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Keshab Chandra Dash

Children Stories Fantasy Inspirational

The True Friendship

The True Friendship

2 mins

What's a true friendship? Let's test it by a short example.

There were many friends of a son who had a lot of pride about him.

His father had only one friend, but was true .

One day the father told the son that you have many friends, among let's tonight, take the test of your best friend.

The son gladly got ready. At two o'clock at night, both came to the son's closest friend's house.

The son knocked on the door, the door did not open, and after repeatedly knocking the door, both heard that the son's friend from inside was telling his mother that mother should say, he is not at home.

The son became sad after hearing this, so disappointed, both of them returned home.

Then the father said to his son, today I will meet you with my best friend.

Both of them reached the house of father's friend at 2 a.m. Father made a voice to his friend. From there the answer came, friend please stop,just in two minutes, I open the door.

When the door was open, the father's friend had a buck of rupees in one hand and another in the sword.

Father asked, What is this friend?

Then friend said.. If my friend has knocked on my door at two o'clock in the night, surely he will be in trouble and often there are two kinds of trouble, either money and the other is surely there has been a dispute.

If you need money, then take the money bag and if you have a dispute fight with someone, then by taking this sword, I will go with you.

Then the father's eyes filled up and he told his friend, "Friend, I do not need anything, I was just explaining my son the definition of true friendship."

Do not choose friends who are proud and having selfish behaviour !!

* So friends, choose less, but choose true *


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