Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Anamika Acharjee

Drama Romance


Anamika Acharjee

Drama Romance

Misunderstanding ( A- 1 )

Misunderstanding ( A- 1 )

22 mins


" Your coffee sahara, just the way you like it. I will go ahead and attended the customers let me know if you need anything." Said Jouashri with a smile.

Joyashri is my school time friend. We were like sisters. We always wanted to open our coffee shop where people can enjoy nice coffee with the books they love to read. So it's a coffee house plus library. But we were really busy with our lives to do such thing. But when I got divorced I opened my coffee shop and soon Jouashri joined me. At first it was a little shop but now it's famous in city Y. My grandmother's secret ingredients magic has helped us earn name and fame in city Y. We have named our shop " coffee heaven". It's a really popular place for couples where they sit and gossip without getting disturbed.

We have 16 people working for us still Joy (Jouashri) likes to roam around cause she likes to make sure nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect. Joy went inside the kitchen but I don't feel like working so I picked up my favorite book from the shelf and went at the table which is beside a big glass window at the last row. Now I want some me time. I have my poem book and my best coffee nothing can ruin my mood.

" Sahara long time no see. How are you? " and this simple statement has proved how wrong I was. I looked up to see that obvious face. The owner of the voice whom I can recognize with my closed eyes,Asad Rai chand, my ex-husband. He sat on the opposite chair. His eyes lost their color, looks like he has not shaved for days, the comb has given him divorce after me and there are fine darklines under his eyes looks like someone is having insomnia.

" What are you doing in city Y Asad?" After our divorce, I heard he went to city K to enjoy his freedom and good life with his love Anna ( yes she is the reason of our divorce. Long story will tell you later). So what is he doing here? Did Anna kick him out of her life? Or they got married? Wait why am I even thinking that doesn't matter to me anymore.

" we meet after 4 years sahara and that's all you want to ask? Don't you want to know how I am? Where was I? How was I? What was I doing? " his voice broke a little at the end and his eyes got a bit red. He looks tired. Ankita came to give him his coffee. I waited for the her to leave us alone. When she left I laughed bitterly. 

" And you still think that matters to me " poor boy still thinks I care for him or has anything to do with him. I said coldly " The thing which was between us it's over Asad. Four years ago we have buried our relationship for ever and sorry but I don't like to dig graves. So, I really don't care about you ". He was silent for a bit than told in a broken voice " I miss you sahara. I did say we can remain friends." and after our divorce thats the last thing that I don't want to hear from him. For me it's like attending school after graduation. And I have something important to talk about I hate those people who miss me. Do you think I am crazy?? Well people always miss me when they have some work for me. So I snapped " Really, but why? You have plenty of people who can take better care of you." Ok I sound like a jealous freak, so to change the conversation I asked " speaking of care how is Momo doing?". I took a sip of my coffee to avoid eye contact.

"Momo had an accident " Momo is what he calls his grandmother. The only person about whom I still care about he continued " she fell from stairs last week and got injured pretty badly and was unconscious for 2 days when she got her sense the first person she wanted to meet was you. She forgot our divorce. Doctor said she has short term memory loss and has forgotten 4 years of her life. And if we try to stress her she may go in comma forever. " we remained silent for a long time.

" That means she forgot we got divorced and no longer stay together." I asked hoping things are not that bad but he nodded confirming my fears. " I am so sorry to hear that Asad. I hope she gets well soon." That explains his current condition. After his parents got divorced momo raised him up as his mother got married again and his father never had time for him so he is very much close to his momo.

" sahara please help me...I need you. She is not eating anything not taking her medicine just sitting near the window waiting for you." and I was thinking he came over because he missed me. See I told you people miss me because they have work for me not that they love me, he continued "I told momo that you went home and would come back in a month. And hearing that she agreed to eat a little but if you don't show up soon she will get more ill, for momos health please come back home. I promise you don't have to act for long and everything will be done legally you like it. I will fulfill your every demand and give you eveything you ask. Just help me out, please. Do it for momo please. As soon as momo gets little better you are free to go."I don't like it but I have to think about it. Cause its momo we are discussing about.

" Give me some time Asad let me think about it. I need time." He nodded took a napkin wrote his number in it and told " call me when you decided. I will be waiting." He paid the bill and walked out. I sat there sillently staring at the open book lost in deep thoughts. That jerk is back in my life again. But I guess I have to keep my personal feelings away and think about it cause right now momos health is my first priority. 

I told joy that I was not feeling well and went to my favorite spot in the city park from where I can watch the evening sky pretty nicely. I sat on the bench all alone thinking what should I do.After thinking sometime I took the mobile dailed his number told " Tommorow sharp at 11:30 am meet with me at Samrats house we need to talk. If I am doing this we are doing it legaly." He sounded pretty happy but I am not doing it for him. I am doing it for momo.


