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Is embracing death easier than embracing life?

Is embracing death easier than embracing life?

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A lot of celebrity actors and actresses have committed suicide in the past. But the death of Sushant Singh Rajput has left practically every one speechless. Unbelievable. Shocking. I am left wondering, why did he have to do it? Really, why??? Why decide to go by yourself when death is anyway inevitable in life?

For now I try to keep my thoughts of him away from my mind as much possible. Because it is not always that a celebrity does this. Hundreds of people from all walks of life end their lives at their own will and the world remains unaware of it.

When a celebrity commits suicide, they say it is glamour on the outside and loneliness inside. Depression is the cause. But is loneliness and depression restricted to just celebrities? Isn't a common man as much prone to these problems as a celebrity? Of course they are. We all are. A student committing suicide because of exam pressure, people committing suicide when they are not happy in their marriage, because of work pressure, financial pressure are all because of depression.

Celebrity or not a celebrity, what causes them to take such a drastic step? What is it that troubles them so much in life that they do not want to live to face it? Or was it something that they didn't have in life and are hundred percent sure they will not be able to get it in this lifetime because of which their life would become meaningless, incomplete or devoid of purpose? What could compel them to take this step? Doesn't this decision to end one's own life requires much courage. Or does it require lesser courage compared to facing the problems in life?

I wouldn't know. And so maybe I do not have the right to comment.

But for all those people who are thinking of ending their lives, please just remember that death is just a permanent physical absence. Your actions, your nature, habits, behavior, memories, your dreams, which are realized or unrealized stays with the people you shared your life with. The life you led has already given plenty of people plenty of memories to live with for a lifetime. Stop yourself before taking that irreversible step and ask yourself, do you really want to do this? Do you want to really leave behind this memory of yours that will shadow all the happy moments, that people who love and value you might want to remember of you?

Nobody wants such memories. Absolutely no one. As humans, we all have people to reach out to. It doesn't matter whether we are happy or sad, we all do have people who love us and care for us. The way we love and care for others. Everybody feels lonely and depressed at some point in life. Maybe some have the inner strength to overcome this phase themselves and move on, while some have the courage to admit they are depressed and seek help, while some succumb to the chaos of inner mind and decide to leave the world.

If you are one of those feeling lonely and depressed, reach out and speak. Cry. Shout. Yell. Ask for help. From anyone you can get hold of. World is a good place to live in and you will definitely find someone who will take you out of this phase. Your family, relatives and friends are always there to help you. Reach out to that old school friend, your college buddy, go back to your old favorite places, and meet your circle of people, meet your teachers. Your house help, maid, driver, the local general store shop keeper. Anyone. Even a garbage collector having a smiling face can give you the strength to face the difficulties. Go out and take a walk around your city and you will find thousands of daily examples of exemplary courage, patience and sacrifice. You are not alone in this world and this is something you need to realize. The sooner the better. And for all the celebrities out there, you have millions of fans and followers who love you and are waiting to see you again and again. Its time to know that you are lucky that you can actually reach out to so many people who will always be ready to help you.

Do not leave this world on your own for anything. Leave the company if you don't want to work there anymore. Change your profession if it is not satisfactory or not giving you due recognition. Get divorced if you are unhappy. Don't force yourself to study hard if you know you will manage to pass even with the lowest mark. But do not leave this world at your own will. Because you may not realize, but people who love you will continue to blame themselves for not being able to help you. Let them not be guilty of something they aren't responsible for. Your death may set you free from this world, but your loved ones live in the permanent bondage of pain and grief.

And the only way to get you out of this depression is to find a meaningful purpose in life. Start working towards a cause. Towards educating the under privileged children in whatever way you can. To wards making our place more beautiful, hygienic and scenic. Towards helping the aged people. Once you find a reasonable cause to live for, you would not want to leave this world till you achieve the goal. Life is already short and there are lots to do before you decide to call it time.

Dear Sushant Singh Rajput. When I see the entire nation heartbroken and grieving your death, I realize some loss feels personal. We loved watching you on screen. Will miss seeing more of you. We never thought that every time we would watch your movie, we would be reminded of you as a star who left of his own will. We never wanted that and now I can just wish you too did not ever want that.

I can only pray. For your soul to rest in peace and for your loved ones to not feel guilty throughout their life.

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