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Journey From Dream To Reality

Journey From Dream To Reality

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All our dreams can come true if we have the mettle to pursue them. This statement is true because a dream is not something that we see while sleeping but something that does not let us sleep. We have good dreams as well as bad dreams while sleeping. When we remember those dreams, we strive to make those good dreams turn to reality and avoid the occurrence of those bad dreams. The future belongs to them who believe in the value of their dreams.

Lavanya was a girl who had some intuitive power and could get a glimpse of a few future events through her dreams. She believed in all her dreams and never ignored the interpretation of dreams. She belonged to an Odia family and was ambitious about her career. When she was in her eleventh standard of schooling, she started to see a series of dreams which had a connection with her reality. Initially, she was confused about what she was seeing in her dreams because they showed the events of her future life which she had never thought of. Then she felt that these dreams must be a message from God and she remembered all the details of her dreams.

Lavanya was seeing her future life partner and all aspects related to their marriage in her dreams. She had never thought about her marriage as she was just in the eleventh standard. In her dreams, she saw herself with Arindam, a boy who belonged to a Bengali family. According to Lavanya’s dreams, after completing MBA she was working in a reputed company where Arindam was her immediate senior. He belonged to a well to do family and had the same qualification as she had. Lavanya could interpret the location of her future life and she was able to see her parents in those dreams. Not just her parents, she could also see a few of her friends in those dreams. That’s why she considered her dreams to be serious and interpreted all information that she could get from them. Her dreams showed herself as a successful and beautiful lady. She was very happy after she recollected all her dreams where she had seen herself with Arindam. She felt motivated by those dreams and worked towards turning them into reality.

At that point of time, Lavanya was in the last years of her schooling and was preparing for Engineering entrance exams. According to what she had seen in her dreams, she would have studied Engineering and MBA in good colleges. She worked hard for her twelfth board exams as well as for entrance exams after being motivated by her dreams. She performed well in all her exams and got admission in a well-known Engineering college.

Lavanya studied one of the core branches of Engineering and lived in a hostel during those four years. She continued having dreams with Arindam and used to be glad after seeing those dreams. Her dreams had influenced her in being diligent while working for her future and she was focused on her career. In her final year of Engineering, she got placed in the first company that visited her college campus. She was very delighted as she considered that to be a stepping stone in the foundation of her dreams. In her dreams, she had seen that she worked for a few years and then studied an MBA. So, she planned the activities that she wanted to do in the next few years and informed her parents about that.

After completing Engineering, Lavanya worked in the company in which she was selected. It was a famous software company in India and she was happy to be an employee there. But she had the aspiration of MBA in her mind, which she hid from her colleagues in the office. She was staying at home while working there and her parents supported her for preparation of MBA entrance exams. She had a busy life then as she was juggling between job and studying for the entrance exams of MBA. But she had faith in God and believed that she will get selected in an excellent MBA college. Her life was filled with ups and downs at that time but she persevered thinking about her dreams with Arindam. She believed that her hard work will pay off someday and all her wonderful dreams will turn to reality giving her a content life.

She was doing well in her job but struggling to perform well in her MBA entrance exams. Still, she did not lose hope and continued to study hard for those exams, she felt that by studying MBA she could make her dreams happen in real life. Meanwhile, her parents were slightly bothered about her marriage and they got few proposals for her. It was at that point of time, that Lavanya realized her love for Arindam. She could neither imagine herself with any other boy nor did she feel interested in anyone. She knew that it was strange for a girl to be in love with a boy who only appeared in her dreams. She was apprehensive of whether Arindam existed in reality or not and if she got married by the time he appeared in her life. Lavanya had a tough time then and she could not tell her parents about the dreams that she had been seeing from many years. Lavanya was pious and she believed that God was not showing her false dreams, so she stopped worrying about marriage related matters and focused on her career.

Because of her admirable performance in her job, she achieved an award from her company. That gave her the courage to face the difficulties of life and persist with her goal. She worked hard day and night in order to make her dreams come true. Whenever she was doubtful about her future life, it so happened that she had dream of Arindam on that night. That inspired her to always persist on her path and achieve her goals. Then she got selected in her desired MBA college and was very ecstatic for that. She felt as if that was an indication from God that all her dreams with Arindam will surely turn into reality. She was grateful to Almighty and her parents for her success in getting admission to that premier MBA college. She was ready to move on a new path which would lead to the fulfillment of her dreams.

Lavanya started studying MBA in that college where she had always wished to study. She studied MBA three years after the completion of Engineering as she had work experience of two years eight months. She was slightly disappointed initially because the reality was somewhat different from her expectations. But she thought that she had to struggle in MBA so that she could make all her dreams come true in reality and be with Arindam. At that time, she had a firm belief in God and believed that this was the hurdle that she had to overcome in order to achieve success. She stayed in a hostel during MBA and became very religious and close to the Almighty. After the completion of her first year, she had an internship for two months in a famous software company. She was selected to intern in that company from her college campus. She was happy during her internship as she could stay with her parents in their home at that time. She came back to her college for the second year with the mission of having a placement in a good company that she used to see in her dreams.