There is nothing more heavenly than the smell of strong coffee. You can say that I love coffee and that explains why I have a coffee shop. And for that shop I had to sell my wedding ring [ I didn't wanted to keep anything that reminded about him and I needed money badly so...]. Only I know how I survived those cold days with little money and a broken heart.

" Here is your coffee sahara " Sam's voice brought me back to reality. I took the coffee cup from him. Yes I am sitting in Samrat's private offie room. It's big room it has a glass table in the middle of the room with two large sofa kept in 'L' shape. Three large shelves full of law books and the walls are covered with various pictures of the places he has travelled and his awards are hanging proudly on his wall. 

His full name is Samrat choudhary and he is one of the best lawyer in city Y and he is the one who helped us with our divorce. He is what you call a gym guy with six pack abs and a handsome face and with the black coat he looks out of the universe. He was my neighbour when I was young and we were best friends. He meet with Asad in mid school and they were school friends. So when we both wanted divorce he was handy.

" so should I expect a wedding soon...I mean is it signal that spring is on its way get back together " I can't blame him it kind of looks like that but trust me that's not the reason so I told him " Sam right now momo's life is more important than our past. And let me tell you I don't have any romantic feeling for him those things died when he cheated on me for that air headed girl ok." I took a big sip of my coffee to calm myself down. Nothing can calm me down like coffee it's love of my life. Feelings for that jerk I don't have anything for him.

" Man that dog of yours always freaks me out, why don't you chain it." and he is ten minute late. But the moment I looked towards him I regreted for my words. Did I mentioned my ex-husband looks like a model ? No? well now you know. He shaved and comed his hair and with his black eyes and fair skin he is looking handsome. He just wore a grey V-neck T-Shirt and a black shirt over it and that color is giving him a killing look. Sam whispered to me '' I can see no effect." that's embarrasing.

" sorry man that dog is not so fond of chains whenever I try to chain him he throws a tantrum so I stopped trying." Sam apologized. " see even dogs don't like him." Get in have a seat want some coffee." Asad sat next to me, Sam brought him coffee. Man I am literally struggling with my desire to touch him. I mean he is handsome but don't worry I will get over him.

" So you are really doing this... I mean after four years are you sure you can stand each other." Sam asked in his naughty tone pointing me ofcourse so I told -" we have to Sam we don't have a choice. It's about momo." Sam nodded thoughtfully. Then pulled some papers from his drawer and then told " When sahara told me about it I made your papers in advance just read them and see if you need to do any changes." he said that in his business tone and he is very serious about his work.

Lots of official things that I don't understand. But the conditions are pretty clear to me and they are just the way I wanted them to be. let me tell you the conditions

1 This contract is for 6 month and after that this contract has no value.

2 privacy of each individual should be maintained.

3 No physical relationship [ if not necessary]

4 Both party have to stay under one roof [ In one room if necessary].

5 No one can back out before the given time.

6 No outside relationship for this period of time.

7 Alcohol cosumsion is not allowed.

8 No private questions should be asked.

9 No connection once the deal is over.

10 No emotional attachment should be there.

11 Both party have to wear wedding rings.

12 Any one who violets the rules have to pay 3 lakh to the other party.

" like always bro you did a good job I liked it " said Asad. I nodded in agreement. Sam handed Asad a pen and he signed the papers than handed them to me. Well I should let you know this is the place where I once signed on papers to get married with Asad, this is the Same place where we got our divorce and this is the Same place where we are again signing a deal. Time is great.

Well the paper work is done. We both got a copy of the contract. I am really looking forward to meet with momo. I never had a granma so when I meet with her I was really happy that I finally got a grandmother but things got really bad after our divorce and we lost contact. But soon I will meet with her again.

"So when are you moving in together? I mean you will stay at momo's house right?" asked Sam. Well yes I think we have to shift to momos house.

" As soon as sahara is ready we will move in together " answered Asad. Well I have to pack bag, give my keys to megha she can stay in my apartment for sometime Poor girl still living in basement of a rented house, I have to explain joy about my I forgetting something? No. 

" Give me 4 days so that I can do stuffs that are important and than I will be ready to help you out." I told and Asad nodded he told " Its settled than we will start living from 1/01/2020 and Sam do put the date on the contract so that we can keep it very specific." and I thought I should be worried about that.

"Well I have some work so I should leave first." Said Asad and he stood up and so did I and " Sam I will also take leave I have some work." Sam nodded towards us. His assistance walked in at that time and god all of a sudden Sam got so serious. We took our leave and came out together.

" If you don't mind can you wear this ring " he pulled out a blue box from his pocket and gave it to me. As I opened the box I got stunned its my wedding ring. where did he get it?.

" It is a replica of the real one... I noticed you don't have one and momo might notice soo.." I nodded and put that ring on and showed it to him. He said " Te Quiero.. have a good day." he sat on his car and left. I kept staring at the ring. Have I taken the right decision?


