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Mr. Unknown

Mr. Unknown

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What is love? Some say, “ love is infinite”…whereas for some “love is life, etc”… Everyone has different opinions about love. But what is love exactly, which is still unknown to all of us? Based on the type of people, their thinking, circumstances, the definition of love is concluded by all of them. In short, everyone has got their own definition of love. Some often say, “ mine was true love”….& wind up in sorrow. While some do just burst into laughing out, “no yaar, it was just an infatuation”…& go on enjoying in airs flirting for the best of life.

But in this story which I am narrating you, the so-called “love” arose out of a different situation, which you read ahead.

“Pyaar woh nahin jo kiya jata hai….pyaar woh hai jo khud ho jata hai…

Pyaar k liye kabhi jiya nahin jata…pyaar khud jeena sikha deta hai…”

The above was the starting stanzas of one of my Hindi article on love. Those were my college days when I developed my passion for writing articles for different magazines. Out of many articles I wrote, the above was one of them, for which I won the credentials from one of the editors of the magazine. Each and every day I developed the writer in me, as I wanted to be more particular and perfect on my words.

My writings won many hearts, who were the good readers of my articles in magazines. I usually got many comments and worst critics too on my articles. I took the critics in a positive sense & developed the incomplete aspect in it.

At that time, my character was of a bindaaz type girl, a tomboyish who bothered nothing in life. Due to my character, I made up friends easily with whom I met, or it doesn’t matter wherever I went I never had a lack of friends & friendships.

I was a frequent user of social networks like FB, WhatsApp, Orkut, hike, etc. I loved chatting and hanging out with friends whenever time permitted. During those days, maybe due to youth college goer’s mind I had a lot many friends on social networks whom I had never seen or known, but the social networks always connected them as good friends for me.

Like everyone else, I also had a special friend, who was a great admirer of my articles. He was special for me, not because he was handsome or had a handful of the treasury. The way he developed a speciality in me, made him always special in my life. He never disclosed his name or any details, so I named him “Mr. Unknown.”He was the one with whom I started my day with a peep in WhatsApp, saying “GM, have a good day” & winded up in the night with “GNSD.” We shared together our whole day schedule & happenings through chats, which added more specialties in our friendship.

Days and years flew ahead, we developed a great feeling for each other. I was always keen & excited to meet Mr. Unknown. But he was the one, who always expressed his shyness for the meeting. As usual, he answered, “Sure Julie, why not? One day will meet.”

Sometimes due to his behavior, I doubted him as I was worried about many internet frauds & forgeries going on. But every next moment, I was cleared by Mr. Unknown as he was a good mind reader. We always deeply respected each other. We had a great time together on chats & calls. We made fun, laughed out & shared flirty jokes, etc with each other. Despite several requests, he never shared his snaps or any details with me. His reply was as usual, “my dear I will tell you everything about my face to face.”

After passed out my degree, I got involved in searching job. I was an average student, even though I faced lots of difficulties during my studies, it was quite easy for me to bag a better job. I still remember the day, when I went for my first job interview at Admirror Publishers and got selected. I was glad and had no words for my Mr. Unknown, who remarkably made my professional career. The day before going for this interview I had only his few words of encouragement with me, which brought up my talking will power thus enabling to bag this job offer.

Now, I can’t deny that I was truly in love with Mr. Unknown. I stressed more on meeting him & getting his full details. But as usual, still, he answered the same, “Sure Julie, will meet, the time has not come. I will inform you about it.”

Sometimes I wondered why he delayed our meeting. Anyhow, I made up my patience & said to myself, “Julie, tolerance….he will come.”

Almost 8 years of our relation passed out, by now my parents were busy searching a better marriage alliance for me. Day by day my worries increased, as I didn’t know anything about Mr. Unknown, whether he would accept or leave me after we met. As of such to date, he never proposed to me or said if he loves me or not.

Ultimately, my parents fixed my marriage with one of my Dad’s Close friend’s son. I didn’t have the courage to inform about Mr. Unknown to my parents. Also, I felt, what should I introduce them to him, because I didn’t know his name, address, profession, etc. I admit that I only knew that without knowing anything I loved him blind and blank.

I tried to reach Mr. Unknown by the way of messaging and also tried calling him on his mobile, which was not reachable as I wanted to inform him everything about my marriage and get a conclusion from him. But I failed to reach him, as he did not respond to any of my messages in any of the social networks connected. This made me very upset and disappointed. I decided not to talk to him further. As my brain was confused with the heart, it was difficult for me to accept. I lost my sleep as my engagement was nearing by some days. I did all possible ways to contact Mr. Unknown but he didn’t respond to any of it.

I was hurt badly by this behavior. Finally, I got engaged to Vihan, as decided by my parents. I was engaged but my heart always melted whenever I thought about Mr.Unknown. It was difficult for me to accept my engagement with Vihan. I decided not to give up as my heart somewhere intruded me, some sort of unpleasant situation must have happened to Mr. Unknown, maybe due to which he is not reverting me.

So, I took the help of one of my IT computer software friends (Sahil) to trace Mr. Unknown. Anyhow, he could manage to find some details about Mr. Unknown even though not much in detail. I & Sahil decided to meet in the evening to reach our goal, “Mission Mr. Unknown.”

We reached a village called ‘Kheregaon’ after traveled over the miles journey. We found there a homely palace, named “Paradise.” We saw a physically handicapped young man there, sitting in his wheelchair with a cup of tea on the table & a maiden serving him. That person had lost both of his legs & hands. I felt pity for this guy. Sahil moved further & asked him details about Mr. Unknown. When he spoke I was surprised the voice was of Mr. Unknown. By now, I realized the truth.

Mr. Unknown narrated his self-story to us… He was a military soldier, a few days back in one of his mission he lost both his legs and hands. Now, he disclosed the true reason behind not contacting me again. He said, “ My name is Lt. Col Shankar. I am Mr. Unknown to you. I was taken up by your articles writings, but believe me, I never loved you or will be able to love you. I can’t marry anyone or give them a life, as you see me I am leading a miserable life. But I am happy with my life. Yeah, Julie, I do respect you as a writer and as my special friend. I will always respect you. Your parents are right, go ahead with their decision. I will never exist in your life anymore, please live a peaceful married life.”

On listening to him, It was shocking for me but I developed a special feeling for this great man at this moment. I begged him to accept me, but he didn’t turn up. He said to Sahil, “Please take her away from here. A bright future is waiting for her.” Then he pleaded me, “Julie, if you truly love me, then accept whatever I said wholeheartedly. Vihan is a perfect guy for you, marry him. I am sure you will be happy ever.”

I returned with my broken heart at that moment. I respect Mr. Unknown for whatever he did for me. He is in me always. He taught me, love, how to love myself, and the people around me. Today, I love myself, my soulmate, my children & my family. Mr. Unknown is no more, but he does exist in me, in my soul still, which keeps me bold and alive always. I salute & RIP Mr. Unknown.


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