, positive vibes and success in Aditi's life. 

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