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Inspirational Drama


Kavitha Sharma

Inspirational Drama

Caged Freedom

Caged Freedom

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Netha tried to unlock the latch of the cage, the bird twittered and cried in agony, she tried hard, but couldn't release the poor little bird, the lock is firm and rigid. She again clutched the lock tightly and pulled out, but the lock was clogged, the bird suffocated inside the closed parochial cage....

“Thump” the dripping sound was resonant!

Netha woke up from her sleep, “this tap never stops to leak” she thought exhaustingly and walked towards the kitchen, Suraj and Miya were sleeping unwieldy. She glanced at the clock, it is 4:30 Am.

“Everyday, this Manu uncle's tap wakes me up, I have told him many times to repair it, I am sensitive to sounds while sleeping..the dripping sound at early morning is similar to a blaring horn” she muttered and went to the kitchen to do her routine chores,

Suraj roused and Miya roused slowly and started getting ready for school and office. “Ma! Have you seen my assignment? I kept it somewhere over here”

Suraj giggled and said “Why are you so silly Miya? How will mum know about your assignment? Ask her whether you have seen a chart over here...she couldn't figure out what assignment is” Suraj shouldered his laptop bag, went to start his scooter. Miya smirked and waved bye to Netha.

Netha, slowly entered inside the house and sat in the sprawling sofa, she was totally unmindful about Suraj's remark. It happens all the time, he finds funny to comment on her literacy,

She thought of one of those days after their marriage, she was very eager and told Suraj about her desire in writing.

He giggled in the same way like how he was giggling today,

“Don't be shallow Netha..can you spell a few of the sentences in this magazine...? OK..not in English at least in your regional language, with your 5th standard qualification.. Umm...you can write rhymes for our children” He winked and kissed her forehead. The kiss wasn't passionate.. It was cold like his words.

She is used to it...suddenly she thought of heep of clothes choked in the bucket for laundry.. roused from her thoughts and went back to wash them.

She was completely worn out, napped in the glaring afternoon after her chores...

The deep sound sleep again flashed that haunting dream.....the bird this time fluttered its wings...Netha could see the desperation for freedom in its eyes.. She couldn't unlock it. The little bird suffocated and blocked inside the cage.

She suddenly woke up from her dream..Miya stood there with her bag..“Ma..you were sleeping like a goose ” she laughed "please prepare something.. I'm tired of practice..”

Netha slowly rose and rubbed her daughter's face.

“What practice you had today? Sports?”

“No no..debate.. About freedom..and it was a long debate..about women's freedom in independent India......Sir told me that women were free to express their thoughts comparably before Independence”

There was a brief silence... Netha slowly flicked her daughter and said sternly..

“Freedom is not about proclaiming it Miya....One should be bold enough to free themselves from the caged constraints of society.. Dream kindles freedom.. But you cannot achieve freedom merely in dreams.. You should audaciously free yourself from the cage, in which society has imprisoned you..Freedom cannot be unlocked, UNTIL YOU ARE AWAKE”..... Netha after saying these words, smiled faintly.

Miya blinked blankly at her mother..without knowing the profound meaning behind her words

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