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Abstract Inspirational



Abstract Inspirational

Commit To Yourself

Commit To Yourself

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We need to know, but as soon as we stumbled somewhere, we r looking down on ourselves.


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We don't know when everything is okay in life. That's where we take off. When troubles start, we know the real-life experience.

At this unique time, I will tell u what life is all about.

About 4 years ago...

There was a remarkable event in my life. Then I was still small and still young also. Then I had to fight b'coz of my one misconception.

I still stand firm for my decision, as I am today. Everyone stood up to say that my decision was inappropriate, but I stood firm that I could not change my decisions.

Bt that night...

everyone said that "Take a chance to choose your way. Bt once you think, listen to us".

I thought about it the whole night.

"Yes, they may be true but my life is mine. My life changed and my choices are all my choice".

The next day...

according to my thinking, a lodgings were made.

The only surprise was when it reached, b'coz I had never been to that area and I did not know the language of the area.

I was on the edge of not knowing the language, the people, and even the place.

My decisions were so strong that I could speak in a language that I did not know with people I knew. If I still remember the way he responded to me, I would smile bt it was very hard for me when I was young. I am so proud of the way it was dealt with. Then God ended my struggle with a very remarkable result.

Life is so beautiful that’s why we need to try. If u r too young and afraid to make big decisions, U will live. Sometimes our stubbornness helps us to live our lives meaningfully. Whatever our decisions, if we stand firm to our own, God will make our way easy.

There are so many people who need to love their life. I did not love my life but I could not compromise for any reason in my life. We cannot voice our own decisions when speaking to the opinions of others.

Let us harden ourselves. We find that our lives can only be sustained if we value our decisions. Don't forget that our lives are so beautiful...

Be very careful with your decisions. Once you have made the decisions, fight for it anyway. Even the dead who fight is history today. If u want to make your life meaningful, commit to urself. It is true that no power in the world can do anything for u only when u have attained it.

With ur love….


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