Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

palak Inde



palak Inde




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She slapped her and then cried a lot. She was upset, shameful, anxious and many more emotions. She was hurt - whether because her daughter Richa did it or what she did was more painful. Even her father was still in shock. What wrong had they done that Richa was seeking revenge this way.

Richa was an ambitious girl of 23. She was educated, modern and a jolly person. She loved her parents very much and they loved her too as she was their only child. They had never said no to her demands and pampered her like a princess.

But she suddenly changed.There were no tears in her eyes when her mother slapped her. There was no pain in her voice when she tried to talk with her mother. She didn't even bother to say sorry. She didn't feel the need to clarify herself. Instead, she wore a wierd smile.

Now she couldn't hold it anymore. She was silent till now. But silence didn't seem to be working. Her parents felt abused and she didn't care about it.

When her parents asked her, she had the same reply "So what ? What's a big deal in this ??"

"Have you lost your mind? You don't even realise what you have done?" Her parents screamed at her.

"We are living in 21st century. Its common these days." Richa gave an unconvincing reason. She didn't find it convincing- not even to herself.

"Common?? What the hell?? I can't understand why u did this? Now, what is the society gonna think about us. You have ruined our reputation just in a second." Her mother asked her in a fit of anger.

"Its just an MMS. And who cares about society these days. I m sure you are gonna find such more videos in this so called society only." Richa weirdly gave her reply.

"But why you did this? What's the need for doing this. How could you show your naked body to these much unknowns.?? Have you lost it ? Can't you even realise your mistake. Not even now." Her mom dad cried.

"Unknowns??? Woww , great .... What about Subodh?? Do I Know him?" She yelled at them.

"He is going to be your husband. How he could be an unknown to you ?" Her father held her hand tightly and make her face him.

"This time I got naked by my wish. But what about that guy who gonna make me naked without my wish and with your permission. I m sure you won't say anything. You can tolerate this but I can't. So it's just that I am preparing myself." Richa gave this reason and was about to leave when her mother stopped her.

"Preparing?? Is this your way to prepare yourself for this?? And I am asking what's the need for preparation. Every girl has to go through this. And after marriage, this is a necessity. How could you run your marriage without this. And Subodh is not unknown. We had chosen him for you. And what's this rubbish - he is gonna touch you against your wish and with our permission??? He is going to be your husband and he will have the right."

"Rights.... That guy got rights to torment me even we are not married yet. And what about me ? Its my life and I don't have any right on it. Seriously mom??"

Richa left from there and still wandering who was right - her way of saying no to this forceful marriage at the cost of her reputation or her parent's reasons against her wish??

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