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Drama Romance


Mouna M

Drama Romance

Mohan's Love Story

Mohan's Love Story

13 mins

The story is that of a typical love story with a difference. Please don't come to conclusions, it's not taken from a Bollywood movie.

Here's Meera from a typical South Indian family falling in love with his mother's best friend's cousin sister's son, Mohan. It all happened over a marriage where both the families were invited.

The actual story begins now. Meera was carrying the flower basket in her hand and accidentally toppled over Mohan who was totally immersed in playing games on his mobile. Don't jump to conclusions, please wait.... Meera immediately apologized to Mohan and gave her hand to Mohan who tried to get up from the floor, instead, fell on Meera who shrieked on hearing which Mohan told her to shut her mouth as it hurt his ears. Few relatives came down to see what had happened and on seeing both of them lying down in the flower bed, laughed and helped them to get on to their feet. Meera cleaned up the floor by picking the flowers while Mohan, instead of helping her, kept on staring at her. He had never seen a beautiful girl so close to him in his life. He enjoyed looking at her confused state of mind picking up the flowers from the floor. She was holding her half saree in one hand and picking up the flowers in the other. In between, she was trying to push her long tresses of hair behind her ears, which was adorned with the beautiful earrings adding on to Meera's beauty. Mohan, how much ever he tried, couldn't take his eyes off her. Meera on the other hand picked up the flower basket and without even paying attention to Mohan was about to leave the scene when Mohan, not wanting to miss the chance, called out for her and handed over the rose to her. She just told thanks and walked away.  Mohan thought of asking her name, and was about to stop her, but as she left in a hurry, he could not do that.

Unable to come out of the trance, he felt as if this was the first time it had happened in his life, feeling that could not be explained, but only experienced. He started walking again leaving his mobile on the floor. Meera had forgotten to wear her slippers from the scene, she rushed back to the same place and wore her slippers and saw Mohan's mobile and picked it up. She cleaned it and came out of the hall in search of him and saw him talking to his friends.  She went near him and handed over the phone. It was a pleasant surprise for Mohan who was telling his friend about the flowers incident and then it was like a fairy walking towards him and handed over the phone. It all happened within a fraction of a second.

 He came out of his dream, when his friend patted his shoulder. Mohan told him that this was the girl of his dreams, and his friend immediately called out "Meera" to which she turned back and smiled at Mohan's friend. As she approached Mohan's friend, Mohan felt as if he was in seventh heaven. He loved the innocence in Meera's eyes. When she walked past him, he could smell the fragrance of flowers. He just did not even blink for a second. He was totally lost. Mohan's friend spoke to Meera and she in turn asked about the whereabouts about his sister as she was his sister's best friend who was married off recently.  Mohan spoke to himself, "what a sweet voice, imagine if she could sing, I would just melt like a candle. " His thoughts became a reality when one of the relatives urged Meera to sing as part of the marriage tradition. 

Mohan was bowled over not only by Meera's beauty, but also by her mellifluous voice. He was totally lost in his own world, brought back by the applause for Meera in appreciation of her singing. Mohan asked his friend about Meera and her house address. His friend told him that she belonged to an orthodox family and that her parents were already on a look out for a suitable alliance for Meera. Mohan felt a little disappointed after hearing this. He just prayed to God in his mind that Meera was the only girl whom he would marry and no one else in his life.

It was lunch time, and the relatives had already lined up in the queue. Meera and others chipped in for help in serving food. Mohan got busy transferring things to the marriage hall, but still Meera's thought was lingering on in his mind. Mohan had to drop few relatives also home, which he did out of compulsion. While driving back to the marriage hall, he stopped by at a place wherein an elderly person had fallen down, and no one was ready to hospitalize him. Mohan, without wasting any minute, picked him up and dropped him to the hospital. The elderly person had lost consciousness, so Mohan took out that elderly person's phone from the pocket and dialed the first number. On receiving a positive response from the other side, Mohan waited for the respondent. Mohan's stomach was growling too, but then he controlled it by drinking water. The elderly person's respondent came to the hospital emergency room, and introduced himself as a close relative of him. He thanked Mohan for helping out. Mohan just replied that was his duty and left to the marriage hall.

