Abhijit Chakraborty

Drama Horror


Abhijit Chakraborty

Drama Horror

Son of Satan

Son of Satan

6 mins

Manish was in a hurry to reach home, that's why he booked Uber to reach home as soon as possible. He worked in a multinational company. For almost six months he was doing night shift there. Manish was happy with his wife, Tania and five years old son. 

His wife would call at midnight for a short chat when he got some break time. Like every day, Manish received his wife's call today. But today he heard his wife was screaming over the phone. She screamed, "save me, save me". Suddenly the phone cut. It seemed someone was going to kill her. 

Manish was in deep thought. For him, a minute spent like an hour. He told the driver to hurry. 

After hearing his wife's voice, he explained it to his boss. His boss immediately allowed his leave and helped him to book the Uber. Manish reminisced his early days.

After graduation, Manish searched for a job. He very soon got this company to work in. Within six months of his job, he decided to get married to his girlfriend, Tania. They were dating each other for almost seven years. Their family also knew their love affair but Manish's parents waited until their son got a job. Everything was fine until their parents decided to visit an astrologer for their matchmaking.

Manish and Tania's parents together decided to visit the renowned astrologer to fix their wedding date. They would often visit him if any problem arose. Although Manish never believed astrologers. But Tania believed them.

When the astrologer saw Manish and Tania's birth chart, his eyebrows raised almost an inch. He looked at the parents. 

"They have minimum compatibility. In future, Tania will give birth to a son of Satan."

Manish's father had read all the scriptures. He knew what son of Satan was. His mind boggled to hear the word. He sat down on the floor holding his head. But Tania's father had no idea about it, so he wanted to know about son of Satan.

To his question, the astrologer explained, "Satan, also known as the Devil Lucifer, is an entity in the Abrahamic religions that seduces humans into sin or falsehood. In Christianity and Islam, he is usually seen as either a fallen angel or a jinn, who used to possess great piety and beauty, but rebelled against God."

"But we're Hindu," Tania's father said.

"In Hinduism, Satan is known as Asur. Tania's son won't only kill her own mother but also kill mankind," the astrologer cautioned them.

After hearing the prophecy, they decided to stop their marriage but Manish was not convinced. He consulted with a doctor to know the existence of the devil's son in reality. The doctor assured him that there was no such concept in medical science. So, he rented a house and eloped with Tania. There they secretly got married. As Tania was a firm believer, she had tried to make him understand but bound to choose what Manish wanted. Both of their parents stopped communicating with them because they secretly got married.

Two years later Tania gave birth to a child son. He was just a normal baby. After seeing his face, Tania understood all the astrologers are fake. They together lived in peace.

Almost one year later, when Manish's parents got to know their son and daughter-in-law were living happily with their grandson, nothing unnatural incident happened, they determined to visit their grandson. 

Tania was delighted to see her parents-in-law's surprise visit. They blessed the child with a gold chain and stayed there for the whole day. In the evening, when Tania and her mother-in-law were gossiping in the kitchen, they heard a deafening scream from the bedroom. They rushed into the room and found Tania's father-in-law lying on the floor. He was gasping. It seemed that he saw something weird. Tania looked at her son. He was lying on the bed and playing with himself. Manish reached the room right at the time. Immediately, he was taken to the nearby hospital and declared brought dead.

With Manish's father's mysterious death, the prophecy rose itself. Tania started doubting her son. But Manish was reluctant to believe it. From that day, every night a dog was found missing and its half-eaten carcass in the next morning.

The driver stopped the car. With a sudden stop of the engine, Manish came out of his past memories. He understood he reached his home. He had not to pay money to Uber driver as his boss had already paid online. He jumped out of the car and entered his rented house.

He ran here and there to find his wife, Tania. He could not find her. Although it was impossible to find anyone in the house because it was dense dark. Manish tried to find the switchboard to turn on the lights. He turned on his mobile torch. When he found the switchboard, he turned on one of the switches. To his surprise, it was a power cut. He decided to find her with the help of his mobile torch. He searched every corner of the house and saw the bloodstains on the walls. It seemed the victim was slammed into the walls. Manish got scared. He noticed the long bloodstain on the floor that followed into the bedroom from the kitchen. It seemed victim was dragged into the bedroom after the murder. He also noticed giant weird footprints scattered around the long bloodstain. It resembled a cloven hoof. He remembered the prophecy. He lost his courage to know the inevitable result. Encouraging himself, he finally entered the bedroom following the long bloodstain.

When he reached his bedroom, he stumbled over something. He landed on his knees. His mobile slipped from his hands and fell on the floor at a distance. He strained his eyes to see the thing in the darkness to get the idea. He couldn't figure out. He only could see the mobile in the darkroom as its torchlight was turned on. He then dragged himself to pick up his mobile and turned his torch to the direction where he stumbled. In the illumination of the mobile torch, he saw his wife's body lying on the floor. He cast the light to the upper portion of the body and found the body without the head. Seeing this decapitated body, he vomited there. After a while, he completely silenced for almost one minute. In the silence, he heard a sound of munching coming from under the bed. When he cast the mobile torchlight under the bed, he was surprised to see his son in a different avatar. He had completely become devil, Satan. He had horns, cloven hooves, naked with unusually hairy legs, and a tail. His whole body was red. A severed head was placed before him. Half of the head was eaten. Manish recognised the head was his wife's. He was munching one of the eyes of the severed head. Manish screamed in sorrow. Satan looked at him. He pounced on Manish. A strong painful scream filled the room.

A minute later, a white dense smoke moved rapidly towards the sky from their housetop. The dark clouds covered the whole sky. Rain began. But it wasn't normal rain. It was acid rain. It continued for twenty-five days to kill Mankind.

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