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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Derailed Mission

Derailed Mission

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Generally software people, who once leave India for career sake, never return to India. People get settled at somewhere in some country. These people never bothered to get married up to the age of 35-40 years.

One Mr. Krishnan, B Tech Itean marriage took place in Dubai four years back with Sheela, B Tech girl. Both went to America from Dubai and doing software jobs and earning handsomely. In the meantime, the Sheela was pregnant. Due to family pressure, Sheela opted to resign her job and came back to her home place at Hyderabad (India) to stay with her parents till such time the delivery took place. Both used to speak regularly over phone each week. Sheela was in advanced stage of pregnancy.

Krishnan, the husband of Sheela, was handsome, but what transpired him was not known. During the absence of her wife, Krishnan was involved in another love affair with an Indian born Christian girl by name Pricilla, who was also a software girl with very high sound profile & financial condition and only daughter of a top influential person in India. Krishnan got tempted to lavish style of living, did not reveal about his marital status and got engaged to this Christian girl Pricilla. Both were leading the unofficial marriage life even before the marriage, that too during the absence of Krishnan’s first wife Sheela.

Krishnan did not inform anything about this to his first wife Sheela, and stopped speaking over phone with his first wife in a slow process. Whenever, his first wife Sheela telephoned Krishnan from Hyderabad, he just was evading to speak to Sheela telling her that he was very busy and having meetings at office. Few weeks and months rolled. One day, Krishnan planned to marry his second love lady Pricilla at Hyderabad. This was conveyed to Pricilla in the last minute, as there was no other go to him except to reveal the truth about his first marriage with Sheela. The second love lady Pricilla, however, just managed to hear the words of him, and was willing to wait for some more time.

What transpired between Krishnan and the first wife Sheela was not known. But, Krishnan’s mind was brain-washed by Pricilla, the second love lady, as Pricilla thought that her father was highly influential in India and that she could get on with Krishnan, after the divorce settlement with Sheela was over.

In the meantime, Krishnan and Pricilla enjoyed a lot in the glittering world and there were no boundaries for their unofficial marriage life. Both were dreaming high and in view of money, luxury, power, influence at their disposal.

As the time was rolling, Pricilla was pressurizing Krishnan for early marriage. But, Krishnan was postponing the same due to the delivery time of his first wife Sheela, as he thought that this is not the time for going in for the divorce. In the meantime, whenever Sheela used to telephone Krishnan from Hyderabad Krishnan was evading speaking to Sheela, fearing phone tampering by Pricilla. Sheela was suspicious about Krishnan for not speaking, as like before. But Sheela took the things lightly thinking that Krishnan is a sincerely fellow.

One day Pricilla, by mistake telephoned the number of Sheela in the absence of Krishnan. Sheela got more suspicion on Krishnan about some lady telephoning from Krishnan’s phone. Sheela was deeply thinking about drastic change in Krishnan’s attitude and not speaking to her whole-heartedly. Moreover, Krishnan stopped sending money to Sheela, as like before for her expenses.

Sheela smelt something bad on Krishnan. But, still Sheela was on positive thinking. Sheela’s parents also doubting Krishnan’s behavioral attitudes in not having any communication to Sheela. Sheela also stopped telephoning to Krishnan and fed up due to Krishnan’s non responsive manner. Sheela willed herself to not check her phone to see if Krishnan had replied. It had been about three days now. Sheela hated that she was constantly checking his 'last seen at' status and yes, he had logged in just five minutes ago. Yet she couldn't stop herself. This sinking feeling to find absolutely no communication from Krishnan was becoming unbearable, almost torturous.

And then, just as she sat down in her chair, her phone vibrated. With her heart thudding in her ear, she unlocked her phone and stared at the screen. Finally! It was his message.

But when she opened it and read it, she nearly stopped breathing. She didn't know if he was joking or not. What was this?

Krishnan sent a message that he had deeply fallen in love with Pricilla, who also loved him and were leading the family life. The message also said that he wanted to give divorce to Sheela and go in for wedlock with Pricilla.

Sheela stunned. She became dumb for a while. Sheela felt like a current shock. Sheela’s mind became blank for a while. Sheela recovered after a while. Sheela got angry on Krishnan. Sheela was weeping, crying and was unable to understand the reasons of Krishnan’s message. Sometime Sheela thought that the message might have been floated erroneously or for a joke, because that day was 1st April. Sheela could not understand the reasons for this type of message sent by Krishnan.. When the parents of Sheela came to her, Sheela did not inform anything on this.

Sheela’s marriage with Krishnan took place in a dramatic way at Dubai. Both were working at a small IT firm at Dubai. Sheela used to stay at one of the ladies hostel near to her office and Krishnan also used to stay near to the ladies hostel where Sheela was staying at Dubai. Due to frequent acquaintance, both came close and got understanding to lead the life and married at Registrar of Marriages at Dubai, under Dubai Marriage Act. The Marriage Certificate issued at Dubai was lost during their one of the transits. Sheela did not have any marriage proof with her to substantiate her claims in case of any unforeseen things happens.

Sheela’s friend Malini came to see her. Both were close friends over few years. When both met at Sheela’s house, they were discussing about the behavioral attitudes of Krishnan and non-responsive manner. Also, Sheela was discussing about the non-availability of their Marriage documents or Marriage Certificate nor any photographs for evidential purpose, in case of any issue comes pertaining to divorce or separation. Malini had advised Sheela to keep low for few months and at appropriate time things will get set right. Malini also told Sheela that post-delivery rest is also needed and there is no point in breaking head simply thinking wasteful things.

Sheela and Malini also spoke about the following few things to get relaxed.