 As soon as he entered the dining hall, his eyes were searching for Meera who was having her lunch. He washed his hands and made sure that he sat right in front of her. Meera was busy talking to her aunt about the marriage preparations. Mohan coughed and sneezed to catch her attention, but Meera never paid attention. Mohan's friend pitched in to help. He came and sat next to Mohan and started talking to Meera. Meera responded to him, and gave a weird look to Mohan. That was enough for Mohan. He started slipping down into his own dream world when his friend called out his name. Mohan thanked his friend, because of whom Meera had seen him at least once. His friend laughed at him and said that the leaf was empty and that the server had not served him anything, and Mohan had started mixing everything and had started to eat virtually all in the name of Meera. Mohan felt appalled for a while, but momentarily, felt relieved after looking at Meera who was washing her hands. Mohan's friend was concerned about him and his intensity of love towards Meera, which she was totally unaware of. He just wanted everything to go on fine with Mohan as he was a gem of a person too.

After the late night rituals, everyone retired to bed while Meera wanted someone to drop her home. Mohan was observing everything. With the help of his friend, who convinced Meera to go along with Mohan who would drop her home, Mohan's feet were swept off the ground. He opened the front door, but Meera closed it and sat at the back seat. Mohan felt happier as he could see Meera's face in the rear view mirror. Mohan was just not in his senses. He was admiring her beautiful face and came back to senses when she told him to stop at her house. She wished him good night and thanked him for dropping her. He just smiled back at her. Before even he could wish her good night, she had left. He saw her long plait with flowers and grinned to himself. He just prayed if at all she loved him, she would turn back. Well, to his luck, she came running towards the car. Mohan was overjoyed to see her running towards him. She opened the back door and told him that she had forgotten to carry her mobile and walked away. Mohan was pissed off, just for a while, because he thanked God who somehow made Meera look back, or in fact, ran back to him.

On reaching his home, Mohan found it very hard to sleep overnight. He got ready early morning in the pretext of dropping her mother off to the marriage hall. His eyes were desperately seeking Meera. He searched everywhere, but couldn't find her.

Mohan called his friend, who informed him that one of the relatives had got sick and that's why half of the marriage hall was empty including Meera. Mohan felt bad and scolded the relative who got sick in his mind and walked towards the dining hall. His eyes shone brightly on looking at his dream girl, Meera, who was packing breakfast into a box. She looked mesmerizing in white saree with a red border. She had tied her hair up in a bun. No ornaments at all, yet simple, but beautiful!! He uttered. Meera turned towards him and asked him what, Mohan replied nothing at all and sat down to have breakfast while Meera moved past him. Mohan's eyes followed her till the exit door and was woken up by the bearer's voice who asked him before serving. He was about to get up, but was pulled back by his friend. Mohan's friend told him that as one of the family's close relative had got sick, they were on the verge of postponing the marriage. Mohan felt disturbed and wanted to talk to Meera about his feelings, but his friend advised him against it as this wasn't the right time.

As told by Mohan's friend, the marriage got postponed, and how much ever he tried, Mohan couldn't get to see Meera in the marriage hall. He just did all the other chores half heartedly. He thought of visiting Meera's house, but since it was already late, he drove towards home and as he was exhausted with the day's work, he slept, or rather overslept till late morning the next day.

He woke up with a headache and looked at his mobile, there were 10 missed calls from his friend who was a common friend to both Meera and him.  

Mohan called him immediately, as there was no response. He washed his face and asked his mother for a cup of coffee as he was having a bad headache. His mother gave him coffee and before sipping, he tried to call his friend again, it got connected. What? he spilled the coffee on his T shirt. He was devastated on hearing from his friend that Meera's family had to relocate in the morning because of her close relative's illness. Mohan's friend had called him in the morning to inform him about it, but since Mohan had overslept, he could not pick his call up.  His friend kept on talking to Mohan, who sat down fully shaken. Mohan's mother observed all this and came near him and asked him as to what was the matter. Mohan got up and walked towards his room, without even paying attention to his mother. This was worrisome to Mohan's mother as she had never seen him like this before.

