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Drashti Badheka

Drama Fantasy


Drashti Badheka

Drama Fantasy

Dreams - Hint Or Fake Flashes

Dreams - Hint Or Fake Flashes

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Was it really something like that? I thought again about my own thoughts. I was feeling so suffocating in the room. I took my jacket and went for a long walk, I didn't know where to go, so I just went for the left street which was heading towards out of town.

My mind was thinking about the possibilities that he might be. He can't be a vampire, and what if he is? Was I going to love him? Or else I should move away from him? But moving away from him was making me so uncomfortable, I didn't even have the strength of thinking to leave him, I won't be able to do that. But then what would I do? 

I didn't know where I got lost about the streets. I came inside a dark forest, it was so hard to hear noises of vehicles or road. Everything was so much green. New fresh trees. I could tell because they were so green and their smell. Little tiny water drops starting to fall. I thought it might have started raining. 

I headed towards the north, but there wasn't a single sign of road or vehicle or any house. I sat down on a fallen tree, it was not old. It had some flowers.

Again I tried to think about him. Those beautiful moments spend with him. His care, his love, his protection. He can't be bad for me. If he would be anything, I would accept him. Why was I thinking so much? It would always be him in any condition. I again started a walk, I wasn't really able to see anything because of droplets. I wasn't really feeling like walking. I thought of him, my words came loud, "it doesn't matter."

At least I figured out, I won't leave him, whatever he might be. I loved him and I will always do. 

I heard some noise, and it was unbelievable. I made it. I was in front of my home. I was so tired, went back to the room, put earplugs, so I couldn't think anymore. I went to deep sleep. 


I was running from something, I wasn't able to make it but then too, I went on running. There I saw his hands, I cried: "Darsh..."

"come here, Mrish, I won't let you hurt."

I touched his cold hands. His eyes were red, but it wasn't making me afraid.

He asked: "don't be afraid of me."


I heard someone coming and I moved around to watch. It was a big group of people, wearing big black clothes covering their heads. He came in front of me and showed his hunting teeth. Flashing white. I went back, running. 

I wake up from the dream, it was 3 o'clock in the morning. It made me again so uncomfortable to sleep. 

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