Sahil Mehta

Drama Tragedy


Sahil Mehta

Drama Tragedy

Don't React Too Quickly

Don't React Too Quickly

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Just a day before I came back to my hostel after a good week spent with my family. 

The next day, as per my routine, I boarded a Churchgate slow from Parel station at around 10:30 a.m. I was carrying a few office files, a heavy laptop bag and some snacks for the team which my mom especially made for his son. 

I found a seat and made myself comfortable. Plugged my earplugs on and was silently observing the compartment. I have this habit of noticing people’s action. I found a few similar faces in the compartment even today. 

Amongst them, one uncle was continuously staring at me. I asked him if everything is alright. He politely answers ’everything is alright beta’.

I again started listening to songs and he again stares at me after a few minutes. I asked him if he is having any problem. 

To which he asks me “what do you do?”

I told him that I am doing internship from a Churchgate based firm. We talked for a few minutes. 

Five minutes before my station, at marine lines, I vacated my seat. I stood around the pole for some fresh air. This uncle also vacated his seat and stood next to me. I gave him a smile and he also smiled back at me. 

After a few seconds, he put his hand on my shoulder and tells me in a weird tone “it would be fun at night if you visit my home”

I was stunned, shocked and for some seconds totally lost if I had actually heard it and I didn’t even wait for a second and started shouting at him “how can you do this”? Don’t you have a family? I am like your son’s age. You should feel ashamed of your action as well as words.

“How can someone who was so polite few minutes back can talk to me like that, was going back of my mind”

I reached Churchgate station, not so comfortable and didn’t even bother to look back to that uncle again. 

Next morning, when I boarded the same train again, I didn’t find that uncle anywhere. I asked other regular passengers if they can tell me what happened after yesterday’s incident.

One person named Shankar who was staying in the same society told me that the uncle had planned for a party yesterday night at his home. His son stays abroad and it couldn’t have been possible for him to attend the party. You look like his son so he asked you to visit his home, but his tone would have been a little weird so you misunderstood it. But as far as I know him, he spoke in his natural tone. That’s how he speaks.

”Oh shit”, I uttered. 

I asked Shankar if he could help me visit that uncle so that I can tell him that “I am sorry and I regret for my behaviour.

“He died of cancer yesterday. The doctor had already told him that these were his last few days. This was the only reason he used to celebrate at his home every night”, Shankar replied in a low tone.

I was all vulnerable, hence again.

“Misunderstanding lead to big chaos at the end. Understand everything very clearly and then react, is what I learnt”

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