Mohan splashed water onto his face several times, but he couldn't make out whether it was water or tears dripping down his cheeks. He locked his room and hid himself in his pillow and started crying. He couldn't bear the pain of not seeing Meera anymore. He had planned to visit her house with a flower bouquet and he just wanted to express his feelings to her. He loved her more than anything else in the world. Now that she had relocated, he had lost the chance to meet her. This thought itself made him go mad. He didn't come out of his room for lunch. His mother forcefully fed him dinner. Mohan fell asleep soon as he was crying for Meera throughout the day.

Mohan decided to meet his friend the next day and went to his office. Mohan wanted to know to which place Meera had relocated. His friend said that it was a village called Kollegal, near Mysore. He took Meera's phone number and thanked his friend for helping him out. Mohan saved her number, and called her non-stop and got agitated on getting no response from Meera's side. He hit the steering hard out of anger, due to which the car wouldn't start. He called out for his garage friend who towed the vehicle to garage. As the car was being repaired, Mohan started seeing his mobile. Surprisingly, there was a video of his first meeting with Meera, remember the flower basket. His phone had fallen down, and it had started recording from the time Mohan had fallen on Meera till the time she had picked it up and cleaned the screen and gave it back to him. He was very happy to see that. He had seen the video more than twice. The garage person handed him a small purse and a handkerchief, which had fallen in the back seat. Mohan immediately recognised it was Meera's.

His happiness knew no bounds when he opened the small purse, there were those beautiful earrings, which she had worn the first time he had seen Meera. Maybe she had left it in the car while he dropped her home the other day, he thought. He thanked the garage friend and paid him double the amount, and left to his house.

He was in a very happy mood. He hugged his mother and had lunch with her. He went to his room and kept on dreaming about Meera with her purse in his hand. His mother came inside his room, and saw the purse in his hand. She closed the door and came out.

The next morning, Mohan's mother told him that they were going to her friend's house for an alliance. Mohan was speechless because he had never disclosed to her that he had fallen in love with Meera and had wanted to marry her. After his father's death, Mohan's mother had brought him up single handedly, so he couldn't even say no to her. He just got ready with a pale face.

Mohan and his mother were welcomed by her friend. Mohan was not at all interested about it and just sat there for his mother's sake. The girl came and served juice and snacks, Mohan wouldn't even lift his head. His mother told their family that Mohan was a very shy person by birth and that's why he wasn't looking at the girl. Mohan, half heartedly, finished the snacks. The girl's mother told him to meet the girl and talk to her, Mohan looked at his mother and nodded his head, but on seeing her gesture, he got up and walked towards the girl's room.

He entered the room and wouldn't lift his head. He took out Meera's purse and opened it so that he could catch a glimpse of the earrings. He was so immersed looking at the earrings that he didn't even notice the girl entering the room. She tried her best speaking to him, but he was in his own dream world. He decided that he would blurt out all his feelings about Meera and that he wasn't interested in this alliance.

Mohan spoke about all his bottled up emotions to that innocent girl. He apologized to her and was about to walk towards the door, when he was interrupted by a mesmerizing voice, "those earrings belong to me." Mohan dropped the purse on the floor and looked up. He couldn't believe what he saw. His dream girl, right in front of her asking back for her earrings. He pinched himself to find out if it was all real, yes it was. He picked up the purse and took out the earrings. He handed over the earrings on her extended palm and looked straight into her eyes, knelt down and told her those three magical words,........ Meera took the earrings and ran away from there without even turning back.

Mohan came out of the room in search of his mother. She's the one, he thought, to have made it all possible. He walked towards her only to be stopped by the person whom he had admitted that day, he was Meera's uncle. Meera's uncle thanked him immensely for helping him out that day and told him that he was the best choice that Meera could ever get. Mohan's mother called out for him and told him to take his blessings. In the meantime, Meera also came out, and both Meera and Mohan took his blessings.

On receiving his blessings, they both got up and Mohan's mother, held Meera's hand in her's and gave it to Mohan. She told Meera that she is handing over her son to Meera in hopes that she wouldn't lose him like how she had lost her purse in the car. The house was full of laughter as Mohan's friend came in with a box of sweets. Meera fed Mohan first and Mohan fed Meera, she just couldn't face the love in Mohan's eyes and quickly moved back. Mohan whispered to her that without knowing the answer from her, he wouldn't marry her..I think you all can take a guess now as to what was Meera's reply to Mohan........

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