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Tinni 15

Children Comedy


Tinni 15

Children Comedy

My First Period Talk

My First Period Talk

3 mins 590 3 mins 590

Before you read this story you must pinky swear that you shall never disclose this secret and personal information of mine to anyone.

This feels a little embarrassing to tell. But it's better to share such moments than hide them within me forever.

Time to give others a moment of laughter.

Like every other mother, my mom had tried to explain to me the meaning and importance of periods in a girl's life.

But alas, my little brain couldn't understand any of that except the bleeding part.

Well, in my defence I must say I was young, an 8th standard student.

My mother has got this problem of piles or better known as haemorrhoids. She used to take some ayurvedic medicine for it in those days prescribed by a doctor.

The day when she told me about periods:

She tried to explain it to me in every way and all the bits she could.

And I agreed to her saying I got it all. Even though I got only a vague idea of it like don't tell about it to boys and it's painful, it bleeds and all that blah blah.

But I didn't know the main difference between period and piles. The most important part- that day as I remember my mom after finishing her work went to the veranda. Asking me to bring her medicine and a water bottle along while coming out.

Well, but my tiny little brain thought otherwise.

I remembered all that talk with my mom in the morning.

I also remembered all those times when she talked with dad about her pile's problem and how she ate that medicine to prevent it.

So I went to the room, took the medicine bottle, took out a pill from it and gulped it down with a mouth full of water. Meanwhile, making sure my mother doesn't catch me.

After that, I went out quietly trying to act normal.

My mother asked me, " What took you so long?"

"Nothing mom. I was just drinking some water," I replied acting innocently.

Oh God, but my mom was a much bigger devil than me.

"Hmmm, then what were you doing with the medicine bottle. I think I saw you open it...."


Umm, you know... i... it's just that..."

"Tell me the truth darling. I won't eat you or scold you for saying the truth. You know you can share anything with me. I'm your friend after all."

"Umm, I...I ate your medicine for piles. You know you said that it bleeds during that time of the month and I saw you eating this medicine to prevent it. I thought to eat that medicine from start, so that I won't need to go through all that pain. So the problem is solved!!"

"Listen to me carefully dear. There is a major difference between piles and periods. Piles is basically an abscess which when comes in contact rubbed with skin starts to bleed. Whereas, a period is a monthly recurring process. Both of them are different things.

Now, don't eat that medicine ever again. Eating a medicine without doctor's prescription is a bad thing and could be harmful most of the times."

After that, she called our family doctor who was a lady, telling her about my little adventure.

She said, it's nothing serious as the medicine that I ate was a mild ayurvedic medicine which couldn't cause much harm.

Oh, my little devil of a mind, I laugh even today when I think about it.

And let me tell you are the first of all the people I know to be a part of my little secret except my mother, obviously.

She didn't tell this little secret of mine to anyone not even to my father.

So don't you dare think about doing so.

Anyways, you have pinkie sworn so there is no going back on your words.

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