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Tony was being laughed at in the class. This was not new to him, he was always the laughing stock in the class. Neither the teachers nor his friends understood him. His mom, Lily was everything for him, you may call it friend, teacher, well-wisher, or a trainer, she was there for him always.

From the time he was born, until now, Tony's mother, Lily, has always played her role as a mother and more than a father very well. Tony was never made to feel the need of a father, until today when her new teacher asked him to get his father to school tomorrow.

Tony's face told it all. Lily asked him the reason for being upset. Tony told his mother what had happened in the class. He told her that he was tired of the daily bullying in the class by his friends. Even some teachers would not understand his condition and would hold him responsible for creating chaos in the class. Lily tried to sympathize with him, but this time Tony wouldn't listen to her. He started asking her "why me, mom," " tell me where's my father, why did he abandon us?"

On hearing this, Lily couldn't contain herself and held him close to her heart. She told him that after Tony's birth everything was fine until he turned three years. Till then, both Lily and her husband used to ignore his grunting and certain funny sounds to his childhood as babies would make sounds when they were hungry. Later they became worried since it used to happen almost repetitively, irrespective of being hungry, or otherwise.

Both Lily and her husband went to the doctor and were in a shock to hear that Tony was suffering from Tourette syndrome, which may or may not is cured with treatment.

The next day, there was a family day in Tony's father's office. He was little apprehensive to take them to the office, but Lily assured him that she would take care of Tony and that they wouldn't stay there for a long time. Tony's father drove them to the office and told them that he would park the vehicle and join them. As soon as they entered the office, Tony out of excitement started making funny sounds, which made him the center of attraction.

The company's CEO had an announcement to make and everyone was told to maintain silence. There was pin-drop silence and Lily was searching for her husband. She thought she would give Tony his favorite cookies, which he usually used to enjoy and would be silent for some time. The CEO started off and made an important announcement, at the same time came the weird sound "hmmmmm, hmmmm, hmmm". All eyes turned towards Tony and his mother. Lily apologized and started feeding him more cookies. Tony kept quiet for some time, but then when everyone applauded CEO, Tony was at it again. One of the security officers approached them requesting them to move out of the hall. Lily frantically kept searching for her husband as security had asked for the visitor's pass, and it was with her husband. She felt relieved when she found him and waved at him. She turned towards the security personnel and pointed out in the direction where she had found her husband. She was astonished to see her husband walking away from the exit despite seeing her. She somehow managed to reach home.

Lily told Tony that it was not his father who had abandoned them, it was she who had left him. On hearing this, Tony sobbed uncontrollably and fell asleep. The next day, Tony went to school with his mother and met the new teacher in the principal's office. Amidst serious discussion when Tony's mother was explaining his medical condition to them, Tony blurted out funny sounds, which both principal and his teacher found annoying and told her to withdraw him from their school and admit him to a new special school. Lily could not ask for more. She didn't even respond to them. She took Tony and walked away.

Lily had made up her mind to put him to a special school and that was her own home school. Her efforts paid off when Tony with doctor's help slowly weaned off his habit of making grunting and funny sounds and won over the Tourette syndrome Not only that, he was the university topper too which had fetched him highest paying job in one of the topmost company.

Tony walked along with his mother into the hallway of his new company. He made her sit in the audience and told that he would be back in a short while. Lily heard Tony's name being called out on stage. He was awarded the most deserving candidate from his company. After receiving the award from the CEO, Tony started off his speech and he got stuck in the middle. Lily got worried on hearing him grunting "hmm, hmmm, hmm" sound. There was pin-drop silence amongst the audience. Lily got up from her seat to help him, but Tony gestured her to sit down and told the audience about how his mother's sacrifice had made him successful in his life. The hall was filled with applause.

It was now the CEO's turn to speak. He started his talk with an apology note to Tony and his mother. He told the audience that he was the unlucky father of Tony and the unfaithful husband to his wife, Lily. Tony stopped for a while but continued his walk. He took his mother's hand and left the hallway in silence remembering his yesteryear journey.

Lily was forced to accept her husband only because Tony insisted and he drove them home happily.

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