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And Her Dream Came True

And Her Dream Came True

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It was a bright sunny morning and the birds were chirping on the trees. The surroundings looked beautiful with greenery all around. Lalita looked out of her room’s window with hope in her eyes after she woke up. Lalita had seen Anirban in her dream while sleeping, so she was happy and had got hope for her future. Lalita was seeing Anirban in her dreams from last ten years and she felt that her dreams were an indication from God. She thought that God was showing her future husband in her dreams, so she remembered all details of her dreams. She had come a long way in her life from when she had started seeing him in her dreams. Her dreams showed her future life with Anirban in Kolkata.

At present, she studied MBA in a famous college of Bhubaneswar where she had always wanted to study. She was in the second year of MBA and was selected for job in a company of Bhubaneswar. But according to her dreams of last ten years, she was supposed to work in a company of Kolkata after MBA. She was very disheartened at that time because she could not think about her future life without Anirban. She was in a complicated situation at that time because she could not tell anyone that she loved Anirban, whom she had seen only in her dreams. It is unusual for a girl to love a boy whom she has never met in her reality, but she always felt motivated when she saw herself with Anirban in her dreams.

According to Lalita’s dreams, after completion of her MBA in that particular college, she worked in Kolkata. In her job, Anirban was her immediate senior with whom she had to work every day. She considered her dream to be connected with her real-life because she also saw her parents and friends in those dreams. She had always believed in her dreams from when she saw them, so she worked appropriately in order to make them come true. Lalita had a kind of intuition power from her childhood as she could see her life’s future events in her dreams before they happened in her reality. So, she believed in her dreams related to Anirban. In her dreams, she had seen herself working in Kolkata with Anirban and then they had a love marriage. Her dreams had also shown her events that happened after their marriage. Lalita had never imagined those things in reality but she was very delighted whenever she had these dreams.

Lalita was in a dilemma at that time because she had not got a job in Kolkata. She felt ambiguous about her dreams with Anirban turning into reality. Since she really loved Anirban, so she was unhappy whenever she thought about her life after MBA. She decided that she will remain unmarried if she was unable to find Anirban in her real life. Her parents were bothered about her marriage and she thought that she will tell them about Anirban when they would pressurize her. She had never been interested in any other boy from when she started seeing Anirban in her dreams and even at that time, she could not imagine herself with anyone else. This was the impact of her dreams on her.

Lalita was melancholic at that point of time because she had already struggled for few months in her college’s campus placement. She always wanted to work in a company of Kolkata, that’s why she waited till the last hoping that a company of Kolkata will come for placement in her college. But that did not happen, so she opted for the company of Bhubaneswar. She had endured all the emotional pain only to have her future with Anirban, to live that life which she had been seeing in her dreams from the last ten years. She always cried in despair during those months whenever she felt that her future was not with Anirban.

Lalita was determined to make her dreams of the last ten years come true in reality. From her college campus placement, she had got a job in Bhubaneswar, so she thought of searching jobs on her own which would take her to Kolkata. She proactively looked for jobs in Kolkata during her last days of MBA. On the occasion of Shivratri, she did fast for the first time in order to meet Anirban in her real life. She always begged to God for making her dreams come true and for uniting her with Anirban. Sometimes she even thought of dying if she was unable to meet him. She tried in each and every possible way to convert her dreams into real. Finally, she decided that she has to live for her parents irrespective of what happens. At that time, Lalita wanted a job in Kolkata so that she could at least spend the rest of her life with the memories of her dreams with Anirban. So, she tried hard to get a job in Kolkata.

After struggling for many days, she finally got a job in Kolkata. She was happy at that time thinking that she can stay there and see those places to which she had been in her dreams with Anirban. She completed MBA and went to Kolkata for working there. Her parents were staying in Kolkata at that time, so she was happy. She did not have any expectations of her dreams turning to reality. She was satisfied that she had done as much as she could, to live the life of her dreams. In her dreams, she had never seen the company’s name where she worked with Anirban. So, she was not sure even at that time whether she will work in that company where Anirban works or not.

It was her first day in the office and she reached there on time to meet her reporting boss. Her boss explained her about the work that she was supposed to do and introduced Lalita to her immediate senior. Anirban was her immediate senior in office and she recognized him, her happiness knew no bounds. After interacting with him on that day, she was convinced that it was he whom she had seen in her dreams for so many years. But Lalita did not tell anything to Anirban about her dreams because she was uncertain of whether he had seen her in his dreams or not. After working together for few months, Anirban confessed his feelings for her and that was the happiest day of her life. He said that he had seen her in his dreams from many years, so he had not married anyone. He was waiting for her to come in his life and unite with her. Lalita was glad to hear this.

Lalita and Anirban informed their parents about their love life. They met each other’s families and their parents agreed for their marriage. Their marriage was held within few months. Lalita was glowing with happiness on the day of her marriage as her dreams had been fulfilled. Anirban was as happy as her and they both lived happily after their marriage. They continued working in that company and progressed in their career.

Finally, Lalita’s dreams of many years with Anirban had come true in her real life. She had actually got a glimpse of her future through her dreams and had worked hard to make them come true. She loved Anirban before meeting him in real and was loyal to him all those years. How can a love which is so true and pure, ever fail? There is no existence of real love without pain and suffering. Lalita always had faith in God that God was not showing her any false dream and belief in her love for Anirban. This is the reason she had overcome all difficulties in her life in order to live the life that she had seen in her dreams.

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