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Gagandeep Singh

Drama Crime Thriller


Gagandeep Singh

Drama Crime Thriller

Mohini The Charmer

Mohini The Charmer

15 mins 129 15 mins 129

It was 2330 hours on 12 Feb 2008 and Rashid was still awake and alert as ever. He was travelling in Mumbai Rajdhani train No 12951 going to New Delhi. The past few days had been very hectic for him as this was his second trip in the same train this week. Mohini pretended to be sleeping and Rashid knew this as she had been under watch for last few months. Near to her were some government officials travelling to New Delhi for a conference. Unknown to them Mohini was actually listening to what they were discussing. It has been the routine for last one week and since these officials were being followed by Mohini, Rashid was travelling too.

 Mr Anthony said, "It's been rude of the defence minister to have refused the proposal of Navy to order new fighter jets for Virat."

Prompt came the reply from Mr Subramanium, "Virat is being decommissioned shortly, why should we invest in this ship now?"

Mr Anthony further said, "Yes, I am aware but the aircraft could have been used for the new Aircraft carrier we are going to buy from Russia very soon."


Mohini meanwhile was feeling elated to get this vital information as nobody was aware by then that Russia's aircraft carrier is being finalised. She was recording the conversation through the camera hidden inside her purse and kept in a position to record these two officials. Mr Subramanium and Mr Anthony were working in the defence ministry from last 15 years and were presently working for Naval projects. They were together for the last few years and had developed a good friendship bond and Mohini was well aware of the same.

It was time for Mohini to throw her trap. She got up and pretended as if she was unable to get down from the upper birth and asked for help. Mr Anthony was prompt in helping her and Mohini new from his eyes that he has a liking towards women and ensured that he is allowed to touch her and thus the trap was successful and Mohini knew it was time to join them. She came back from the washroom and requested them if she could sit on their birth for some time as she was feeling a little dizzy and want to sit straight for some time. As expected Mr Anthony offered his berth. Mohini started talking to Anthony and true to her expertise the phone numbers were exchanged between the two, within minutes. Mr Anthony who was a widower and Mohini was well aware of his loneliness and his attraction towards women. Probably, the reason for his selection by Mohini was based on his vulnerability.

After some time Mohini moved to her upper birth duly assisted by Mark (Anthony's, first name told to Mohini). Anthony was feeling as if he had hit a eureka moment that such a beautiful girl had started liking him and his efforts to remain fit had paid him, after all, he was smart and handsome and at 5 feet 10 inches with such athletic built and muscles, any girl would fall for it. Meanwhile, Mr Subramanium was feeling dejected on Anthony's behaviour, but he kept quiet.

Once Mohini went up, the conversation restarted between the two of them. Anthony was still in her thoughts when Mr Subramanium reminded about the meeting they had at the headquarters. Mr Anthony unwillingly but knowing the importance of the agenda tomorrow came back to his senses. Mr Subramanium wanted to discuss and prepare themselves well as the meeting was being presided over by the Raksha Rajya Mantri. The conversation went all till late night and they discussed all the details. Mohini meanwhile recorded everything and was feeling elated on the information she now has to be passed to her handler, Maj Jhangir of intelligence corps back in Pakistan. It was her first major information to be passed and she knew this will build the confidence among the ISI and more importantly her family at Bhatan village near Lahore would get some good remuneration for this info when passed. Once the two gentlemen slept, Mohini, slowly took out her camera and transferred the information on her phone.

Watchful Rashid was keeping a hawk-eye on her all this while. He was on the upper side birth adjacent to their compartment. Rashid was following her from the last few months and knew what she was up to. He had enough evidence against her being an enemy operative but she was allowed to continue since the IB had instructed Rashid to get to know her real reason here. Today, probably Mohini had shown her real interest. But this was not about knowing project after all the details of the projects and proposals are always available in the open domain, but yes but the time and country providing may help a little. Rashid was thinking all this when the voice of Chai Wala (Tea Hawker) came. Rashid took tea as he had to prepare his notes to be forwarded to the headquarters.

At 0600 hours, Mr Anthony got up and went to the washroom. Mohini thought it was the right time to have a second chance to get closer. She followed him and as he came out of the washroom, she knowingly touched him and apologised for the same. Mr Anthony showing a true gentleman spirit said: "not at all miss, pleasure is mine". As expected Mr Anthony waited for Mohini to come out on the pretext of smoking a cigarette. Mohini also stood there to talk to him. They started the conversation and Anthony mesmerised by the charm of this beautiful lady divulged all about him and his job. Mr Anthony like a child in his first love told her about his native place Kerala, his childhood, his education and how he from a small village became a clerk and then with his hard work and dedication, today had reached to the level of Deputy Director in Defence procurement. Till now he gave out information which was common and probably known in the open domain. The charisma of love made him lose himself. Mohini, on the other hand, was grabbing the information with both hands and an occasional touch here and there was working beautifully. The trap was set and Anthony got entangled. Rashid also came out on the pretext of going to the washroom and checked the two in between but didn't stop there for avoiding Mohini's attention. Meanwhile, the two of them decided to meet during dinner time as they were staying in the same hotel. Mohini was well trained for this job.


