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"I am lucky to have you, Dada," she said. 

I still remember what happened five years ago. To be honest, I don't have a brother so I never understood how a sister feels about having a brother. Is it something to be proud of? I always hear this occasion from many girls who talk about what presents their brothers gave them. I used to ignore these conversations but a small part of me was curious to know about this occasion. 


One day, I started surfing on the internet about this occasion. It stated that a Raksha Bandhan is an event where sisters tie a talisman or amulet called the rakhi around the wrists of their brothers symbolically protecting them, receiving a gift in return which is traditional that their brothers would also protect them. 

With what it described, I was curious about what a brother is? 

Again I surfed on the internet and found that a brother is someone who scolds you when you do something wrong, someone who holds you when you are heartbroken, someone who advises you when you want to make a decision, who listens to you when you want someone to hear you. Having a brother means building years together, celebrating victories, sharing pains, and holding each other tightly. 

I literally was happy after reading that. As I finally quenched my thirst for finding that occasion. 

As I finished this, my sister came to me and said, " Dada, you know what, I've been praised by my teacher. "

That simple word made my heart melt and I said," Good job".

I learned something that day from my little sister that it doesn't matter who you are, a brother or a sister, what matters is that managing your responsibilities well and I think I am the best brother/sister for my sister. Whatsoever was written on the internet doesn't define a brother, it defines a person who is responsible and brave to protect their loved ones. 


On every Raksha Bandhan, she ties a rakhi on my hand and I always give her presents and definitely promise myself to always protect her. 

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