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Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Ronnie Gill

Drama Romance


Ronnie Gill

Drama Romance

Jennifer& Nancy Part 2

Jennifer& Nancy Part 2

10 mins

As Jennifer and Nancy grow as lovers in their relationship, they decide to go on a week's road trip. Jennifer knew that she had to give at least one month's notice to the stock exchange before going out of town. Because of the stock exchanges scheduling each worker, must provide at least one month's advance notice. When Jennifer went to work the next day, she logged into the computer. She puts in for two weeks vacation the following month before she left for the exchange for the day her boss called Jennifer into her office; Jennifer, I noticed that you put in for a vacation for the flowing month for two weeks, I have no problems with the request because we have plenty of traders and order people to fill the orders, so the vacation is approved.

When Jennifer calls home, tell Nancy the excellent news that her vacation got approved. The couple started to make plans when Jennifer reached her home; Nancy was waiting for her. (Jennifer) Nancy dear, how was your favourite food that I ordered for you earlier today? (Nancey) wait a minute? Was that food from you? That's weird because I got a call from my mom, and she said that she was having food delivered for me and that it was my favourite (Jennfer). What time was it? It was at around 11:30 am (Jennifer). That's weird because I had food delivered to you at around the same time. (Nancey) well, I most serenely didn't get your food strange it must have been stolen or not delivered to the correct address, I guess I am going have to get my money back. (Nancey) now you said that you had a surprise for me to tell. Me, please, the vacation that I put in got approved, so we need to start making plans. 

(Jennfier) so do you have any ideas for the donor go-to for the next two weeks? How about Florida, U.S.A? that's an exciting idea. (Jennifer) let me make a few calls down there to see if they have any open rooms—the following two weeks. (Hello) thank you for calling the Sammy club hotel and resort where lesbians can feel at home, where we are staffed and visited by lesbian couples all year long from around the world. (This ) is, (Tina) how may I help you today my lesbian lover we need and me a room for the weeks of August 23-September 8th do you have any spaces, Avitabile let me check (Tina) we have to the penthouse. The presidential sweet., (Jennifer) how much is the (preidential) sweet for two weeks (Tina)? That is 3500 a week okay (Jennifer) bow about the penthouse that will be 10000 per week; we would take the president sweet for the next two weeks, (Tina) okay then all I need for you is your credit card number and name, (Jennifer) that's. Fine (Tina) I am ready anyone that you are, (Jennifer) my name is Jennifer callsigns and my number credit card number is, --------------89 (tina) think you one second, please (Tina) you are all set we on August 23 through the 8th (Jennifer) thank you. (Tina) , is there anything else that we can help you With not at this moment? Thank you.

(Jennifer cas TPA airline, hello, thank you for calling TPA airlines this is lollipop how may I help you, Jennifer, I would like to. Get two first-class airline tickets for any August 23 flight to Florida, please (lollipop). I see if we got any available, it looks like we got known for that day. Would you like me to process this (Jennifer)? What time are they for (lollipop)? The tickets are for the early morning (Jennifer) that would. Be great (lollipop) would you like those sent New York stock exchange in care of Jennifer okay can I bet your credit card number please okay its --------------89 thank you are all set to thank Lollipop, your welcome.

(Nancey) so do you have everything set (Jennifer)? Yes (Nancey), so when do. We leave for Florida on August 23rd. That's great. (Nancey) come upstairs with me, sweetie. Going to show how another woman should handle another woman sexually. Is that a promise or a threat (Nancey)? It's both oh! On the way up once in the bedroom, they both closed the door to the bedroom (Nancey)/was in control all night long. When Jennifer woke up, she was feeling happy and having sexual freedom. And she hoped that Nancey had more. Night planned for her like last. The night that was the first night that she let Naccey take control of her body, fully sexually, and she loved it. (Jennifer) where did you learn to have sex like this? Because I feel like a new woman, this morning think you, dear.

(Jennifer) kisses Nancey goodbye and tells her she will see her when she gets home when Jennifer brings her to the stock exchange their is a worried look on everyone's face, Jenniffer asks ways wrong did you hear no Jennifer hear what the stock further has been down all morning by thousands of points all morning long,(Jennifer) not angin does anyone know what is responsible for this or who is responsible for this? They say that three possible things are accountable for this mess this morning. 1. the Russian hackers 2. computer clich 3. 500 million cattle with mad cow disease. Here at the stock exchange, we have ruled out two things are the mad cow disease, and we have also ruled out Russian computer hackers (Jennifer). Why do you rule out Russia for it's because of their super bad economy (Jennifer)? So that means only one. Thing a.another DANM computer click damm out. (Jennifer) We will get crossfaded for this if this goes public and why everyone is losing money and 401k plans going broke (Jennifer). Damn it!.

