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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW






Aspiration To Inspiration

Aspiration To Inspiration

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I have lived my life as a very ordinary person but that time of my life has shown me the pattern of life. Now I realize that my life is a dream and a failure. I have made this life more beautiful.


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I knew I had to accomplish so much but I realized that time in my life, I wanted to be a willing claimant rather than a human being. Now, let me tell you about the life I went through. Let me explain to you the dream of living a dream. Let me tell you about the way to inspiration from aspiration.

I stumbled on the way out, which I did not realize was my dream. The goal of my first step was the same. That’s exactly what my dreams are.

A few years ago, I lost everything. I had no question then I planned to go somewhere and only when I left did I know right. I'm so bored, I calmly notice everyone. I notice that everyone is mired in their lives.

At that moment I had to go to Tumkur. I saw two kinds of people on the bus.

1. One who loses everything in life and goes elsewhere

2. Some are going to get everything else in life and experience it.

I had that moment, we could not notice the triumphs and defeats in the world. When life gets too boring for us, we leave that moment of failure to greatness. We get it just as much as we love it, just like our own life.

I never questioned my life but I was totally in love with my life. At that moment, when I landed in Bus stand, Tumkur, everything felt so small. In my imagination, my defeat was too heavy for me, but I knew when I started traveling. My failure is only related to me and no person in the world is responsible for it. My choice was to accept that defeat. I realized I had forgotten the choice but not the survivor.

When I came back there was only one question in my mind, who was responsible for my choice. I realized that what I was leaving was not accidental. When I came back I came back with a vague idea of the next way to replace a thousand distractions.

I didn't put the question of what would come after I arrived, but I was mired in my work. Yes, at that moment I was unaware I had reached every stage of victory. In my every helplessness I took myself as an ideal person. I have shown that I have the power to make my life more beautiful than my own.

Thus my journey has gone from a simple thought to success. If you remember everything in life comes to smile. The end of every path back then is now remembered with a joyous smile.

My journey is not a failure. Failure to win. That's what my life has shown me. When I give up on success, my life began to try for me. I am not a mere person now. I am proud to be a willing claimant.

As a person, I want to tell you one thing, sell your things but not your dreams. I have achieved this in my life only through travel. You love your life because you can't love anyone who leaves you in this world. Don't just be a dreamer: you can only grow into an inspiration when you try to do so. I am not claiming to be ideal but when I look after myself for the rest of my life I am clearly aware that I am a role model for myself. You are on your way to life with your love and your dreams ...

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