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The Secret Room

The Secret Room

2 mins

It was a frigid day and our leisure was on. My father just reached home and we chose to watch a horror movie together. 

While seeing the movie, I inquire of my parents about the locked hall which no one is permitted to enter. My mind pans out reasoning about that room since times and yet I am not entitled to enter. But this time I decided to go into that room and uncover the fact. 

At around 11 pm, I enter that room by smashing the lock as I have no access. Somehow, I get into the room. I notice a room where there is ample dust and it looks more like a closet where old antiques are secured. 

There is a box in the corner with ‘LIFE’ jotted down on it in bold and capital letters. I get heated and go nearby to that box. On the lid of it, there is a letter with a clue, which if unraveled, the box will open, else it won’t. It also has a condition that I have to fulfill the condition of whatever comes out of the box later on. 

After gathering courage, I decipher the clue and the box gets opened. I see a world like never before. A fairy tale emerges there, gossips with me for a while but after a few minutes, the main door shuts down automatically and the fairy tale turns evil. 

She says to me that since you have disturbed my rest and as you have approved to the condition, you have to do what I have to tell. Nervously I ask, what I have to do? The evil warns me that it’s a risky task and it’s about life. 

You have to murder one of your family members and bring them to me. So you conserve your life by killing one life. That’s the whole game. 

Before I could ask how can I do this, the box shuts down and the evil disappears. 

After a few seconds, at sharp 12 at night, the song plays a” happy birthday to you” and I find out all my family members in that room. They tell me that there is nothing to be concerned about this room. 

This room is simply the last memory of your grandfather so we keep it locked to protect his antiques. 

It was simply a hoax by my family members.

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