9;30am, the stock exchange opens down 5000 points (Jennifer). Being scared, she calls all of her clients, telling them to Sell everything. By the end of the day, the stock market falls another 10000 points to finish the day 15000 points down. (Nancey) what is wrong, honey? I am so depressed right now I am scared for my clients; my clients lost a bunch of money today in stocks and their 401k plans (why) do you say that for Jennifer because the stock market finished down 15000 points today, (Nancy) what in the hell is going on that's the second crash in less than a month. (Nancy,)

What's going on at the stock exchange? I don't know, honey, but it's getting scary (nancey). Do they know what's causing this? They say it's a computer glitch, but I don't know, but it's frightening. (Jennifer)I have had a bad today. It is alone; I don't even feel like eating. If you want to join me in bed later, please do. I will be waiting (Nancey). I will be up soon, sweetie. I will try to cheer you up. Sweetie, I am. I am here to cheer you up, but I don't want.no cheering up; I am more worried about my clients than anything. I am sorry. 

The next day when Jennifer goes to work, everyone's cheering. The exchange, (Jennifer) why is everyone cheering, (Dr Sam ) because overnight the markets went. Upon the news that everything that we heard the day before was fake news and a computer glitch, it was caused by 35 people who worked for the exchange now they l got arrested last. Night and being put on trial for treason and where demanded. To return all money immediately. (Dr. Sam) stock furthers market furthers where up 20000 points last night. (Jennnifer) so you are telling me that trusted people who worked at—the stock exchange were responsible for this mess? Oh! My God, wow!? (Jennifer) do they know who they were (Dr Sam)? They don't know their names, but the only thing that they do know is that it was 25 female and ten male persons that will go unnamed. (Jennifer) I thought that I had it bad. 

Two hours before the opening on wall street, Jennifer, you're boss, wants to see you in her office now, someone said. (Jennifer) thanks for letting me know; Jennifer goes down to her boss's office (Jennifer). I understand. that you wanted to see me; yes, I di,d. Jennifer comes in, and please close the door (boss). Jennifer, you are one of the best stock. Option traders that I have ever. Seen, I mean that, and I was hoping you could keep up the great work, (Boss) Jennifer, you work fast, you think quickly, and you are young. That is why I am offering you a promotion when you get back from your vacation from Florida.

Enjoy, (Jennifer) I don't know what to say but thank you. (Jennifer) may I ask what kind? Of promotion, is it? (Boss) it's a senior vice president of my office you will be working one step under me. What do you say? (Jennifer ) I would love to. (Boss) then it settled. (Boss) by the way, Jennifer, these came for you in the mail today. Thank you, boss. (Boss) I know that this is none of my business, but may I ask who you take to Florida, U.S.A. (jenffier)? Do you promise not to pass judgment the last thing I need now is judgment passed in me? (Boss)

promise you, Jennifer, (Jennifer) well I am taking my lesbian lover to Florida, and yes, she does live with me. (Boss) how beautiful, so how long have you both. It's has been about three years. (Jennifer) the last 2 or 3 times when we have made love in our bed, she has completely taken control of my body and thought that I would have it, but I love it. (Jennifer) but I am usually the one that is in complete control of her body during sex, but Nancey has opened a whole new world. Me. (Boss) I have someth0ing. To tell you, I have a lesbian lover myself, and. she works here on the exchange, and she's hot and when we get. Home and go to bed, she takes complete control of my body, and I love it, don't feel bad, Jennifer go with the flow and enjoy it. (Boss) look at the time we have talked all day long, and the market finished up 28000 points, (Boss) Jennifer, enjoy your trip see you in two weeks from now (boss) thanks, love. (Jennifer) see you. 

When (Jennifer) gets home, she has Nancey at home waiting for her with dinner cooked wearing a Rob with nothing under it and a rose between her teeth. (Jennifer) what this it's a surprise for you, don't you love it, Jennifer, but I love you more than all of this. (Nancey) what happened at work today? You seem so happy (Jennifer) because you are looking at the new senior vice president of the exchange (nancey). Now that a turn on, let's say after we eat and wash dishes, we go upstairs and close the. Door to the bedroom, and I let you take control of my body. Is that a promise? Yes. So after dinner, they both go upstairs close the door. Nancey takes off her rob. Jennifer takes her clothes off. Jennifer pushes Nancey on the bed, and she takes control of her body as promised. 

The following day they both wake up feeling like a billion bucks. 

(Jennifer) that was the best sex that I have ever had (Nancey) that was the best  control sex. I ever had had. ?Jennifer) do you know what happens tomorrow morning? We got to pack for our Florida trip. Oh! That's is right, I almost forgot about that. (Nancey) thanks for remaining. Me, (Jennifer) no problem, sweetie. Kiss kiss. (Nancey) so what time should we start packing, Jennifer? (Jennifer) I say at around noon. (Nanceyl) that sounds good 

Part 3 will deal with getting ready for the trip and going to Florida, U.S.A.

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