Mr Subramanium meanwhile was awake and finalising their notes when Anthony and Mohini both came back to their seats laughing and talking to each other. Mr Subramanium who was the Director in the same branch felt irritated with the kind of loose character Mr Anthony was showing but since he knew Mr Anthony being alone thought that probably Anthony is longing for a female companion and maybe she became the same for him.


They all got down at Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway station at 1030 am. Mr Anthony offered Mohini lift but Mohini refused by saying that she had to meet someone before coming to the hotel. The lover boy felt dejected but then he knew that they were meeting for dinner, so he didn't insist in any future.


During the afternoon session at the meeting, the key decisions on the next Naval projects were discussed at length. The meeting was for three days since a lot of pending and future projects were to be discussed.


Mohini on the other hand, went to her Indian contact at Sadar Bazar to pass on the information to his handler. The Pak operatives were trained not to pass the information directly as the Mobile phones may be monitored by the Indian agencies. Thus, the codes were made and only specialised people were allowed to pass the information back to their handlers sitting in Pakistan. Actually, they learnt from the mistake which they did last year and 'The mobile Debacle' as mentioned in the ISI records. (The details of the same are mentioned in one of the chapters ahead.)

Rashid was following every tail of Mohini and the records of all her contacts were being marked and kept under surveillance. She had a huge network in most of the cities in India and thus Intelligence Bureau was keen on keeping vigil on Mohini before she is caught and taken under custody to get the maximum information. In order to ensure that Mohini does not get a hint, not even a single arrest was done within her network. Few of the associates of these link men were apprehended but not due to her involvement but money laundering and local fight cases.


Mohini reached the hotel at 4 o'clock and took a hot water shower to release her tiredness of the last few days. She had been travelling a lot and barely got time to sleep. (Her latest task of finding the details of naval projects had made her travel and plan a lot. Though after Mr Anthony's getting into her trap, she knew that the task was easier now.)

She was in her thoughts about her family and how she got engulfed into this espionage job of her's when she heard the doorbell. It was seven o'clock and she was not expecting anybody. She took out her gun and went to the door immediately to see who had come. She got relaxed on seeing a housekeeper girl carrying a bouquet. She knew who would have sent these. She opened the door and took them graciously from the housekeeper. Mr Anthony was really interested in her and now it was her time to return the gesture at the dinner. She wore a beautiful black dress for dinner. The charm of Mohini was required to be at her best so as to ensure that she gets the required information and documents from Mr Anthony within next two days. The information was time critical as per the message received by her today at Sadar Bazar.


At sharp 8' o clock, Mr Anthony was there at the table he had booked for tonight. He was totally lost in Mohini's beauty...and what does he see...the black dress which Mohini was wearing made her look stunning and Mr Anthony could not believe his luck. "Mr Anthony please stop embarrassing me, by looking at me like this." Said Mohini. But Mr Anthony could barely think and open jaw of his was making his intentions very clear. Mohini came closer and shook hands and literally had to press hard to get Mr Anthony back to today's time.

Mr Anthony, himself was handsome too and his blue well-stitched suit with a flower pin and a matching tie and handkerchief well set on the top pocket would make any girl fell for him. Mr handsome pulled the chair for the lady and Mohini sat elegantly. Her pseudo Uncle and Aunt at home had trained her for this kind of a moment where she had to showcase her elegance and class. Mr Anthony was still not in his complete controlled sense when the waiter interrupted him by placing the drinks menu in front of the lady and him.

"What drink would you prefer for tonight, sir?" Asked Rashid. It was amazing to see, how Rashid could change his appearance and role play. But why not, after all, he has been in the field job for the last ten years and has been able to crack the charm and evil aims of the enemy operatives a number of times now.

Mr Anthony taking a clue from the bold attire of her guest asked Mohini, Would you prefer Red wine, my lady?" She knew it was important for her to take part in this totally to make Anthony drink as much as possible to get what she had come from, so she said, "Yes, that would be fine."

The evening was going well for all three of them. Anthony could have his chance of feeling the lady during the dance. Mohini could make Anthony talk about his meeting today and Rashid could ascertain Mohini's intentions. Meanwhile, Mr Anthony's room was being bugged for ensuring that the critical information what he passes should be known to Rashid and his bosses in time. Rashid with his experience knew that Mohini's room would either be under check by her associates or she would have bugged her room to know if someone had tried something in her room. The spies are generally known to be experts in the use of these gadgets which enable them to work ahead of them.

