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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra



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Today’s young brains, littered with social media, find love in lengthy yet artsy Instagram posts. The ‘amount’ people love you becomes equivalent to the futile ‘likes’. These are days when people love pictures of beings and not the being within.
True, lasting bonds are hard to come by in the ever changing potpourri of the Internet.
One day it’s Facebook, the next YouTube.
In such, life altering situations, I met a girl. A girl, who loved the being within.
A girl, completely oblivious to the glitz and glam of social media. Oblivious to social standards. But she loved, with all her heart a being within.
Apart from being a therapist to his never ending predicaments, she could breathe fire for him. A bond unobliterated by the biased world of present day communication.
The boy, was a kingpin of the virtual world. Popular, good looking and shrewd. Social media had had a very big contribution indeed, in intricately crafting his ego.

The girl, was blinded. She overlooked his vivid flaws and defended him, dearly. But being the courageous one, she confessed. A confession so vital to her, it could clip her wings, resulting in a hard fall.
The boy, fearing his reputation, vehemently rejected. He couldn’t see the being within. He was blinded too, but by the silly standards set by the social media.
It wasn’t long before the jokes started. The memes were hilarious but proved crushing for the poor girl.

It wasn’t long before the ill-fated girl’s feelings became everyone’s business. First priority. No round of gossip finished without a mention of how much the girl was pushing her luck.
The boy, didn’t love but cared. Cared for his best friend. Little could be done. He felt awkward and sorry. The Internet and his ‘oh so perfect’ group of popular brats had made him feel okay to do this. Okay to make a joke out of someone else’s emotions that meant the world to them.

But, was it right? Mocking someone for being rejected didn’t seem to be a dinner table conversation.
The girl, despite being rejected was a brave heart. Sadness had previously engulfed her soul, but she had emerged triumphant. She was ready to take on the consequences of her expressions.

A girl, who had previously strayed far away from the dubious and rapid changing world of web, now seemed to warm up to it. She saw an opportunity. A cloud with a silver lining.
Having braved the rejection, she wanted the world to know. Rejection is okay. It doesn’t mean that the person being ‘rejected’ is any less awesome. It doesn’t mean that, that person is unworthy of the person who rejects. It doesn’t mean that the person is beneath anybody else.
Rejection is perfectly normal. The world is a buffet with a plethora of options. Seven billion options precisely. As fate would have it, two options, sometimes just don’t match. Chocolate doesn’t match spaghetti. But isn’t spaghetti equally scrumptious.
Similarly, there are times, when people don’t fix. That’s because perhaps they aren’t meant to be.
In fact, rejection should be taken in your stride. It teaches and strengthens the being within.

The girl voiced her notions in written. On the web. For the world to notice. And the world did notice. It was found that, there are thousands of people, who get rejected. For a job, a proposal, a holiday and myriad more. But this made their minds richer.

The anecdote that I narrated is just one of those incidents where one can seize the opportunity and create magic. Accept and believe in the being within.
You aren’t alone.

Social media, which is often seen as a cause for insecurity and a catalyst for the bullies could be a blessing in disguise. If used effectively.
The potential for positivity is abound my friend.

And as for the girl, she had a full inbox from people adoring the being within.


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