How much cloth should I take with me? I mean I am not going to live my whole life with him right. I still remember the day when I was packing to go and live with him forever....boy was I so excited but of course my happy journey came to an end soon.

Every items reminds me about him and how he cheated me. I was a foolish girl who was blindly in love with him. But thank god not any more. I should take few things with me. And of course my under wears and bras and some girly things. As I was about to put my brush inside my bag I heard my door bell ringed twice. As I went there to open the door I saw joy holding two coffee cups. 

As I took a sip of my coffee she asked -" so you are actually going back to stay with him really? Like do you really think he deserves another chance?"

And here we go again Same mistake. " See I am going for Momo only OK. I really don't care about him. I don't love him. He was a mistake OK and I don't like to repeat mistakes." I told her with a straight face. I have learned my lesson and I will not let my heart control my brain again.

" I always wanted to ask that why Asad used to call his grandma momo. I know that people call their grandma differently but why momo?" Joy asked me curiously.

" Well she told me that when Asad was a little boy she use to make lots of momo's for him cause that was his favourite dish and he for that he started to call her momo." silly little boy theory. 

" we were in the Same school but not in the Same college and you never told me how you fall in love with him in the first place. Sam told me he was a firlt in those days. And moreover, Your mom told it was a arrange marriage then how is it a love story for you ?" well my story is little embarrassing now even to me I feel like a loser and that's the reason I didn't allow anyone to know about my past. But I think its time that I should just face the truth and tell it to at least someone.

I sat with her and told" OK so after school when we split up. Sam and I we went to City Y college for further studies their Sam took political science honours and I took English Honours and their I meet with Asad the popular boy of our class. Half of the class was crazy for him. And I like a stupid started to admire him more and more but he never laid his eyes on me but I was so eager to make him notice me. I literally made Sam mad with my dreams about trying to speak with the new boy of our class. Sam told me he knows the guy and he thinks that guy is not good for me as he is a woman charmer. But of course I didn't believed him at all."

I took a long sip of coffee to calm down my jumping mind then again started to tell her -" Finally on a group project he was in my team and I was on seventh sky. He literally did no work but I was happy cause he was in the WhatsApp group and my mobile was having his number. He was quick enough to find out about my weakness for him and started taking advantage by giving me his assignment and his work but I was happy cause at least he was talking to me what else would I need then that. He use to change girlfriend like we change cloth but I was so sure that he is going to change for me. How stupid was I. After college we didn't meet for a while but I was still in love. So Sam told my father about Asad and they wanted to tie the knocks between the two families. I was on moon. I was so happy about my marriage and my new life.'' Tears came in my eye by that memory.

Joy waited for me to calm down. She hugged me for a while and we sat silently as my pain calmed down a little I continued -" 4 days after my marriage I came to know their was a huge fire in our factory and my parents got caught in the fire and that night all of a sudden I became a orphan and Asad was all I was thinking as a family. So I tried to everything so that he could like me little more. I did everything so that he could feel better. Never asked why he was late, never checked his phone, never showed my doubts on his so called girlfriends. He didn't touch me for 3 months and I thought maybe he is not ready since it's arrange marriage and not love marriage and be bearly knew me. I took care of his health , food , cloths and his little family gather together , his all family matters were my headache and I was happy cause I use to get respect from him. For his attention I even gave my parents property to him so that he knows I am very serious about the relationship. " That was my grave mistake.

My voice cracked as a lump of sadness blocked my throat. Those days are really hard to recall. joy gently rubbed my back as I choked on my tears. I sat still to let the pain numb down but it got stronger. I closed my eyes tightly and hugged joy and we sat like that for a long time finally the pain numbed down a little.

" After that he became more busy. He really use to stay at home and when I use to ask why he use to say that work load is too much and he is working hard so that he can make momo's life easy. But then he started to disappear for weeks. I was so sure he is going out for work. We spent 1 year of our life like that. It was our wedding anniversary. Everything was perfect but as I was going towards washroom I saw him on someone's arm...I was broken I comforted him and he told me the truth. That day only I decided to divorce him. Then you know what had happened." 

Joy didn't say anything we just sat silently listening the sound of the clock. She then helped me pack my bags. We took dinner together and lied down to sleep. Life is not a garden of roses but we have to walk throw it. So best of luck to me.


Today my battle will began. Yes from today I will stay with Asad in his house. So I gave my flat keys to joy so that she can pass it to megha and went Asad's house with my car. 

Nothing changed since last time. Same beautiful garden and sitting area. As I climbed down Asad himself came to welcome me. He carried my bags for me. Girls, no he is not cute. He needs my help that's why he is doing it. The drawing room is so beautiful with those luxurious sofa set. OK he is artistic and I am very bad at decorating things probably that's why I failed to decorate my own married life. 

