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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Advait Shah



Advait Shah


Mack And His Soccer Uniform

Mack And His Soccer Uniform

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It had been a very interesting soccer match. Mack was totally engrossed in watching the soccer match on Television. He develops a thirsty attitude towards acquiring such a soccer uniform.

“How many players are required for playing the match? What does the goalkeeper do?…..” are the simple questions asked frequently.

He is a lad of the first standard, but the questions posed by him alerted his parents to sense his passion for sports. He is also a naughty, disobedient little boy. Whatever he desires, he persists his parents to purchase it in a split of seconds.

“Mom, I want a soccer uniform. I would go out to play with my friends and can have fun playing with them” he plead with his mother.

Parents should not consent to every want of their children. Let them stand for their goal.

“O. k”, said his mother. “Such uniforms are not available in general. We would plan to get them shortly, but you need to have patience”.

He was totally preoccupied with the uniform and was in the state of stream of consciousness. He envisages his happiness in playing with his friends and had a lovely time.

The days are passing by, but no response from parents. He feels disappointed. All his dream seems to be collapsed. Mack was a very stubborn and defiant son to the parents. He never tries to know the circumstances or give up his idea.

He kept thinking about how to achieve it as early as possible. He found his mother busy with her work. Mack was still, thinking hard. A sparkling idea strikes, his mind. He could paint one of his uniforms whilst his mother is busy. He is a little bit anxious. What if his mother sees and scolds him. Finally, he has made up his mind to paint.

One day as usual she has a hectic work schedule. It takes a further a few hours to spare time with him. He obeyed his mother politely to play with the other toys until then, in order to keep her away for few hours.

There was no sort of disturbance with him for a long time. He might be creating some wonders. Otherwise, his mouth wouldn’t have been kept silent. So, his silence made his mother realize his mischievous work.

She went to his room and stared in great surprise when she discovered a painting on a trouser. Mack feels nervous about his mother’s sudden arrival. She speaks gently to him –

“Mack ! What have you been done to your school uniform?”.Mack could not think of it till then. His concentration was only on the painting of football and not the school uniform.

When he decided to paint, he just picked up one of his trousers. He is good a net-savvy. He has chosen an image of soccer depicting the National flag which was awesome. He drew the circle with the help of a bowl and modified the soccer image onto it. It would be amusing. He also took care to avoid the spread of color onto the other side of the trouser. He portrayed colorful soccer representing the National flag on the school uniform and has highlighted it by giving a finishing touch with a dark color. It was a remarkable piece of work.

Mack was not a very obedient little boy. He often annoyed and disobeyed his parents. She knew he ought not to do disobey then-but he did so badly for want of a football dress.

“I may not get the uniform, but I can try to paint it on my trouser, I thought”, he said to his mother, “Then I will have my soccer uniform to realize my dream”.

He was afraid to face his mother. Whatever children demand parents cannot fulfill them at all times. It takes at least a few hours to a few days. This meanwhile, this naughty boy has worked out his idea. His selection was praise-worthy. Now the soccer uniform is all set.

“Mom, I thought you will admire me for the work”. She was pleased to hear the pleasant words.

He qualms but nothing such sort has happened. Instead, she appreciated him for his work ignoring the mistake. She did not mind the uniform in front of the idea of painting.

“Then you are a naughty, disobedient little boy”, said the mother. “We expected for your endurance. Now see, what has happened to your school uniform. It requires a lot of patience and efforts to achieve something in life”, she expressed.

“I thought to surprise you”, sobbed Mack.”I was not aware of school uniform”

“It’s o.k. sometimes it happens with naughty boys like you”, said Mom. “If you have obeyed us, we wouldn’t have found your painting talent. You will accomplish your goal someday. There is a small gift for you” she goes into the drawing-room and gets a beautiful cover for him.

It is not anything but his fantasy soccer uniform. He screamed out of joy and liveliness. The school uniform has been spoiled but perhaps he will be more sensible another time. Well, you shouldn’t have been disobedient. Until you learn to be sensible and obey, you will find things often go wrong.

“Now, It will remain as your memorable work. It is out of your thirst for football, you have done. Anyway, you have input your efforts, and if we fulfill your every wants your inborn talent would have been hidden. You would have not thought of another alternative in achieving the uniform. These qualities add to your willpower to achieve your goal” she conveys.

“Thank you Mom, for the uniform and sorry for spoiling the school uniform”. He ran playfully.

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