During that time, she realized that turning her dreams to reality depended solely on her performance during that year. She decided to work hard in order to bag a good job and get excellent grades. Whenever she had any ambiguity regarding her future life, Arindam appeared in her dreams and she got an assurance that her dreams will come true. Then she got selected from her college campus in a reputed company and the location of her posting was exactly that place which she had seen in her dreams. After her placement, she got hope for all her dreams that she was having from the last ten years.

Lavanya spent the remaining days of her MBA life happily as that was going to end in a few months. Though she had the hope of all her dreams with Arindam turning into reality, yet she was anxious about her future life. Her parents were bothered about her marriage thinking about her age. This worry of her parents made Lavanya fear to the core of her heart thinking that she may get married to someone else before Arindam comes in her reality. But she was relieved by the thought that her dreams were a message from God and God will somehow have her marriage with Arindam. Her dreams had gone to such an extent of her future that she had decided to remain unmarried if Arindam did not show up in her real life. That was because she loved him as she felt that by appearing in her dreams, he had motivated her to become successful in her life and rise above her standards. She had never decided what career path she will have in her life before she had these dreams. It was only after seeing herself having a luxurious life in the future, that she decided to pursue the career that she had seen in her dreams.

After completion of her MBA, Lavanya came back to her home. At that time, her parents were staying in the city which she had got as her job location. She was supposed to have training for one month and then work in the office. She had paid attention to all aspects that she had seen in her dreams when they initiated in her eleventh standard. Her dreams showed her to be beautiful that’s why she had improved her looks and looked different then from how she looked in her school days. Her job training started and she was satisfied with the roles and responsibilities that would be assigned to her when she would join the office. Finally, the time had come according to her dreams when Arindam would enter her life. On the previous day of joining office, she was constantly in the thoughts of Arindam and remembered all her dreams of the past ten and half years of her life. She was feeling uneasy when she thought if he does not come in her life and excited when she thought that her wait of ten and half years had come to an end.

The day had arrived for which Lavanya had always dreamt of, struggled for and prayed to Almighty in the desire of making them true. Lavanya reached her office on time and waited to meet her reporting boss. She peered across her office and realized that it was the same office premises that she had been seeing in her dreams. She waited for her boss outside his cabin and at that time she saw Arindam in office. She recognized him at first sight as she had been seeing him in her dreams from a very long time. But she felt nervous to talk with him as he did not know her and she was not confident whether he was the one whom she had been seeing in her dreams. When her boss arrived, she met him in his cabin and he explained about the work that she was supposed to do and about her immediate senior. Then he called Arindam to his cabin and introduced him to Lavanya. The moment she realized that he had come in her real life, her happiness knew no bounds. She was delighted thinking that her dreams of ten and half years turned into reality and her life was settled. She controlled her thrill in front of them and started working with Arindam. He was two years older than her and had many similarities with her.

On that day, Lavanya and Arindam talked about their lives till date. At the end of the day, she was sure that it was he whom she had been seeing in her dreams from the last ten and a half years. She was beaming with joy after leaving office as her aspiration was fulfilled. Both of them interacted more and more in the office as well as outside the office. But Lavanya never revealed to Arindam that she used to see him in her dreams. Then Arindam confessed his love for Lavanya and that was the happiest day of her life. She told Arindam that she was seeing him in her dreams for ten and a half years and had put tremendous efforts in turning her dreams to reality. Then he replied that even he was seeing her in his dreams all these years. Arindam also loved Lavanya before meeting her in real life. Then they realized that their love for each other was so pure and true. They decided to get married and informed their parents about their love life.

Initially, there was little resistance from both the families as they belonged to different states, Odisha and West Bengal. Both of them were the only child of their parents. Their parents understood their condition before Lavanya and Arindam met each other in reality. Then both the families agreed happily for their marriage and they got married within few months. Lavanya was glowing with happiness on the day of her marriage as all her dreams came true on that day. She remembered those ten and half years of her life when she had apprehension about her future, felt insecure whether Arindam existed in reality or not and used to cry whenever she could not see him in her dream for a long time. Finally, she had passed the journey from dream to reality with perseverance in her career, faith in God and love for Arindam. Arindam was equally glad as Lavanya on the day of their marriage and they lived happily after that. They both continued working in the same company and progressed in their career.

The dreams seen by Lavanya for so many years were prophetic dreams. In a prophetic dream or precognition, a person gets a glimpse of future events. Such kind of dreams are messages of God to devotees where God helps a person to know about future life. It depends on a person whether he or she chooses to believe in them or not. But a dream which occurs repeatedly should never be ignored as all dreams have some meaning in them. A dream’s interpretation should be done.

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