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Mouna M

Drama Romance

Family...., Naturally!!

Family...., Naturally!!

19 mins

Before the sunset, she had to keep everything ready for her in-laws. Latha was on her toes from 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. all through the day and part of midnight finishing all school's assignments. She was this bubbly child, eldest among in her family, with a fussy sister, Parijatha, and a naughty brother, Pallav. She was always responsible, taking the character right from her parents. Latha's academic track record motivated her siblings to excel in their fields too, which lead them to be well placed in multinational companies right now. Latha had chosen a field that was her passion right from birth, teaching, which she excelled at like all other fields she ventured into, though she took a break for her so called, arranged marriage, to an angry young man, Vivek, who loved her the most despite his temper, and I think that is what has kept her going on in life. Their daughter, Amul, was the best gift that they could ever receive from God. After the tragic death of her father, she had become even more responsible towards her mother, sister, and brother, with a lot of support from her husband, Vivek. Her sister had already settled down in her married life with a cute niece to cuddle upon.


Now, she had to settle down things in her brother's life. She along with her husband went on a hunt for a good alliance for her brother, but in vain, as things would go wrong either at her brother Pallav's end or at the girl's side or vice versa. Pallav, being the most talented and eligible bachelor in his community was a little bit hesitant whenever he would get to see the photos of modern girls forwarded by his sister, thinking whether they would get adjusted to his family and mother, whom he loved the most, so he hadn't even bothered to look at few of the forwarded photos by his sister, thanks to his peripheral vision!!! Well, Latha was Pallav's sister, she could easily understand his brother's feelings and had started trying to filtrate her search now. She was a bit worried about Pallav's age now, which had crossed 30, though an ideal age to get married, but not in her community, where boys would be married off as young as 26 and girls by 20. 

Latha even made her husband, Vivek speak to his brother, Pallav, to just find out if he had gotten into any relationship or something, but that also turned out to be negative, maybe Pallav, was brought up that way from his parents, and the roots were so deep that it could not be uprooted. Latha sighed a relief after hearing that from her husband, but did not stop praying to her God, whom she believed in, deep down her heart, she knew, that her brother, Pallav would definitely get the girl of his dreams.

Pallav was sitting in his office cubicle, giving the last touch to his dream project. He knew that this was a turning point in his life, and had worked like never before for the completion of his project. His manager always was on his side and that boosted his confidence. Bingo!!, a click away from his project, Pallav was all smiles, ready to take on the project.

 He wanted to binge on samosas after completion of his project, so he went straight to cafeteria and got himself few hot samosas, jalebi, and 2 cups of coffee, after all he deserved it as he had completed the toughest project in the office. He went and sat in the corner of the cafeteria and had started to munch upon. Few of his friends had tagged him on FB for his singing and few on whatsapp too. He had the habit of browsing through the newspapers online while relaxing over a cup of coffee. He accidentally hit the matrimonial column, and LOL, he got to see quite a number of photos, which did not seek his intention, and as he was about to close the tab, his eyes were stuck on the last photo, his heart did skip a beat, signalling him, she's the one for him, like DDLJ, if we remember. 

He just left it at that as he had to give the presentation on his last project. His manager liked his project so much so that he immediately announced a gift voucher worth 10 K in Pallav's name. With a smile on his face, which he was known for, Pallav left office and reached home only to be pampered by his mom with all the goodies, which he enjoyed to the core and took to bed. Before sleeping, he opened the tab where he had seen the girl's photo, his fingers were trembling, what if the girl belonged to a different community, what if the girl does not get adjusted to his mother, he could not go further. He put the phone in airplane mode, but could not sleep properly. He woke up at 12 a.m. and thinking of God in his mind, clicked on the girl's photo, Parvati, lovely name. 

He scrolled down first to check upon her community, Voila! she belonged to his community, she was working in an MNC, a software engineer like him, well settled, and the only daughter, but wait! her age was 23, too young!! but then Pallav thought he would give it a try. Well, he heaved a sigh of relief, and instantly slept off only to be woken up by his mom in the morning. He was in 2 minds whether to tell his sister or whether to go ahead all by himself. He had seen his sister, Latha, working hard day and night both at home and school, he thought that it was not fair on his part to disturb her, so he decided to contact the girl via her phone number.

Pallav rang the phone number during his break time in the office and was happy to hear a voice that was as sweet as the jalebi he ate in office. He first spoke about the ad in the newspaper and spoke about himself and then asked her to speak to which she replied that she would require sometime to go through his profile and that she would get back to him after speaking to her family. She also expressed her gratitude, this attitude of hers swept Pallav off his feet. He couldnt wait for her reply while on the other side, Parvathi, after speaking to Pallav had felt something ringing in her heart too! While she got busy in her work, but that did not stop her from checking on his profile photo and felt happy that a handsome boy had called her inquiring about the alliance. She quickly went through his profile and found it very similar to hers. Both of their hobbies matched, music, writing, eating, and what not.

