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Mepa's Math

Mepa's Math

5 mins 10.2K 5 mins 10.2K

Our question should be realistic and deeply related to day to day life. We have to give space for answers around different perspectives. Questions which have correct more than one answers must be encouraged. Children can feel a strong integration between school and their outside school life. We should not just after numbers but after logic, rationality and of course Maths instead of only numeracy. Only people saves the mathematics otherwise school are working to kill the mathematics! – Mr. Vijay who spent almost 20 years of life for develop children interests in mathematics, He is now senior lecturer in District institute of education and training.

He took various innovative initiatives for improvement of quality mathematics education. He guided so many teachers and mentoring a lot also. This season he was on the duty to monitoring schools and give rank along with evaluation remarks. He liked interaction with children very much and believe in his strong pedagogy, he worked there with the weakest students and all could see changes on the spot and filled with admiration of Vijay sir.

It was an interior primary school, 280 students and 5 teachers, infrastructure and other physical parameters found in good conditions. Vijay sir took more interest in learning level of students , he completed all formalities soon and eager to visit classroom. School HM was more interested in tea arrangements . As tea session over Vijay ji reached into the 5th class where students of 4th and 5th  class were sitting together. Vijay sir started with puzzles and soon identified 4 such students who were facing challenge in addition and place value concepts. He used his well-tested pedagogical tool and ensure with sufficient drill these five students learnt these concept by heart. He left the school with the elegant walk and silently gave a powerful message to all staff that if we believe in our students that they could learn, then only they would learn and learn meaningfully. 

It was a sweet co-incident that Vijay sir was in the same very school again just after 8 days for Nodal level video conference. Vijay sir tried to steal time and invest some time with children. Where there is a will, there is a way! Vijay sir was in the same class with same set of students as with the previous visit. He finished his initial talk and started interacting with Mepa. Mepa – was one of 4 students whose got special input by Vijay sir during his last visit. This time cluster resource person, block resource person and ABEO were also present there. Vijay sir asked Mepa – What we will get after 6+3? Mepa didn’t give any response. He asked this question differently – if you got three marbles in your left pocket and 6 marbles in right pocket then how many marbles do you have altogether? Mepa murmured and tried but unable to give answer. Vijay repeated the questions and he knew Mepa got answer ,Vijay gave Mepa his time and as expected Mepa replied – 9! I have nine marbles . All had diplomatic smile on their faces. Vijay asked another question to Mepa- If you have 5 rupees in your left pocket and 7 rupees in your right pocket , how many rupees altogether you have ? Mepa replied quickly 15. All wished to laugh but maintained the class decorum , their eyes raised enough questions for Vijay. Vijay repeated his question slowly and opened his eyes without blink waiting for answer. Mepa confidently replied I had fifteen rupees sir .

Mepa replied right answer for the first question, if concept was clear then why Mepa was not getting right click for this problem. Thinking all these Vijay tossed up next question towards Mepa – if you ate 3 chapatti in the morning breakfast and 2 in the lunch, how many chapatti you took altogether? Mepa replied calmly- 5 chapatti. Vijay ji had winning smile and again asked 5 rupees and 7 rupees question, Mepa - If you have 5 rupees in your left pocket and 7 rupees in your right pocket, how many rupees altogether you have ? Mepa replied quickly 15, this time also replied same answer. All looked with strange expression towards Vijay sir, Vijay sir also confused how it happened, Mepa gave right answer all such questions but why he was not able to reply this rupees question, and surprisingly Mepa was quiet confident for his answer.

Vijay sir cooled himself and explained his dilemma with the whole class- Mepa, please give your all attention to me and listen me carefully – whenever I asked you questions of addition in which you put together two group and gave me final answer but when I asked you if you have 5 rupees in your left pocket and 7 rupees in your right pocket , how many rupees altogether you have ? Surprisingly your answer was wrong. I am not getting it what difficulties you are facing to solve this sum, can you help me in this ,please. Mepa innocently replied sir, as you told that I have 5 rupees in left pocket and 7 in my right pocket but sir I have already 3 rupees in my left pocket so I have altogether 15, 15 rupees . Mepa explained his points responding to Vijay sir.

All could not stop themselves starting a great laugh except Vijay sir, he was smiling with proud and got amazed learning from this class and found a wonderful insights for his perception about mathematics.

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