The Day To Forget

The Day To Forget

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It stood a rule in our office family to celebrate everyone’s birthday once altogether. It was December and again the ceremony has to be obeyed mandatorily. 

I was not well suited to liquor that very time. I used to gulp it just for the sake of getting some hallucination and then dance on the stage giving everything else a shit and without recognizing, what’s going around.

I solely used to get a kick out of it. Grab a tequila shot, intake it, go to the floor and show my moves. 

I still recall that night we all danced like hell. It was midnight two and we ultimately agreed on to go to our places back. 

I used to stay in the hostel and fortunately we had a setting with the watchman so there was no issue in getting into the hostel, barfly. 

I had a senior colleague defending me. We took a cab and mob back to the hostel. While in the cab, I drunk texted one of my friends. 

But as I said, ”liquor doesn’t suit me”. 

Just half an hour away from the hostel, I felt troubled and puked everything out. I was so uncomfortable and awkward that I was not able to unlock the door of the cab. My head was turning around like fuck and I entirely lost control of my senses. It was like I am holding up some kgs on my head. My colleague unlocked the door for me after asking me if I am alright. As he opened the door, my head tumbles down so pronto that it was an experience in seconds. 

Fortunate I was that the auto-rickshaw driver arriving from behind applied the brakes at the precise time. The tyre of the auto was barely an inch away from my head. My colleague made me sit into the cab comfortably and asked the driver to reach the hostel as early as feasible. 

We entered the hostel at around 3 a.m. My colleague removed my shoes and help me lay on my bed. I didn’t even know when I came back to the hostel. I was just senseless. 

The next daylight when I woke up, the very first thing I saw was a big mark just below my left eye. I was totally aghast to see that. 

”Fuck, how did this happen”, I asked my colleague. 

He explained to me everything. 

I had to take part in an annual sports event which was scheduled to start just after two days and with such a look, I was never going to be feeling comfortable, I knew that.

”Everyone will interrogate me about this”, kept running in my mind. 

I found out an alibi and told them that I fell from a bus. Luckily everyone believed it but some seniors are fuck as an asshole that they try to pull your legs, which happened with me too. No surprise seniors are never the nicest except some.

I left for my coaching classes and there I met my friend. The first question she asked me “what did you text yesterday?” 

I asked her “which text, what and why”

She showed me the text and I didn’t know how to react. I told her the incident and she didn’t tell me any unusual things but told me to never get drunk again.

I thank that rickshaw wala to apply brakes on time. I thank him for giving me a new life.

Alcohol is fine but within limits.

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