She was also a highly talented girl with music running in her blood, not to say that God had gifted her with a mesmerizing voice that she had kept to herself. Only thing she found of concern was his age, to which she thought her family would object. They were also on a lookout for a boy that would match their daughter's from quite a number of years. Like Pallav, even her upbringing was very strong that wouldn't let her take a decision on her own, so as she was close to her mother, she took a printout of Pallav's profile home and showed it to her mom. Her mother left it to her as she thought her daughter was mature enough to handle this. That left Parvathi in a soup, it was already a week since Pallav had called and she thought it was high time that she responds back with a call. She went straight into her pooja room before caling on Pallav and prayed to her God. Tupp, fell the flower on Pallav's profile. Parvathi was all the more happy, but she felt she had to wait for Pallav's decision too. She couldn't wait to call him. Before calling him, she bowed to God and sought her mom's permission and called Pallav.

It was 11 a.m., Pallav had just gotten up and was relishing his cup of filter coffee made by his mom, who was ready to show him few photos in her hand. As Pallav was busy with his project execution task throughout the week, he hadn't given Parvathi's alliance much thought. As soon as he saw the mobile ringing "Parvathi calling.." he felt somewhat in his stomach and picked up the call. He wouldn't hide anything from his mom and so signalled her to sit down too. Parvathi told him that her family was all okay with Pallav's alliance for her and that was the reason she had called him with a shivering voice. Pallav could understand her plight. He was all smiles on seeing which his mother too sensed something good. Pallav expressed his gratitude and told her that he would get back to her pretty soon and called his beloved sister, Latha and bro in law, Vivek home.

Latha could sense something good on seeing the multimillion dollar smile on Pallav's face and quietly slipped into the kitchen to enquire about the same with her mom. Latha's happiness knew no bounds when she heard from her mother about Parvathi and rushed towards the hall to congratulate him, but was stopped by her husband, Vivek.

Latha could not believe her ears, Pallav was having second thoughts now to get married to a young girl with an age difference of 7 years. Vivek dragged Latha towards him and pointed out to Pallav that had Latha felt the same thing 10 years back, he wouldn't have met Pallav and tried to convince him that since the girl herself had agreed despite the age difference, there would be no harm in marrying her. He also told Pallav that age is no bar when love is the air as it was evident in their marriage too. Latha also opined the same to Pallav. Vivek told Pallav to talk to Parvathi and then come to a decision rather than just refusing it based on the age difference. Finally, Vivek was able to convince Pallav and both he and Latha left to their home. In the night, Latha was overwhelmed by Vivek's help and hugged him tightly to which Vivek responded with a peck on her cheeks, which made her ears go red but had to stop at that as their daughter knocked on the door.

Pallav called Parvathi the next day and told her that it was a yes from his family, but that he wouldn't want to force Parvathi to get married to him as their families have agreed and that she was at her own free will to decide because he felt that age difference could also play a factor in their future married life and told her that he would like to meet her personally.

Parvathi told him to come to her house as she was not comfortable meeting him anywhere outside to which Pallav agreed. Pallav's mom sent along some fruits and sweets along with him as he was going to meet Parvathi in his house for the first time. Latha had selected the best shirt for him to wear on that day. Pallav left to Parvathi's house after taking blessings from his mom.

Pallav reached her home and gave her a call to confirm that he was at the right place. Parvathi came out of her house and waved at him from the balcony of her first floor. Gosh! Simply superb, he felt tingling sensation throughout his body on seeing Parvathi's smile. She came down to direct him towards her home. In the meanwhile, Pallav locked his car and followed Parvathi. Her long braided her, swept him off the feet once again. He tried his best to control his emotions. Parvathi's condition was no different either. Her calm posture was altered within a second by Pallav's look. She tried to maintain a calm composure too. If we could hear their hearts out, they were crying out loud, made for each other. Parvathi called out for her mom and she greeted Pallav and told him to sit down. Pallav bowed down to Parvathi's mom's feet and sought her blessings. Parvathi went inside in order to hide her feelings. She was touched by this gesture of Pallav. Pallav handed over the sweets and fruits packet to Parvathi's mom. Parvathi came out with a plateful of snacks, which was relished by Pallav as he had skipped his lunch in the context of meeting her.

