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Every smile is a mountain to Climb

Every smile is a mountain to Climb

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Last night I had a dream that I was trying hard to climb a mountain and every time it seems as if the top is about to climb I slip down at the bottom. After so many attempts I started thinking why is the mountain so high, why the snow is slippery, my boots aren't good enough, the weather isn't right for climbing ......

As I was thinking I hear a noise taking my name and I got up thinking ohh! Thank god it was a dream. 

But that dream crept in my life wanting an answer for me. But I couldn't realize what's the thing which is bothering me. I walked in the park with so many things revolving in my mind, trying to dodge it or faking it outside. After few minutes of walking, I saw an old man sitting on a bench, he was staring at the clouds, trying to solve the puzzle given before the other creatures, then he smiled as if he got the reward of aceing the crowd. His glanced shifted to the other older ones trying to mimic laugh, he again wryly smiled like he thought they were all laughing at the rewards they got after winning all the races of life. I sat down next to him and after couple of minutes he said 

 "Child, I think there is so much heat today "

 I nodded in a yes 

 He again said "even though the weather is good but the humidity makes it more hot"

 I didnt reply Then we started conversation after some usual things and I don't know how but sometimes we open up more to strangers than to our closer ones and I told him about my life starting from childhood, the ups and downs, those deepest moments made my eyes wet, the whole time he was staring at those pigeons dancing and listening me a sense of curiosity, after telling my whole life and the journey do far. He made me calm and his answer changed my way of living life.

Today after 20 years,  walking past that bench, I recalled that day, those words from that old man, when I told him about my life for couple of minutes in response - he asked me one question

 "What makes Ramayana so special ? " 

my answer was B'coz of Lord Ram, he said

 " No, Ramayana is special because of Ravana and 14 years Vanvasa, without them it will be not so special". 

These were even though not so special words but sometimes small words makes huge differences, those words made me realize the importance of difficulties in life. The stronger the opponent is, the better the opportunity is to show yourself . And my whole perspective towards life changed.

It made me stronger than before and now after so many years and so many mountains, I never thought mountains are high. Even today when my hairs are thinned out and I am on a wheelchair, with no teeths left in my mouth, sitting beside that bench watching those old ones laughing, women with their dogs, children with their cricket bats. A very sunken girl with no energy, no life inside her sat beside me and I completed that cycle which I was a part of .........till the time my grandchild came yelling 

 "Baba, I searched for you everywhere and you are here. Amma is calling you for taking you for chemotherapy" 

I smiled and the liveliness inside that girl made her smile bidding me a goodbye.......

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