" where is momo ? " The person for whom I am here today. He was instructing his servants something and handing them my bag , he finished his work and told " oh she went for her weekly checkup and will be back soon by that time you please be comfortable. We will be staying on our old room but don't worry we wouldn't be sleeping in the same bed. As momo is here we have to sleep in the Same room , hope that's OK with you" I nodded in agreement. Well at least we are not sleeping together its just the Same room how hard that can be ?  

The sitting room is just like a movie set I must admit he has taste. As I turned to go towards the kitchen I nearly fell cause my foot got stuck on something soft but Asad saved me on time. As I looked down to see what was it my heart stopped beating , I froze in Asad's arms and too afraid even to shout. Its his pet Bella. Did I ever mentioned that my ex husband has a royal Bengal tigress as his pet ???? No then now you know. Its a white tigress with black straps on it and I am very scared of it. If Anna is 80 percent responsible for our divorce then Bella is twenty percent responsible for our divorce. 

Out of fear I ruined his perfect blue coat as I tried to hide behind them. He softly patted my back and told " It's OK...Bella wouldn't hurt you....I wouldn't let her hurt you. Its fine don't be afraid. " he tried to comfort me with his soft and sweet voice. I am not letting him go as long as Bella is present in this room. " please tell me she doesn't sleep in your room. " I begged god for mercy and to my satisfaction, Asad said " No she has her own room so she doesn't brother's me. When I stay at office she likes to spent time in the vegetable garden. " That's a relief. I am literally on his lap cause with Bella I wouldn't even stand on the floor. " please can you stand ? Sorry but you got heavy. God ! What were you eating " human meat...he called me fat. That's really rude , you should never ever call a girl fat. I mean how is he a flirt I don't know. He has no manners I mean are those girls blind or something..... Oo reality so was I ,who am I to judge. " Tell her to leave now. " he told Bella to leave and that Missy left the room and I stood on my legs again. " sorry...your coat got wrinkled..." He waved his hand and told " o never mind it's OK. " Man his smile is dangerous.

" you love birds will never change will you ?" and that voice has made my day. Momo is back from the hospital. She has not changed a bit. Same blonde hairs and blue eyes. I ran towards her to give her a hug. She smells like garden and flowers. " I missed you momo." She smiled brightly and told " I missed you too dear. You are finally back. " she is the best person ever. 

Rest of the day I spent chatting with her. She has so much to say. She wanted to know how was my trip, how I stayed without Asad, how I didn't missed her at all, how Asad literally go crazy and wasted without me ( which is an act of course. Asad will never ever miss me cause he has Anna's lap to entertain him ). We had an early dinner cause momo needs to take medicine and rest early. I usually take a shower before bed but my things are arranged nicely by the maids and I don't know where they put my bathing products more over I am really tired to do anything. So I just combed my hairs wore a pink pajamas with ' Hello Kitty ' on it and I am ready to sleep. 

My old room where I walked in after my marriage and stayed a year without any love. It has a king size bed , a beautiful table lamp , a wall full of his travel pictures , college and school pictures and our wedding pictures ( I guess that's for momo) but I am amazed he still have those pictures....girl be real you also have these pictures in your mobile. But hey this room doesn't have extra bed or anything so where am I going to sleep ? Asad walked in wearing a red T-shirt and a black long pants ( sorry I don't know much about cloths ) but he is looking dam handsome , now I am doubting my own senses like really I thought that guy was going to love me who looks like a film star even in his night dress...that's funny. OK sahara stop staring you look like a stalker. He walked near the sofa pulled something and turned it into a bed ,( OK that's a sofa bed ) of course momo will get suspicious if she finds two beds in our room. Must say that's really a good idea. 

" You sleep on the bed I will sleep here. I have a presentation tomorrow hope the lights wouldn't disturb you ?" Well I sleep with lights on as I am afraid of darkness and in the bright light I can see if Bella decides that roasted ducks are not enough for dinner. "It's cool. Don't worry. " he nodded and sat on the bed with his laptop on his lap. I slowly walked near my bed...wait what if Bella is sitting under my bed waiting for the lights to go off. But I can't look directly I need an excuse to do that.... he is not looking so let's just take a quick glance before he notices. I bend down on all fours to look under the bed and thank god its empty  " Bella doesn't visit me often at night so relax and go to sleep " said Asad. There are times when you want the earth to break open and swallow you...yes I want that right now I am really embarrassed. I quickly got up and sat on the bed. He didn't say much so I lied down.

" Good night " I wished him covering myself with the blanket and grabbing the soft pillow. " Good night sahara " and almost after four years it happened that I wished someone good night and my voice didn't get echoed someone actually replied.... Life is not going to be that bad right ? I don't know why but I am feeling like I am home.

~ ongoing ~ 

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