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Merely For Devotees

Merely For Devotees

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Once I worked as a field manager for a reputed company. So, for that reason, I had to go outside West Bengal. That day, as usual, I had to go to Kathihar in Bihar. I had no wish of going there because my son had fallen sick in the home. As my son often suffered from various illnesses, I had taken a lot of leave from my company for the same reason. Therefore, if I had not gone that time then I might have been fired from my job. I convinced myself to be ready to go despite I was reluctant. The train to Bihar was supposed to depart at 10:00 in the night from the station. I went out before 7:00 pm from my house to catch the night train. I passed through the immoderate traffic and reached the station just at 9:45 in the night. By the time, the train didn't reach the station. It reached there at 10:10 with almost 10 minutes late.

I got on one of the bogies of the train where it was almost empty. There were few passengers in it. After 10 minutes more, the train started moving to leave the station. As soon as it left the station completely, I phoned home and inquired about the well-being of my son. I was not only worried about my son but also about my wife. After a few stations, a gentleman boarded on our bogie. He sat down on the opposite side of me. He looked like seventy years old. He had white skin and a white beard covered his whole chin. It reached up to his belly. The gentleman himself started to talk to me and I also answered all his questions.

"I am an atheist, but now everyone knows it. But I was not an atheist since my childhood." I told the gentleman that I had no faith in God. The gentleman asked me the reason for being an atheist. I told him that my son was a victim of Thalassemia disease since his birth. He had to be donated blood every month. Even my wife was paralyzed after a deadly accident that occurred a few days ago. I was plagued by various problems of life. I prayed to God many times to save me from those problems. He did not listen to my prayer. So, I did not respect him anymore. After hearing my story, the gentleman paused for a few minutes. He, interweaving my fingers said, "Then listen to the story of my life." He started.

"From my childhood, I got addicted to all the idols of Hindu Gods. When I was young, I bought the idol of God Krishna which was made of touchstone from a local fair. I worshipped him and cared for him as my own soul. Whenever people saw this, they called my father and said, "Your son will be a great theist." Every day I used to go to school after bathing and feeding the idol Krishna.

When I became a teenager, suddenly, my mother got sick. I prayed to the God whom I revered for her rapid recovery. Even I visited various temples with only one desire that my mother becomes healthy again. My father was the cashier of then zamindar. He earned enough money that he could feed a hundred people every day. During that time, the British ruled India. My father appointed a British doctor for my mother's treatment. The English doctor was an atheist. He was not at all keen on Hindu deities. He could not tolerate my devotion to God. Although initially, he did not say anything. But he could not accept it. Later, he plotted different ways so that I develop hatred against all Hindu Gods as well as Goddess. Frequently he brought many scientific books and gave me those to read. All those books were against the fundamental existence of Gods. I read them yet trusted Gods. At last, the doctor failed to make me disbelieve God.

When I got to know that my mother had diagnosed with cancer, I begged Krishna days and nights, for her life. But almighty did not hear my craving. I saw my mother suffer intolerably and subsequently died before my own eyes. I found each day unbearable and harder and harder. I couldn't sleep at night and broke down all the time. From the day of my mother's death, I changed myself completely. I developed my rage on God and became an atheist.

Almost thirteen years passed. Being an atheist, I became a successful businessman and got married. I bought a big car too. As success reached me at the top, I stopped praying to God. My boast made me forget that God cares for everyone. He never responds for an individual purpose.

One day, one incident compelled me to become a theist again. Like other days, on that particular day too, I went out on the road to reach my office in my big car. When I saw the red signal at a crossing, I tried to stop the car. I found that the brakes of my car failed. I couldn't stop it. A public bus was rushing towards me from the opposite roadside. I tried my best to push the car breaks harder. It was not in use. As closer the bus approached, the possibility of my death rose high. At that crucial moment, I did not implore God to save my life. I noticed a long narrow lane on the left side of the road. I thought that if I had driven my car into the lane then I could have survived. I tried that. But after entering my car into the lane, I saw another great danger awaiting for me.

Seven young boys were playing gully cricket in the lane. My car glided down towards them. I understood that my car was going to mow down seven young children. I cried loudly and told them to move away. But they were so absorbed in the game that they could not hear my scream. I could not stop myself, thinking about their inevitable death. I, at the moment, prayed to God. "Oh, God! Almighty! please save those innocent children."

The wicket of their cricket game was made of the stack of approximately seven to eight bricks. Eventually, a boy, with the intention to run out the batsman, threw the ball with extreme pressure aiming at the brick-wicket. The impact force of the ball hit the stack of bricks and spread them all around into the air. One of the bricks jumped out straight to the front wheel of my car. It could have gone anywhere out around the car. But for that brick, the front wheel of my car stuck onto it and it stopped there. Thus, the lives of seven young children survived. On that day, I realized that if you pray to God for something for own self, God may not allow it. But God must fulfill your prayer if you pray for the others' benefits.

I had prayed to God for my own interest. I wanted to save my mother in my childhood. But forgot that the birth and death of each human being is decided with their karma. I realized the perfect judgment of God and my atheism disappeared. I learned the truth that God is always great."

I learned about the purpose of God after listening to his stories. Before I could say something, I felt exaggerated pain in my stomach for the toilet. I tried to hold on. But I could not. I went to the toilet on the train. When I returned, I could not see the gentleman on my opposite seat. I asked about him to the rest of the passengers. They were surprised to hear me. They all told that they did not see such a gentleman. I then understood that I saw God.

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