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Madhavi Gupta


Corona's Kaal

Corona's Kaal

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Never before an invisible enemy has created such dismay. An invader powerful enough to bring a complete full stop. A foe that united the entire planet that we forgot to fight amongst each other.

The number of people dying increased exponentially. Much beyond the physical signs of running nose, high-grade fever, and dry cough, the deadly virus infected the brains. The toughest thing to battle against is the fear and this microorganism managed to stem terror in the masses.

Every single heart wished a miracle. People prayed relentlessly, in this time of perversity. All eyes were fixed on the heavens up, a savior could rescue them. Will it ever end or is it the end?

The undying faith in Lord Shiva made them believe that he will save yet again. Will he come in a disguised form? Will he look like a batman? Faith overpowered facts; science is still not skilled to solve the mystery of God.

Just when the people were sitting with long faces and hope left their hearts. Shiva decided to paint the sky in his hue. A sight which rendered salvation. A visual never foreseen before. The enigma was casting spells on the spirits. The moment when hallucination was taking over, a resonating sound made an appearance. The intonation will reverberate long after it's gone.

Dear Mankind... (this initiated a wave of happiness amongst people, they knew that the long-awaited guardian angel is here) As always evil will be destroyed. Whenever a demon is born its demolisher is created too. Savior is already there, you just need to recognize it. Like Rama killed Ravana, Krishna killed Kansa in the same order your KARMA will be the KAAL of CORONA.

Not only in this stage of adversity, for any predicament - the solution lies within us and we keep searching for it outside. People couldn't believe the whole spectacle. When they were waiting for some supernatural power, they realized their own potential. On this battlefield, each of us is the army.

Every single individual is the savior himself. Washing hands and wearing a mask are his glistening armors. Immunity acted like bulletproof jackets, no matter how strong the enemy is, we are even stronger.

Corona left the real world and existed only in dark memories. The biggest lesson this monster taught is that if we follow a balanced lifestyle and take measures to improve our immunity, we will win any war directed against our health.

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