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Keshab Chandra Dash

Drama Classics Fantasy

God's Meditation

God's Meditation

2 mins

A woman used to go to the temple every day.

One day that woman said to the priest that now I will not come to the temple.

On this the priest asked why???

Then the woman said, I see people talking about their business on their phones in the temple premises.

Some have chosen the temple as a place of gossip.

Some worship is less hypocritical, more pretentious.

The priest remained silent for some time and then said that it is true.

But before you make your final decision, you can ask me something.

The woman said - tell me what to do?

The priest said - fill a glass with water and circumambulate the temple premises 2 times. The condition is that the water in the glass should not fall.

The woman said - I can do this, then in a short time the woman did it.

After that the temple priest asked the woman 3 questions:-

1. Did you see someone talking on the phone ?

2. Did you see anyone gossiping in the temple ?

3. Did you see anyone committing hypocrisy ?

The woman said no, I didn't see anything.

Then the priest said - when you were doing circumambulation, your full attention was on the glass so that water does not fall from it, so you did not see anything.

Now whenever you come to the temple, just focus on God,

putting in full attention.

Then you will not see anything.

Only God will be seen everywhere.

Jay shree radhe krishna.

Keshab Chandra Dash

Chiplima,Sambalpur, Odisha 

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