Parvathi's mom went inside allowing them to talk for a while. Pallav spoke his heart out to Parvathi that he and his family would visit them again for a final decision provided Parvathi was fine with the age difference of 7 years. Parvathi told him that as her parents also had a marriage with an age difference of 8 plus years, and that would not be a problem in the future. Parvathi's mom also came out and expressed the same. Pallav's joy knew no bounds. He tried hard to hide his happiness and told them that he would visit their house with his family soon and come to a final decision on the same. Parvathi got him his favorite coffee, which tasted the best according to Pallav. He left their house and one last time wanted to catch a glimpse of Parvathi, and there she was waving at him with beautiful eyes. Pallav was so lost in her eyes that he was about to hit another vehicle while taking reverse, only to be alerted by Parvathi's scream, how does she know that her eyes were the culprit.

Back home, Latha could not wait for Pallav and as he had called her and informed her everything. Her mom had prepared his favorite sweet. Latha congratulated him and told him finally he had gotten the girl of his dreams to which Pallav shied off to his room. Latha pinched his cheeks and told him to get ready to lose his bachelorhood. 

Both the families met and decided on the marriage date, a few months later, but to have the engagement pretty soon as there were few good days left before solar eclipse.

Parvathi was called over for shopping her stuff and everything was done within no time. Pallav had gotten the couple diamond rings after taking the size from Parvathi. Parvathi looked mesmerizing in her green silk saree which was selected by Pallav and he looked handsome too in his beige colored kurta pyjama selected by Parvathi.

After the rituals, rings were exchanged by both of them, which was indeed an electrifying experience for both Parvathi and Pallav. They could not stop experiencing butterflies flying in their stomach. The family, relatives, and friends complimented them. More than everyone, Latha was happy that Pallav had chosen the right girl for his family and remembered her dad with tears in her eyes, who was well backed by Vivek.

The engagement hall had to be emptied and Latha told Pallav to help Parvathi's family in shifting things back home. It was a blessing in disguise for Pallav, he made the best use of it and helped them to clear up things fast. This way, he could be close to his love life. Before leaving Parvathi's home, Pallav took Parvathi's hands in his and told the three magical words, which was soothing to hear. Parvathi was speechless, she hadn't expected this so fast. Pallav put her hands down, leaving the twinkled eye Parvathi behind....

Speechless.....she stood, it took time for her to come back to her senses, but some things can only be experienced than explained. Parvathi enjoyed each and every bit of it. She slowly allowed herself to seep in, into her feelings, Thanking Pallav for the way he made her feel today, completely out of the world experience. Out of happiness, she picked up the phone and dialled his number, after seeing the name, Pallav, before Pallav could pick the call, she cut the call and ran inside her room. Her mother came behind her to ask if anything was wrong, she said she would change the dress and come.

 Pallav's situation was no different. He was thanking his stars that day that he had expressed his feelings so beautifully to Parvathi. He felt happy about it and at the same time, Parvathi had called, he was so happy and was just preparing himself as to how he would address her, and when he was about to lift it, she had cut the call. Pallav was called out by his sister Latha to help her in shifting things back home, and he got busy throughout.

After the hectic day, everyone sat down in the hall pulling Pallav's leg. Pallav took it in his own stride and enjoyed every bit of it. It was time for Latha to go home as Vivek and her daughter were waiting for her at home. Pallav dropped her home and thought of calling Parvathi before reaching home.

 Pallav called Parvathi and whispered, "I love you." It was Parvathi's mother who had received the call and on hearing her voice, Pallav felt embarrassed and asked sorry and kept the phone. He was cursing himself for doing this. He couldn't wait for Parvathi to call back, he had to utter those magical words again, he called. This time on hearing Parvathi's voice, he asked her sorry for the mishap, which Parvathi was unaware of, then when she asked him as to why he was asking her sorry, on hearing from Pallav, she started laughing loudly. Pallav got annoyed of her laughing and told her that he will cut the call if she keeps laughing like that. Parvathi controlled her laugh and there was silence on both the sides for a while. Pallav slowly whispered on the phone as though he's whispering in her ears, "I love you." Parvathi's entire body shivered, for a moment, she stopped breathing. Pallav continued, Do you? Parvathi kept quiet. She was tight-lipped. Pallav could sense it through her breath. He knew, deep in his heart, that she loved him too, but was bent upon hearing that from her. He kept on repeating the same like a small child would demand, she in return, enjoyed every bit of it. Their conversation was brought to a halt by Parvathi's mom, calling out for her. She somehow made herself say bye to him and cut the call. Pallav could not take it. He wanted to hear those magical words from her. Then, he remembered his younger sister, Parijatha, advising him on the fact that Parvathi was a girl with an orthodox background and that she would take time to open up. Thus, he drove towards his home and had his dinner with his mom and took to bed dreaming about Parvathi.

Parvathi on the other hand felt bad for not replying to him, so she thought she would surprise him by texting those magical words in the morning and hit the bed, yes, of course, thinking about Pallav, but slept soon as she was tired.

