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Corona Diaries 6

Corona Diaries 6

3 mins

The monkeys are not left behind. They are the uninvited guests visiting the household of human beings without informing, like how human beings used to do before my attack of Covid 19. Well, some monkeys are maintaining social distancing as though they are the officers of the government, when taking food from the human beings. Some are fierce like human beings, they'll scare people and get their food.

I thank God for sending me out here as I get to see different personalities to infect with. Jokes apart, I went to this colony on a lookout for my prey without masks. Everyday, on my way, I used to see this lady coming out of her house from the backdoor and leave something on the compound at around 10 in the morning. Everyday, I'd make up my mind to see this lady, but then she would get vanished within no time. Today I decided to meet her, so rushed towards her house keeping track of the time. Gosh!! I was late by few minutes. Blame it on the low battery. I saw the lady going inside the back door, but then saw that an invisible hand approaching the compound with the same speed that the lady used to keep something on the compound every day and took the thing off the compound and vanished hurriedly. I couldn't make out as to who it was.

Bitter luck, I thought, moved on infecting one or two in the colony as they had not worn the masks.

The next day, I made sure I would meet that lady and stood right behind the backdoor. The lady opened the back door and uttered something, I heard it, it was "jai hanuman" which the hindus would worship, Hanuman. You guessed it right, the Banana in her hand said it all. Everyday she would keep the banana in anticipation that the monkeys would take it, but then she banged the door after keeping the banana on the compound again. I jumped to the compound and saw the invisible hand, which of course, was not the monkey's, it was the hand of a construction worker who looked as though he was starving to Death. The moment he took it in his hands, to my dismay the lady opened the door and came out.

The next scene is heart wrenching. Tears rolled down from the construction worker's eyes, the tears of helplessness. The lady's tears were well explained, filled with betrayal for the construction worker. He fled away from the scene. The lady banged the door again. I was speechless. It all happened within no time. The monkeys troop marched into the colony and collected the food from the people around and jumped back into the trees.

My mind was quite disturbed, I couldn't infect anyone on that day. But I had to do my duty for which I was sent to Earth by God. I walked towards the lady's house, but then was taken aback by the scene that followed. Time, 10 am, yesterday's scene came into my mind. I could see her face clearly. The lady opened the door, there was a food packet in one hand and the other hand carried the banana. The lady kept the food packet on the compound, picked up by the construction worker. The tears told a different story altogether. The construction worker's tears were filled with gratitude and the lady's tears were justified, full of compassion. The worker moved slowly towards his house in order to share food with his family while the lady waited for the monkeys to handover the banana.

I stood there, words were falling short, never ever have I cried in my life, I being corona, but God's decision of sending me to Earth was justified today. I left the colony on a lookout for my next prey, but couldn't catch anyone as my eyes had blurry vision because of tears.

Yours lovingly,

Corona Diaries.

To be continued....

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