Never Really Asked His Name

Never Really Asked His Name

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I had met him, while I was caressing Po…

From the flat lands to the rough and rugged mountains! It takes time to adjust. I really miss the warm mornings and the busy streets of Kolkata. Every day, the city seems to be reborn with new vim and zest. These mountains are extremely calm and quiet. After dusk, there is hardly a handful of people on the streets.

The morning was chilly. By the noon, the temperature was moderate. After having my lunch in Rangon Inn, I went to wash my hands in the backyard. There I found Po. As white as snow. Her nose was like a tender rosebud. She stood there, blinking her large, dreamy eyes. Mountainous creatures are really amiable. Without any hesitation, she sat beside me. As I fed her lush green grasses. The she came closer and found comfort on my lap. As I stroke her fleece gently, she fell asleep.

After a while, I could hear a strange tune. Po sprang up and was now trying to stand on my lap. But, the fabric of my dress, was not allowing. I helped her out. Then she started walking down the slope. I followed her. She was travelling back to her flock. While the strange tune was still on. There was a lonely hut nearby. The chimney of which seemed to emit a rainbow.

The sight was beautiful to look at. A lonely hut at the edge of the mountain. Decorated by the nature! “Time to leave!” called out my driver. Before leaving, I gently lifted Po; as I was caressing her, I found a muscular, mongoloid-featured, young man standing, just a few inches away from me. Even he had snow-white complexion and rosy lips. I smiled at him. He smiled back. I kept smiling. He did the same. I extended my hand forward. He did too. And clasped my hand firm. We shook hands. I handed over Po, to him. And left waving ‘good bye’. He nodded and kept smiling.

Yamthung valley! Beautiful, splendid, mesmerising and every other good adjective would fall short to describe it beauty.

Rangon Inn was two miles away. Nevertheless, I asked my driver to take me there. Where I met Po and her master again. This time I had a brief chat with him.

He was an orphan; from Tibet. Earning all by himself and contributed half of his income to the betterment of a Tibetan orphanage. Impressive indeed. That noon, lunch was required no more. I was too full with the incredulous positivity that Po’s master had fed me with.

I had halted at Yamthung, for thirteen days. We had met each other on all the twelve days. I kept learning how hard-working, honest, calm and composed he was from within. I felt like a sunbather under the Sun. Every instant of those twelve days, was worth cherishing. I would long to meet him every day!

On the thirteenth day; something unusual happened. I forgot to pray, spilled coffee on the bed sheet, was bitten by a dog and so on. Still I went to meet him. By then, we had become really good friends. But he did not show up. I had waited about half an hour more than the usual time. Still, there was no sign of him.

Suddenly, I heard a faint tinkling of a bell. I turned around; it was Po! She had a piece of paper in her mouth. It was a letter, written in English. Which read –

“I was in class ten, when my fate took a turn. I was good in English. And wanted to be a Professor. But, God, had some other plans for me…

…you are rich and beautiful. We belong to different classes of society. And the Gorkha leader of this area, had threatened to kill me. He wanted me to bring you to him. I was not sure of his exact intentions. But was sure that they were evil. So, I turned him down. If you, find this letter, please run away from that area. Take Po with you…”

I did manage to escape. But till date, I have visited Yamthung, seventeen times. But, never heard off or seen him. Is he still alive? He had noted down my birthday. As he wanted to present me something. But even before, my birthday, he had already presented me with a noble gift of his strong friendship. May be at the cost of his own life!

I was so spellbound by his words, that I never really asked his name. I had met him, while I was caressing Po…

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