Why college come out chaps are crazy to choose and opt the software line? Why the software life is preferred? Why IT field looks to be dominating the employment sector. Why IT field is much in demand throughout the world? Is IT field suitable to males candidates? Why can’t IT Sector encourage female candidates? Are IT employees satisfied with their earnings? Are there any good benefits in IT field when compared to Government and Banking employment in the longer run? Why most of the IT employees change from one Company to another in a span of few years? Is the software knowledge un-ending? Will the software technology development line last forever? Has the software technology is much in demand worldwide? Why IT candidates’ are fond of only IT sector? Is there any job guarantee in the IT field? Why can’t this IT Sector be brought under Semi-Government category, or Autonomous Body category? Which State will Bell the Cat for this type of exercise?

One software IT giant company client, who appoints a Software Engineer as a Team Lead says – Wow and Hi, My Dear employee, you will have to complete the given project work within the stipulated time frame and should be completed well ahead of the time schedules while meeting the challenges and pressures. Lest, you will be “ousted” from the job or you will be kept in the Bench. Again the client says – you will be “Toasted” if you do not reach the full target in the given project. But, one thing is sure, client tells to the employed IT engineer. If one wants to continue in IT field, one day or the other, one will be “Ousted” or “Toasted”, and one has to bear with it. Please get prepared, said a client to the IT employee who is engaged on the given project work in the IT sector.

Then after taking snacks and tea Malini left Sheela’s place.

After a week Malini again met Sheela. Malini took Sheela to one Babaji Saint to take the blessings, to have a sigh of relief. While discussing all the three, Babaji Saint told Sheela and Malini, the following:

LIFE IS NOT FOREVER. It is sure that whoever is born on this earth, of course on one day or the other have to definitely leave the life from this world. Nothing lasts forever in this world.

Our eyes will never believe and our minds never think how beautiful this “Glittering World is. Can anybody say this is not available in this world? What is not available in this world? Only thing is money is not substantially available with people. How much a person can enjoy? Can a person enjoy things alone? Everybody knew, life span is limited, based on environmental conditions of place/area. Where is the end for enjoyment?

Time changes a man. There are many instances – A rich man has become a pauper. A poor man became very rich man.

Babaji Saint further said to Sheela and Malini about the following, to make understand what the life is and how to live with peace of mind.

While giving money for Charities – count the money and give. When you are throwing the money in sea, you count the money and throw.

This Glittering World consists of ‘crooks & cracks’, ‘rich & poor’, ‘misers & spend thrifts’.

‘One has to live in this glittering world for living sake’ and not for enjoyment sake’. “Glittering World is different” and “leading life” is different. Continuously enjoying in this Glittering World is also dangerous. One does not know what will happen at what time. Time will not stop. Life is also moving. Nobody knew, “which day it belongs to us and which day it does not belong to us”.

Glittering World is for seeing and enjoying. “Glittering World is a world nothing but to tempt people.

Babaji Saint said, ‘all that glitters would vanish one day’.

It is a man made mad world. “Glitters may last forever’, but, ‘life’ does not last forever. Of course, this is everybody’s Glittering World. Our life is one time life and live for a limited years.

Few people short close their lives on petty matters, love matters and also due to ‘desperate & disgusted mind’. Many people make suicide attempts for many reasons. Many people die due to hanging, fall before the running train. Life is a very precious one. One can do wonder’s in the life span time.

The Babaji Saint said, “It is a sin to short-close the life”. Also said “A great duty has been entrusted to one’s life – one has to wait for that duty completion till the end of life”.

Babaji Saint lastly said, Look Sheela and Malini- “Taking a Birth in this world is a Nature’s Blessing and Nature decides as when to go from this World”. “One has to obey the orders of Natures Blessing and Cursing”.

After hearing the above valuable messages and advises from Babaji Saint, Sheela and Malini left Babaji’s place with a sigh of relief. Sheela was managing her life well without any disturbances.

After a couple of months Pricilla demanded Krishnan to marry her as soon as possible, but Krishnan feared something unknown to him and was evading the marriage with Pricilla. When Krishnan and Pricilla were going round in America on a holiday trip in their car, they met with an accident and fractured their legs and arms. Both were bed ridden. Krishnan did not attend to his official duties as like before. Krishnan was removed from his job. Krishnan was just managing the days to recover from the accident. Pricilla, being financially very sound was not having any financial problem.

Then Pricilla changed her mind on Krishnan. Slowly Pricilla stopped moving with Krishnan and was trying to discard Krishnan from her personal life, thinking that Krishnan’s days are not favoring her.

After Krishnan’s partial recovery after few months, Krishnan and Pricilla had heated arguments on their personal life and both parted ways.

In the meantime, Krishnan’s wife Sheela gave birth to a male baby and Sheela was very happy. There was no communication from Krishnan to Sheela for about five months. Sheela thought that Krishnan had discarded her. Sheela had decided not to go to America and wanted to search for a good job at home place itself.

After a couple of months, Sheela got a good Government job. There was no communication whatsoever from Krishnan to her. Sheela could not get connected to Krishnan over phone. Krishnan’s whereabouts were not known. Sheela also did not try further to contact Krishnan.

Few years passed. Krishnan again met with another accident while he was travelling at America. Krishnan later died. There was no immediate communication to Sheela. Later after few months, some of Krishnan’s friends conveyed the message to Sheela about the death of Krishnan. Sheela wept, broke her heart, her soul wept, her tears rolled down like river water. But, Sheela was helpless.

After few months, Sheela forgot Krishnan. Sheela engaged in her regular duties looking after her son. Sheela became the follower of Great Babaji Saint.

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