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Vrinda Kanakabandi

Drama Crime Thriller


Vrinda Kanakabandi

Drama Crime Thriller

Katherine and her secret robot

Katherine and her secret robot

3 mins 197 3 mins 197

A scientist named Katherine Hayward from San Diego, Southern California discovered a magnetite rock which was like a small cave on the shores of La Jolla Cove unrevealed of its significance to the commercial world. After detailed research on that cave she learnt that it had gallons of energy to prevent any seismic activity in any part of the world. She was just back from her successful space mission to set up a satellite station. She just wanted to do something new in the wake of several seismic events happening around the world.

As part of her personal project she built a few tiny robots from the magnetite rock to trace the seismic events. She picked up the top ten seismic zones in the world and started dropping these robots in those areas. She learnt the some of the tremors were natural but what worried her was the unnatural ones. Some where on the trans Asian seismic belt there were series of such quavering noticed.

One night she started receiving distorted communication from her robot. It was voice of child singing a lullaby

“Hello, can you hear me “

“Wahhhhhhh……My robot can talk…..” said the child

“Can you hear me” said Katherine

“Shhhhh, don’t talk now there bad people here. Sleep quite until they go” whispered the the child

There were heavy foot steps of people walking there, dragging sounds, blasts. Katherine waited for some time but this went on for longer. Considering the child was in danger she checked the coordinates of the location, the robot had drifted from its original point

“Guess it’s because of the seismic activities” she said to herself

The camera was not functioning for several hours nor she heard from the child again. After 84 hours came another whisper, “Robot can you hear me ?”

“Yes yes, am here. Are you safe?”

“Am sacred, my parents are captured by bad people. They make them do lot of work, they scold me if I go around them”

“Can you switch on the green button on the right side of robots ear”

The child switched the button and the camera started working. Katherine could now see everything that was going on in there. It appeared like they were inside a deep cave, on zooming she spotted people inside transparent vertical boxes filled with fluids. They were running experiments on them. A rare radioactive material was found in this zone and it appeared that they wanted to check its effect on humans.

She recorded everything. She instructed the child to leave the camera on and stay in hiding for few days. Knowing how powerful the people involved are in this secret mission she had to be extremely cautious on her next steps.

She pulled out names of some renowned names she spotted there and put this information on social media and news anonymously tracking the GPS location to unknown space. As the news was known to the world, people are across the world condemned this act. With a week the United Nations shut down this place as non-accessible zone and released everyone from the captivity.

After few days the child with the robot spoke “Am home with my parents. I told them that it’s you who helped us”

“Am always at your service” and she explained the additional features to the little child until she reached there herself in some days.

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