Okay Bye

Okay Bye

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So, it’s nearly to end in a few days, the roller-coaster ride of 2019.

Many good things are preserved into the pocket but many were lost or stolen too. But as we have learnt, never feel unpleasant for something we couldn’t accomplish because life always gives a second chance. It’s up to us how do we put up with that second chance. 

But we are stepping into the new year with this thought, every year. Actually, nothing changes. It’s just the same thing that steps into the next year other than the numbers of the year.

We lost friends but preserve their memories. 

We cried but became more strong. 

We failed but never looked back. 

We fought but for the right thing. 

We were sad but for a good reason. 

We broke out but joined their pieces.

We compromised but made them happy.

But at the end of the day, we should tell ourselves that:

“I lost others but found the real me.”

Many positives to take, then why should we focus on the negatives. 

“Tomorrow is going to be totally new. Yesterday has already become old. It is the present which we have to cover ourselves with.”

Yes, 2019 was full of ups and downs but that’s how life runs, isn’t it?

We anticipated many good things but we ended up falling far below our expectations. But that is totally alright. At least we thought that we were capable of expecting things. Fulfilling it or not is an altogether different matter. 

“Just like a clock goes tick, tick, tick, so is our life. A clock when stops, still show the correct time, twice in a day.”

Nothing is beyond your reach if you are determined. It is all about having faith and belief. The longer you stay on the ground, the longer you survive.

Share. Keep sharing your thoughts with others because that’s how you reach a fair amount of people or I should rather say, your feelings reach them. 

“Losing is nothing but getting more stronger. Gaining is nothing but becoming less productive towards attaining a goal.” When you lose, you bounce back strong but when you gain, you do nothing new. That’s where life turns around.

Always go with the thought that hiding something is not gonna work. Say exactly how you feel. Don’t be worried about the results. Either you will lose or you will learn but will never regret.

Don’t regret if you lost some people this year. Life is all about the cosmic circle that revolves around again and again. So, the point from where you start, you end up there itself. Make new friends in the coming year but be a little selfish regarding choosing them. You don’t have to repeat your mistakes again this year. 

2019 was mostly about marriages. Not even a single day where I didn’t see a post on marriage or engagement. This made me feel more uncomfortable because who knows, I might end up posting the same in the years to come. 

Now, it’s gonna be 2020. Also, there is a world cup which will keep us busy and I hope we will bring it back. Just want MS Dhoni to hit that winning six yet again. 

Many would have thought that the job they are doing is not something that they want to do. It’s alright. Life is not short until you decide to think that it is short. You can still conquer your favourite dream. It’s gonna be difficult but you already passed so many difficult years being into something you didn’t like. This is just a new beginning. New aspirations are welcoming you. Go, grab it.

To all the ones who have struggled this year, wear your pullovers, write a wish to your Santa, enjoy the new year’s eve like it’s the last and be ready for the new love, new relationships, new friends, new dreams, new clothes, and new you. Mark my words, you gonna have a wonderful 2020.

But before that, forgive everyone with whom you fought. The ones who left you in trouble, leave a thank you message for them. Invite everyone to your party because it’s true that we cannot carry forward the toxic people but we can still carry forward the good deeds by sending an apology to them or by forgiving them if they had hurt you. 

“I personally ask forgiveness from everyone I mistreated and also forgive everyone.”

Adios 2019. 

2020, please be kind to everyone.

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