The next morning, Pallav was woken up with a message beep from his mobile. It was Parvathi's message, he was happy to see that and replied back and since it was late to office, he freshened himself up and left to office after having breakfast. Parvathi smiled at Pallav's reply and got busy with her work. Texting and exchanging of emojis, throughout the day. Parvathi called him in the evening, and Pallav told her the magical words again, that made Parvathi speechless. Pallav said untill she says those magical words to him, he would not call her back.

Well, Parvathi being Parvathi, surprised him the next morning, being valentine's day, with a bouquet of flowers at 6 a.m, followed by a box of chocolates, at 7 am, 8 was the time to receive gift, 9 as soon as he reached office, a big cologne, and this went on for each and every hour throughout the day.

Pallav was speechless this time. He was overwhelmed to see this gesture from Parvathi. He just wanted to take off and go and meet her personally. He had wished her Happy Valentine's Day in the morning, but hadn't expected that she would go out of her way to show her love towards him. Even during meeting, he saw the peon keeping gift in his cubicle. The entire cubicle turned into centre of attraction with aromatic bouquets and gifts. Well, though he was an introvert, nobody could miss the aura of happiness arround him that day. He somehow managed to pack it up into the car. On the way back, he bought diamond studs to gift Parvathi. He bought her favorite sweets too and headed towards her house. As soon as he reached her home, there was pindrop silence. He hesitantly rang the doorbell, only to be welcomed with rose petals falling all over him that Parvathi had tied up in a balloon. Her mother had gone to her relative's house.

Pallav could not control anymore and hugged her tightly, though it was unexpected, Parvathi accepted it by hugging him back. Parvathi slowly drifted away from him as he whispered the magical words in her ears. Pallav slowly knelt down before her with earrings box. Parvathi came forward and accepted it. Pallav urged her to say those magical words for which he was waiting all these days. Parvathi took to singing and expressed her love..

You are my best friend whom I will always love

You are my dream come true

You are the chosen one for me...

You are the epitome of love..

While I am still in my home

Soon, will join you to celebrate love

I love you, I love you, I love you....

Pallav was stunned with her beauty, brains, and goodness. He wanted to kiss her, which was interrupted by the doorbell.

Parvathi immediately came back to her senses and cleaned up the floor full of rose petals and opened the door. Her mother was happy to see Pallav and offered him coffee and snacks, which he had with all his eyes on Parvathi who was trying to hide her face behind her mom. He took leave from them and Parvathi followed him to the car. Before getting into the car, Pallav kissed her cheeks and drove off. Parvathi was still in a state of shock, a shock that she wanted it to last forever, with her cheeks turning red all over.

Pallav slowly got all the gifts home on seeing which his mother was happy and told him that she was the perfect match for him. Pallav nodded his head and finished his dinner in a hurry as he wanted to talk to Parvathi because without even asking her permission, he had kissed her. Parvathi happily received his call and uttered those magical words.... Pallav was happy on hearing that and their conversation went on for a while until Parvathi slept off. Pallav cut the call, and felt relieved on hearing that Parvathi had taken it on a lighter note.

The next morning, Pallav was woken up by his mom to watch TV. Pallav rubbed his eyes and sat down in front of the TV, it was shocking to hear that PM Modi had announced lockdown for the entire country amidst pandemic Covid situation. He immediately called his sister, Latha who confirmed the news to him. He then called on Parvathi who was worried about the situation and told him to be careful too. Pallav took bath and saw the message in the office group that everyone were asked to resume work from home. He logged in after having breakfast and finished the work assigned to him. During lunch break, he called on his brother in law and spoke to him about the marriage date to which he said that he would connect all the important family members via zoom call and then talk about it. Pallav felt relieved as he was sure that his brother in law, would definitely come up with some solution or other.

In the evening as discussed, Vivek connected all his family members with that of Parvathi's via Zoom. Parvathi's mom was unaware of the situation and wanted the marriage to be held on the same date and that's when Latha pitched in and made her understand the current situation during which coming out of the house was impossible, leave aside conducting a marriage. Parvathi's mom finally agreed to the point that depending upon the current situation, marriage would be conducted at a later date. Pallav thanked his brother in law and sister.

Later, in the night, after his mom slept, Pallav made a WhatsApp video call to Parvathi and spoke to her till midnight about the unavoidable circumstances because of which their marriage had to be postponed. Parvathi understood that and told him that she would speak to her mom about it too. They both were happy with the flying kisses while Pallav told her that he would keep on counting the days till their marriage and would definitely turn the flying kisses into real ones to which Parvathi's face turned pink...which was admired by Pavan....

Long live Pallav and Paaro's romance..

In this circumstance....

That's the only potion

Which keeps their emotion

In this life of ocean

Always on the run....

To be continued.

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