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Win cash rewards worth Rs.45,000. Participate in "A Writing Contest with a TWIST".

Sara Garg

Children Inspirational


Sara Garg

Children Inspirational

Give Up What You Don't Want

Give Up What You Don't Want

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Akshat studied in 9th standard. He wrote good poems and stories. His parents wanted to see him as a doctor because he was good in studies but he didn't want. He wanted to become a good writer in future.

But due to his parents' wish, he joined one of the best coaching institute for the preparation of medical entrance. But, writing was also his passion so along with study he wrote daily.

Along with 12th standard, he gave medical entrance exam and he got selected. His parents were very happy but he was not.

After that he took admission in medical college which was very far from his home, so his parents decided that he should live in hostel which was in college campus.

He was very happy to know about that because now he can focus on his writing work. He felt like he was in air because in hostel nobody will deny him to write.

He wrote more passionately and he finished his four novels in the first year of college but he failed in the exam.

His HOD called his parents and saw his report to them. His parents were surprised because they didn't expect this thing from him.

After that HOD said them, "I think your son didn't want to become a doctor because he never focussed on his study. He was always busy in writing."

His parents said, "Yes, actually he wanted to become a writer not doctor."

Then HOD called Akshat and asked him, "Did you want to become a write?"

Akshat said, "Yes."

Then HOD asked, "Why you took admission in this college?"

Akshat said, "For the sake of the my parents because they want to see me as a doctor."

After that HOD said, "GIVE UP THAT YOU DON'T WANT, if you don't want to became a doctor then give up, choose the profession that you want."

Akshat said, "Yes." After that HOD advised his parents- if you know your child's wish about his career then don't force him to choose another career.

After that Akshat wrote more passionately because his parents also supported him and he learned one thing what he doesn't want, he simply gives up that thing.

Moral of the story:- GIVE UP WHAT YOU DON'T WANT because if you don't give up then you will be frustrated.

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