Meanwhile, Mr Anthony totally lost in his mesmerised guest of honour today had drunk enough and it was time for Mohini to take him to his room for getting the necessary information. However, Mr Anthony was yet to crack completely and was not spilling out the details. Anthony wanted Mohini to come closer and pulled her towards him. Mohini knew this very well and had to go beyond her own self previously too and in the name of her family's comfort, she had been going to the bed with her targets. She undressed herself and took Anthony to the bed and ensured that Anthony speaks up in detail about all the projects. After having a good time, Anthony went to deep sleep but Mohini had to make notes, lest she forgets. She was trying to remember each and everything Anthony had spoken till now. She thought that she had got everything and it was time for her to leave her friend and move back to her room. But then she heard, Mr Anthony murmuring something in his sleep about some operations in the gulf. She tried to make him speak but could not. She had to stay back now till at least the morning to get to know, what Anthony was trying to say.


In the morning, Mr Anthony woke up in delight as if he had achieved a major milestone in his life... and above all the majestic Mohini was still in her bed. He felt like a king who won the biggest battle of his life. Mohini was sleeping and Anthony lost in her love was making plans about their life, marriage, honeymoon, trips abroad...he was totally engrossed in her thoughts.


When Mohini woke up she tried every bit of her charm to make Anthony divulge something about Gulf, but Anthony was only lost in his life long plans with Mohini. After breakfast, Mr Anthony left for the meeting but not before finalising the plans for the evening. Mohini, on the other hand, had to send the information about the projects and their status. She got ready and left the hotel. She was continuously under the watchful eyes of Rashid, who followed her in Connaught Place, where she went in the underground market. This was a new place and Mohini was going for the first time in the last few months she had been under surveillance. She went to a mobile shop and on the pretext of buying earphones passed on the information by hiding in the box and telling the shopkeeper, Hamid to keep it separately and that she would come to buy it tomorrow. This was an indication that something more is required to be done here and that she has more information to be extracted from her target here.

After that, she went straight to the hotel. By now Rashid and his team were well aware that Mohini is not equipped with the latest gadget to find bugs and they planted a camera in her room too...


Mohini came to her room and she tried as expected to find out if something is hidden, the usual drill for all spies. She ordered for lunch in her room and as expected Rashid came to deliver it. She was continuously making some notes and Rashid wanted to know what she was making. The camera and the mikes were not helping. Rashid was very clever and went in with some flowers to ensure that she allows him to enter the room. Initially, Mohini asked him to leave the tray but then the servings were prepared in such a way that he had to come inside for setting the table and of course the flowers. Rashid an expert in his field, clicked photos of the paper notes with his spy camera fixed in his spectacles. Mohini tried to remove the papers as soon as possible but not before Rashid could get some photos. Later when Rashid read the notes, he found that Fiza, was her real name and that she loved her family a lot and actually wanted to go back to her country.

In the evening, Mr Anthony organised dinner at a famous Chinese restaurant in Connaught Place itself, since he didn't want to go very far from the hotel and wanted to spend as much time as possible with Mohini. The ravishing beauty knew what her task was and today also she dressed to kill Anthony who was already mad in her love. At the restaurant, Mr Anthony gave her a beautiful ring...dedicated a song for her and even danced with her.

Mohini knew the trap had worked but still, the information about Gulf which had kept her here was yet to be divulged. But as luck was favouring her, Mr Anthony got a call from his boss and he was talking to him about Gulf. She could barely understand what they discussed but then she had an opening towards making him talk. Mohini pretending to be concerned about Anthony's safety asked him, "I hope you are not going to Gulf, it's not safe, I hear a lot of bad things in the news".

"Oh no, not at all," prompt came the reply from Mr Anthony. "It was just that we were planning to send some of our newly bought frigates from Russia directly to the Gulf for some operations. I told you I don't go for operations."

And by the time they had dinner like a puppet in control of Mohini, Mr Anthony unknown to her real self, spoke about everything about today's meeting and even more about the past and future plans of his department. After dinner, cuddling like a teenager, he walked to the hotel with Mohini. Continuously talking and bragging about his work and Mohini, on the other hand, was happy to know so many details. After all, she was going to be paid as per the information she is going to send back home. Today, it was, in fact, her biggest espionage work and she had important information about the plans of Indian Government to support Iran, much against the wishes of so-called superpowers of the west. In the lift of the hotel, Mr Anthony was kissing and playing around with Mohini when the lift stopped at 5th floor instead of the 9th floor, where they had their rooms. Like a blitzkrieg, came the Indian agents and caught both of them. Even before they realised what has hit them, they both were taken to an unknown place.


Mohini or we should say Fiza had to open up and speak about her known and unknown facts...Rashid and his team had done a good job...they had all her details and even the conversation on the dinner table today was recorded. The case of espionage by an enemy agent was being framed on Mohini...but does she get punished during the trial or Intelligence Bureau had different plans...

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